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Chapter Thirteen

The wedding was beautiful. Seto told them that they could have the ceremony in the garden.

The sun was shining and everyone was there. When Duke walked Tea down the isle towards Bakura, he couldn't believe how beautiful she was.

Tea and Bakura had written their vows and when they had exchanged them, there wasn't a dry eye there. Then the Minister said, I want to introduce Tea and Bakura Bakura and the place exploded with cheers.

At the reception Tea started to get sick.

Mai helped her to the bathroom, where she proceeded to loose everything.

Mai smiled to herself, because she kind of knew that was wrong.

Tea had told her how they had consummated their relationship and now Mai knew that she was going to have a baby.

Bakura was worried about her and went to find out what was wrong. He walked into the woman's bathroom and "demanded to know what was wrong."

Tea was putting water on her face and Mai smiled at him.

Tea looked at him through the mirror and said "nothing that a few months won't fix."

At first he didn't get what she meant, but then it hit him and he let out a great yell. Everyone there could hear him and they all were concerned.

Mai came out and said "that everything was alright. The bride just had a case of the jitters and that they would be right out." Bakura and Tea joined them and they enjoyed the rest of the day.

Tea went to the Doctor and he confirmed it, she was going to have a baby. Dr. Wilson was overjoyed for her. "In six months you will be having your baby" he said.

She had tears in her eyes and she smiled at him and said. "I'm the happiest woman in the world."

She went out to the waiting room and there sat her husband and when he saw her smile he knew.

"Let's go and tell our friends" he said and she agreed.

Bakura called Seto and asked "if they could come over and talk to him and Joey" and he told them sure.

When they got there both Joey and Seto knew that something was different about Tea and then they found out what it was.

"We are going to have a baby" she said.

Joey ran over to them and he embraced them and told them "how very glad he was for them."

Seto went to his desk and opening the drawer he pulled out a box and walked over to them and offered both Joey and Bakura a Cigar. It was made from gum and they all had a big laugh.

"This calls for a party Joey said. We can have one and you both can announce your great news then."

"That would be great" Tea said and then she put her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

"Morning sickness" Bakura said.

Bakura was so attentive to her every whim.

She loved the feeling of being pregnant even with the morning sickness, which didn't last long.

As she got bigger Bakura would touch her stomach and one day the baby kicked and it scared him.

She laughed. "It's the baby" she said.

He laid his head on her stomach and said, "I'm your daddy" and that made her eyes tear.

One evening after they had eaten and was watching the News, her water broke and when she told him he looked like he was going to be sick.

He called the Doctor who said "to get her to the Hospital and that he would be waiting for them."

She was in labor for ten hours and then she gave birth to a beautiful eight pound baby boy. He was screaming when he came out and that made Bakura laugh. When they placed him in his fathers arms Bakura cried. "Welcome home" he said and Tea lost it.

They named their son, Matthew Ryou Bakura.

"He called everyone and told them."

Joey woke Seto to tell him and he just grunted. You see they had their twin boys and one of them had kept Seto up all night crying. Joey smiled at his love and let him sleep.

"Give her our love" Joey said.

"I will and thanks for all you and Seto have done for the two of us" Bakura said.

Just then Bakura heard the screaming of a baby, "oh, no its one of the twins again Joey said. I've got to go before Seto wakes up."

He heard Bakura laugh in the background and hung up the phone.

Joey ran to get the crying baby. By the time he got there, Seto was already there holding their son in his arms and rocking him and they two of them went to sleep.

Just then their other son decided to wake up and Joey picked him up and smiled down on him. Joey then got tears in his eyes as he thought back on what had happened and he wished it could have been different and that Tristan could be here to be apart of all their lives.

Joey smiled at Seto sitting there hold their other son because all of a sudden there was a terrible smell and Seto opened his eyes and said "for someone so small you can really smell nasty." The baby grinned up at him and Seto kissed his head. He then looked up and there stood Joey hold their other son and as their eyes met they both smiled. They named their sons, Henry Jacob Kaiba (for Joey's father) and James Samuel Kaiba (for Seto and Mokuba's father).

Then Joey closed his eyes and he thought about how Mai and Duke were engaged to get married and Mokuba and Serenity had pledged to be faithful to each other till they got through College and then they would be getting married too.

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