Author's Note(s): I know of at least two stories like this. One was never finished, and it looks like the other is loosely based off the movie. So I decided to do one with my own style. I've always liked this character, and let's see if I can do a respectful story.


Rage. It is one of the most primal, and one of the oldest parts of the human mind. It is the cause of several things that humans do. From inspiring works of art, to making people go into a crazed state that most refuse to believe to even be there. One thing about it is clear. Rage can be the key to the most unique transformations anyone has seen.

Berkley, 1200 hours. Three scientists were wrapping up months worth of work as they kept looking at the small machine in front of them. After years of searching through abandoned and hidden notes, having to get permission from their government to retrieve certain government documents, and then having to dig deep in stacks of the government files and paperwork that seemed like they were almost endless. But now, the accumulation of all their work was now lying in a small vile that was being spun at a blurring speed. A small combination of different chemicals that several people hadn't heard of in a while, at different amounts, would unlock the one thing they had been pursuing. In all their lives, they never thought this combination would produce what they hoped was their goal. All of them held their breath as they heard the machine stop.

The eldest, and the one with the most experience, was almost shaking because he was so nervous. For decades, he had been trying to find the one thing that would make him well known again. After a lab accident, and several law suits from injured colleagues, he had been put on the black list of unwanted scientists. Now here was his chance to get off the black list.

The other two had worked with several colleagues, but this as something they felt drawn to. A chance to be apart of something grand; of something history making. Money was on their minds of course, but what they ere really after was the notoriety. With that kind of reputation, they would be hired on to bigger projects. This wasn't just history making, it as career making as well.

Ever so carefully, gently, they opened the machine and removed the small vile of blue liquid. All three of them had to be careful, there was no telling what would happen if they dropped it or anything else happened to it. They could swear that it was almost glowing as they saw it. They could swear that it was perfect. Practically standing before God himself, and being a few millimeters away from touching his fingers. What they had could revolutionize everything they knew about mankind.

"Gentlemen, we've done it." The eldest man said as he gently held the vial before him.

"Almost three years of research, can you believe it?" the second man asked excitedly.

"No, I can't." the youngest of them said with a road smile.

"I'm amazed we were able to do it from just a bunch of old notes. It's hard to believe what we're looking at created one of the most powerful heroes the world ever saw. Just think of what would happen once we find a test subject. The discoveries we could find." The youngest man said.

"The possibilities are endless indeed." The eldest said as a grim expression started to cross his face.

"I'll make the call. Can you imagine the acclaim this will make? Our reputations will be among the brightest." The second man said.

"Don't forget the money." The younger scientist said with a smile.

"We might get the amounts of money you're thinking about. But this will mean more projects for us, maybe even more discoveries."

"I know. The dreams of Everest that every man of science always dreams of. I'm just so sorry that none of you will be able to share them with me." The eldest scientist said as he placed the vial in a special case.

"What?" the youngest asked.

That's when the eldest turned to them, pulling out an old World War II German Lugar with a baby bottle nipple on the barrel, and fired four times; two bullets into each of his partners. He placed the gun back into the waist of his pants, and pulled out the black cell phone that had been given to him months earlier. He pressed the speed dial, and waited.

"It's me. The formula is ready for pick up, and the others have been silenced. The computer files will be ready for you in a few weeks. I'll be ready, bye." The scientist said as he closed the phone, and smashed it against the counter as hard as he could. "I'm sorry, friends. But someone else is paying me a very generous amount for this formula, and I need that money. So thank you for the help, and I hope you don't end up down below." The man said as he took the case that had the blue liquid, and left.

"How are the other two scientists?" Kim asked as her and Ron observed the crime scene.

"One died on the way to the hospital, and the other is still in surgery. If I had known Dr. Owen would have done anything like this." The head of the Berkley said as he tried his best to stay calm.

"Out of curiosity, how come no one heard the other shots?" Ron asked.

"He was using some kind of silencer and most of the students were off on a holiday trip. A few of the staff heard a few pops, but they thought it was firecrackers." He said.

"Firecrackers? I thought gunshots were loud." Ron said.

"They're not like in the movies, Ron. Any clue on where Dr. Owen is now?" Kim asked him.

"The police phoned not too long before you arrived. They said that they had found his car with a body in it about half an hour ago. I still can't believe this is happening." The middle aged man said.

"Where did they find him?" Kim asked.

"I think it was a few miles from an airstrip. His car exploded a mile away from it, and they found human remains. They think it's him." The headmaster said.

"What were they working on?" Kim asked the supervisor as she flipped through a notebook with notes scribbled on every page.

"I'm not sure. We were given a grant by a government company that wanted to try and create a performance enhancer." The man said.

"You mean like steroids?" Ron asked him.

"No. It wasn't anything like that Mr. Stoppable. It was supposed to help soldiers in the battle field. Something about giving soldiers the ability to be more resistant to some weapons during warfare. That's as much as I know. I wasn't allowed to see too many details about their project." The man said.

"You weren't?" Kim asked him.

"No, I wasn't." the man said.

"We'll take it from here and let you know what we find." Kim told the man.

"Thank you, Miss Possible. If you excuse me, I have to go give the police a statement." The man said as he left the lab, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"What do you think, KP?" Ron asked her.

"I'm not sure, Ron. This is very weird." Kim said.

"If you ask me, this feels like two hundred miles of bad road." Ron told her as they looked around the lab. "Looks like someone's going to loose their minutes." Ron said as he picked up a smashed cell phone while Kim looked through a worn notebook that looked like it had been around for a very long time.

"I think you might have just found something." Kim said as she took the broken device and laid it out on the desk. That's when she reached for the small pocket device and activated the feed to her friend Wade.

"What's up, Kim?" he asked cheerfully.

"Wade, I've got a cell phone here that's seen better days. Do you think you can find out who used it?" Kim asked.

"Just send it straight here, and I can see if I can't recover something from the phone's memory." Wade told her.

"That's good. I also found a few notebooks here that look like equations." Kim said to him.

"They were scientists, so hat you found might be there notes on their project. It could give us a clue on what they were working on. I'll arrange for them to be dropped off at my place and I'll take a look through them." Wade told her.

"Please and thank you." Kim said as she deactivated the device.

"Now what do we do?" Ron asked her.

"We try and find out some information on our other doctor." Kim said as they left the crime scene.

"All right people, I want reports and I want them now! Johnson, any clues on who bought off the old crackpot?" the tall broad man demanded as he stood in the massive control room.

"Nothing yet, sir. All we've found is that he opened a Swiss account a few months ago that had a massive deposit in it. The account was drained and closed an hour and a half ago." The agent said.

"Find out who took the money, it might be the one who gave him the pay off in the first place. HARRIS! Anything in his phone records?"

"Nothing, sir. We do have reports that the head of Berkley has hired Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable to try and solve this case, sir." The agent said.

"Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, huh? Carter, pull up the Global Justice records on them." The man barked.

"Yes, sir!" the man said and pulled up the files on the large screen in fron of the commanding officer.

The man stood and read all the information that was in front of him. Not one detail was overlooked as he examined each and every piece of data that was displayed in front of him.

"Trust Betty to keep accurate files." The man said to himself. "All right people, here's what I want. I want a transport ready to go ASAP. I want these two in my office before the day is out, and that means yesterday people! Now move!" the man ordered and watched as the people immediately stopped what they were doing and began going to work on their commanders new orders. "Let's hope these two are as good as Global Justice says they are; or we're looking at World War 3." The man said to himself as he turned and walked back into his office.

"Aw, man. He looks like my dad's attempts at barbecuing." Ron said as they looked at what was left of the destroyed car, along with the corpse police and firefighters were trying to pry out of the car.

"Do you have any ideas what blew it up?" Kim asked the police officer.

"We found shrapnel of what looks an explosive device. But we think more of it might be in what's left of our victim. We won't know until we x-ray the corpse." The police officer said.

"Good luck. Any idea where it was planted?" Kim asked.

"This is a guess, but CSI thinks it was in the seat next to him. He might not have known it was a bomb." The officer told her.

"Didn't see it coming." Ron said.

"Could you let us know what you find?" Kim asked.

"We already found a Lugar with something melted around the barrel. We'll let you know if we find anything else, Miss Possible. I owe you one after you saved my dog from that flood." The officer told her.

"No big. Anyone could have used an old tire as an inner tube." Kim said.

"Is it just me, or did that just turn me off to beef jerky?" Ron asked his best friend.

"No kidding. I don't think I can even each lunch after that." Kim said.

"Whoa, KP, just settle down. Don't start talking crazy" Ron said, causing his BFGF to laugh.

"Miss Possible?"

Kim and Ron turned to see a man in a wind breaker, brown khaki's, and sunglasses standing by a yellow cab.

"Who are you?" Kim asked him.

"The name's William. Your friend Wade contacted my boss and arranged a cab for you. Something about calling in a favor, so the fare is free." He told her.

"Leave it to Wade to work his magic." Kim said as they crawled into the cab.

"Middleton Mall, please." Kim said.

"Sure thing." The driver said as he stared the engine.

"I thought today was your day off." Ron said.

"It is. I just need to get a few things I've been saving up for." Kim told Ron.

"So any ideas about this case?" Ron asked her.

"Not sure yet. Whatever they were working on, it has to be important." Kim said.

"But who would blow up that – KP, is this the way to the mall?" Ron asked her.

Kim looked out the window and saw that the landscape wasn't right. She had been to the mall in so many different ways before that she had a map practically engraved into her brain, and this wasn't one of them.

"Driver, you're going the wrong way." Kim told him.

"Don't worry, we're going the right way." The man said as the car accelerated.

"BAD ROAD! BAD ROAD!" Ron started shout as the car reached 120 mph.

Kim and Ron both held on tightly as the felt the car raise upward and lurch forward into the sky. They could hear the sounds of machinery moving as they felt themselves being pushed into their seats and thought only one thing. Whoever was responsible for this was going to get one major kick where the sun don't shine.

Ron glanced out either windows and saw that at least two sets of wings had extended from the side of the car. One was large and looked like it had come out of the center while the other was shorter and smaller and had extended from the front. Soon, the car leveled off and Kim and Ron could sit up and move again.

"All right, what's going on?" Kim demanded.

"Sorry, Miss Possible, but my orders are classified. I was told to bring you directly here." The man said.

"Here? Wait, are you Global Justice?" Kim asked him.

"No, ma'am. We're above Global Justice. Both figuratively and literally." The man said.

"But where are we going? There's nothing up here at all. I mean," Ron stopped when they broke through the clouds and saw where the car was heading. When Ron saw it, he couldn't believe what he was seeing with his own to eyes.

"KP, do you see that?" Ron asked her.

"Yeah, I see it. I just don't believe it." Kim said.

In front of them was a giant airship that looked more like a fortress or a base. If it had been on the ground, it would have been the size of a small island. There were about five large machines on each side of the base that Kim and Ron would have sworn to be some kind of turbines or engines. Whatever they were, it looked like they were what was keeping it up in the air.

"Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable, welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D." the driver said as he flew toward the flying fortress.

When Kim and Ron landed, they were greeted by soldiers wearing uniforms of blue and gray. Each wearing what looked like an advanced blue tooth phone in their ears. Each were in perfect military stance as they told them they were to be given an escort to see the commander. Within a few minutes of walking through the massive and advanced fortress, they were brought into a huge office where they could see a man sitting at a desk, but the back of his chair was turned to him. When the soldiers that escorted them left, that's when the man spoke.

"Kimberly Anne Possible and Ronald Dean Stoppable. Born and raised in Middleton, Colorado and has repeatedly brought in numerous criminals and saved numerous lives all before the age of eighteen. Listed as active freelance operatives for Global Justice." The man said; his back still to them.

"It's nice to know you've done homework on us; but where are we, and why are we hear?" Kim asked him.

The chair turned around to show a black man in his mid thirties with a trimmed goatee, shaven head, and an eye patch over his left eye. Around the eye patch, his face was scared. It looked like he had been on the wrong end of a fire fight. The man stood as he addressed the two heroes.

"The name is Nicholas Fury. As to where you are, you are in the headquarters of an elite organization only known as SHIELD." The man told them.

"I've never heard of SHIELD." Ron said.

"Of course you haven't. The information on us is highly classified. Only certain few are even allowed to know our name." Nick Fury said.

"So, are you guys something like a spin off of Global Justice?" Ron asked, a little confused by where he was.

"SHIELD is nothing like that. If Global Justice and SHIELD were in ranks, Global Justice would be a 2nd lieutenant while SHIELD would be a five star General." Nick Fury said to Ron, his one eye blazing at him.

"Badical." Ron said, shaking a little at Fury's gaze.

"So why are we here?" Kim asked him.

"I'm glad you asked." Fury said as he activated a view screen that showed an old black and white photo of an elaborate machine. "When America entered World War II, we were able to team together with British Intelligence and infiltrate Hitler's top ranks. We found out that along with many other things, Hitler was funding research to create the ultimate soldier, the perfect warrior for fighting in his war. Hitler authorized his researchers and soldiers to use any procedure necessary." Fury said.

"But why are you telling us?" Ron asked him.

"I'm getting to that. Sadly, they experimented on every one of their subjects ruthlessly, even children. Not too long after we learned this information, a German scientist turned himself in to the British military and defected. When he joined us, he also had the perfected Super Soldier formula. After days worth's of talks, we decided to use it. It was called Project Rebirth." Fury said as the picture was replaced by an old black and white film that showed a very skinny young man stepping into the chamber and being strapped down.

"Out of several hundred volunteers, one qualified. One Steve Rogers, a skinny little young man that looked like a small breeze would have knocked him over. After several attempts at enlisting into the army, we decided to give him a chance." Fury said.

The film showed the young man breathing heavily, like he was terrified. That's when gas was being pumped into the chamber, and his breathing quickened. You could see the fear in his face as it looked like he was screaming loudly. That's when they saw his muscles grow and expand. They became so large that with one shrug, he snapped the leather straps. The body he had now looked more like the body Arnold had in the first and last Terminator movies.

"Holy Heck." Ron said.

"The process was a success. Rogers became our Super Soldier and won many skirmishes and battles for us. He was code named Captain America." Fury told them.

"What happened to him?" Kim asked him.

"Not too long after the Battle of Berlin, we found out that Nazi scientists were working on another ultimate weapon in an old castle. Captain America and his team invaded and took the fortress. They launched the weapon, but Captain America was able to latch on to it when they did." Fury said as a photo of a massive rocket was flying in the sky. The next one showed a massive explosion in the sky. "Captain America as able to detonate it before it could even reach the shore. Unfortunately, we also lost Captain America that day. Several troops reported seeing what they think was his body falling into the ocean." Fury said as the screen went blank and his lights returned to normal.

"That's a sad story Mr. Fury; but what does it have to do with us being brought here?" Kim asked him.

"The case you two are on was funded by us. These men were trying to re-create the Super Soldier formula." Fury told them.

"That explains the old journals in the lab." Kim said.

"However, it's not what you're thinking. Not too long after Steve Rogers was made into Captain America, a Nazi spy killed the defected doctor and destroyed the machine. No one even knew if the scientist ever wrote down the formula or not. The people who worked with him took notes on their observations, but we know it isn't the complete formula." Fury told them.

"Let me guess. The three scientists you hired were experts in different parts of the formula, and you thought they could fill in the missing pieces." Kim said.

"Correct, Miss possible. But it looks like someone got to Dr. Owen first." Fury said.

"Well, maybe the body in the car wasn't." Ron started.

"Our lab has already preformed a DNA test. The body in the car was indeed Dr. Owen. But we did luck out. An orbiting satellite might have taken images of the air field around the time Owen's car exploded." Fury said.

"Spankin. So let's take a look." Kim said with a smile.

"We can't. The satellite is privately owned, and we're still trying to get permission from the owner. For some reason, he's taking his time in giving his consent." Fury grumbled.

"Who owns it?" Ron asked the general.

"Stark Enterprises." Fury growled.

"Maybe we can arrange something." Kim said with a smirk.

"Suddenly, I have the strange feeling I'm not going to like this." Ron said to himself.

New York, One day later; 1900 hours.

The party in the beautiful high rise penthouse was lavishly decorated that clearly stated that only the rich and super rich were gathered that night. Most of the rich men that were there were trying to show and demonstrate how they were masters of the Universe because of their wealth. The women that came to the party with the men were mentally begging to get out of there or just be left alone to enjoy this moment. But the man who stood leaning against the bar weren't looking at them. He was scanning the room for the women he knew to be single and were looking for a good time. He sipped his martini and stroked the black goatee that grew around his chin.

As he scanned the room, something caught the man's eyes. Her back was turned, but the woman who stood against the skyline of the city was breathtaking. She was wearing a black dress that came to the middle of her thighs, her shoulders bare, and the dress hugged every single heavenly sculpted curve she had. Her hair was done nicely into an elegant pony tail as she looked out to the city. She leaned onto the rail, slightly bending over and giving the man a sight that would make blind man see. With a brief chuckle, he set his drink down and made his way out onto the balcony.

"Nice evening isn't it?" he asked the woman.

"Yes, it most certainly is." The woman said as she looked at him, revealing her jade green eyes.

'There is no way I'm this lucky. If I am God, let her be eighteen.' He thought as he saw her smooth face and her crimson red lips. "So may I ask why such a beautiful woman is doing out here by herself?" he asked her.

"I've always thought that New York at night was a beautiful sight. You don't get to see many things from this high up." She said wistfully.

"It is beautiful. Almost as much as the sight I'm looking at." He said, making the young woman glance and notice that he was still looking at her. She just gave a small giggle, and a small smile.

'If I could package and sell those lips, I'd make another billion over night.' The young man thought.

"So what's a smooth talker like you doing at a stuffed shirt get together like this?" she asked him as she turned and leaned against the rail, showing off the rest of her curved and well toned body. Not one once of fat was anywhere on her.

"I have to be here. I'm the one who put this charity fundraiser together." He told her.

"Really?" she asked him.

"Yes, I did." He told her.

"Then can I ask the name of such a big hearted man?" she asked him sweetly.

'If only that heart was working right.' He thought. "Stark. Tony Stark." He told her as he took her hand and kissed it.

"Such a sweet gentleman. How is someone like you still single?" she asked.

"I've been keeping an eye out for the right one." He told her.

"And you think it's little ol' me?" she asked him.

"Maybe." He said with a half smile.

"Then I have only one word in response to that." She said lustfully and signaled him to lean in closer. She gently leaned her lips closer to his ear. So close that he could feel her warm breath beat against him and could almost feel the smoothness of her lips against his skin. "Satellite." She said.

"Huh?" Tony asked.

"The name's Kim Possible, Mr. Stark. I'm here to see if you could do me a favor." She said, but still talking sweetly.

"Well, Miss Possible, if I do your favor, will it end up with me having dinner with you?" he asked her.

"It depends, Mr. Stark." She said.

"What favor do you want?" he asked her.

"You see, the people I'm working for need a few photos of a certain area. And it so happens that only your satellite has the photos we need of it." She told him sweetly.

"So will you have dinner with me?" he asked her.

"I told you, it depends." She told him.

"Then you can tell your people they can have full access to the satellite they need." He told her.

"Thank you." She told him as she stood and began to walk away.

"What about that dinner?" he asked her.

"Sorry. I'm already seeing someone." She told him and walked away.

"Damn. That's what I like in a woman." Tony said with a smile and watched as she left.

"Remind me why I'm not laying some mad Monkey Kung Fu skills on him again?" Ron asked his BFGF as they left the building to the waiting car.

"Because you know I wouldn't date a player like that. And trust me; he was laying the lines on thick." Kim told him.

"All the more reason to,"

"Ron, its okay. As far as I'm concerned, you're the only guy for me." She told Ron.

"Thanks, KP. But are you sure I can't give him at least one kick in the butt?" Ron asked her.

"No, Ron." She said as they climbed into the car and drove off.

SHIELD; 0900hours.

"Good work, Possible. Thanks to you, we were able to get some clear shots of the airfield." Fury told the teen heroine.

"It was no big." She said.

"Still wish I could have slugged that guy." Ron mumbled.

"Don't worry, Stoppable. I've had the same feelings toward Stark for years now. Thanks to the photos, were able to get a clear look at what was happening. According to these shots, Owen definitely made the trade with someone that day. We can't identify the man Dr. Owen handed the formula to, but we were able to get the numbers of his plane." Fury said as it showed an over head shot of a black jet with bold numbers written in red.

"We traced the number, and the plane belongs to a dummy cooperation based out of Germany called Sinclair-Day Enterprises." Fury said.

"Germany, huh?" Kim asked.

Kim activated her Kimmunicator and was greeted by Wade's young face.

"What's up, Kim?" the genius asked.

"Wade, can you find out who owns Sinclair-Day Enterprises?" Kim asked him.

"Give me a sec." Wade said and began typing.

"Miss Possible, I appreciate that you're trying to help. But my boys are still trying to go through all the paperwork and firewalls. It could be weeks before,"

"Got it!" Wade said happily.

"WHAT?" Fury shouted.

"I'm in. It wasn't that hard to do when you've got the latest in tech upgrades. Kim, you won't believe who the owner is. Professor Dementor." Wade told her.

"Got a location?" Kim asked him.

"Rumor around the villain and Henchman community is that he's got a hideout close to the border of Switzerland in Germany." Wade told him.

"Oh no. More mutant wiener dogs." Ron moaned.

"I beg your pardon?" Fury asked.

"Long story. Wade, you rock." Kim said as she deactivated the device.

"Nick Fury to Owen, I want a transport to Germany for Possible and Stoppable to be ready in one minute." Fury said as he hit the comm. button on his console.

"Affirmative, sir." The voice said.

"Be careful out there. If this formula works, any test subject he's used it on will be more powerful than anything you've faced so far." Fury said.

"Will do." Kim said as she and Ron left his office.

Once they were gone, Fury got on the horn with another member of his team.

"This is Fury. I want you to bring me one Wade Load. He might be useful for our next search and rescue operation." Fury said.

Author's Note(s): If you hadn't guessed what this is going to be about, then don't look here. I'm not spoiling it! But for those who do, let me explain. I wanted to leave as much as the original character as possible. With this story, I'm basically mergin what I know of the original MARVEL universe with what bots and pices of information I know from the ULTIMATE MARVEL universe. I hope I pull off a story and I hope you enjoy. And on a smaller note, I am working on the latest chapter of Eastbound and Down as you read this. It's just harder than I thought.