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Child Innocence?

By Kanny Ruiz. (OneMind)

Characters: Dick, Bruce, Alfred. (There are comments about some others JLA members)

Summary: Is everybody using Dick's child innocence to tease Bruce, or is just Dick teasing him evilly?

Disclaimer: If I were the owner of Dick and the rest, I would be the happiest girl in the Universe, and with a lot of money also. So I wouldn't be writing a little fic about them.

Part 1.

It was December 23rd and snowing profusely. Just as predicted, a large cold front from the west had arrived, covering everything in a thick blanket of snow as it invaded the east cost.

Batman had gone out a couple of nights that week, only to come back early, empty-handed. The below-freezing nighttime temps seemed to have almost stopped Gotham's crime for nearly a week now.

Tonight he decided to stay at home and spend time with Dick and Alfred. All three had gathered in the cozy living room, warmed by a crackling fire. Alfred was sitting in a large arm chair, reading a book of poetry, Bruce was in the couch, reading a newspaper and Dick was on the floor, lying on his stomach, watching TV.

Alfred was the one who gave him the idea of swapping a most likely uneventful patrol for spending tonight with Dick and he had to admit it, he had enjoyed the evening.

After Bruce and Dick had worked out in the gym, Dick had shown him all the great things he knew how to do on the trapeze. He was training the boy to be his partner, and truth was, he was learning things from Dick as well.

After the gym, they showered and went outside for a little while when storm's strong gusts had calmed some. It seemed that Dick loved the snow, so they went outside and played a while, even after Alfred told them what a bad idea that was. Bruce couldn't remember the last time he had such a good time, and also, these pleasant moments were beginning to happen more often since Dick came to live with them.

After Alfred made them come indoors, soaked from the snow, they settled down next to the fire and began to play Chess. Dick was still learning how to play and seemed to chatter nonstop between moves. Although Bruce listened to everything Dick had to say, he was beginning to wonder if this was some sort of strategy, a distraction during Bruce's turn. Surely the boy didn't always have that much to say. Then, finally after dinner they settled in to watch a movie.

Bruce lowered the newspaper and looked at Dick. He has come to live with them some months ago and this was going to be his first Christmas with them. He, himself, didn't know that it was possible, but he was becoming very attached to the boy. He was starting to see how Dick was changing him for the good. He was amazed at how a little boy could make such a big difference in someone's life, --especially this boy. Bruce thought to himself how bright, smart and happy Dick appeared to almost all of the time, with a quippy, sarcastic sense of humor not commonly found in a boy his age.

Bruce looked to his left when he felt Alfred watching him. Alfred nodded toward Dick, then signaled to his watch. Looking at his own, Bruce picked up on Alfred's gestures, time for the boy to go to bed. And for YOU take him in'.

"Dick, come on, time to go to bed," Bruce said, placing the newspaper on the couch beside him.

"Oooowwwww, come on, just a little bit longer?" Dick whined.

"No way. It's too late and you still have to get ready for bed," Bruce said as he got up.

"But I gotta get used to staying up late, I'll have to when I start to go on patrol with you. This could be a part of my training, staying up late without falling asleep" Dick told him, as he stood before Bruce, trying to convince him.

Bruce lifted an eyebrow, looking down at Dick, "A part of your training? Staying up late and watching TV?" He said, placing his hands on his hips.

"Yep. So I can stay on patrol with you and not be sleepy!" Dick said with a smirk.

"You will not be out late, at least, not at first. You will have to come back home early on school nights. You can stay later on weekends, but, not by much. We've discussed this already."

"OOoooooowww, but, come on, Bruce. I can stay longer! We can…."

"Dick" Bruce said, cutting him off. "I already told you and I don't want to hear anything else about this. Now, come on, up to your room" He said, stepping aside to let the boy walk ahead of him up the stairs.

Alfred shook his head and smiled. "I'll be up in a little while, young sir," He said, on his way to the kitchen.

Bruce and Dick entered his room. "Ok, put on your pajamas," Bruce instructed.

Dick went to the closet and took out his new favorite set, with a big smirk in his face, looking to Bruce while he went to his bed. Bruce looked at him suspiciously, something was going on inside that little head and he knew that he wasn't going to like it.

Dick placed the blue pajamas on the bed, sat next to them, looking at Bruce, with the same knowing smirk, "Would you please bring me a glass of water from my bathroom? The glass is on the counter top."

Bruce stayed standing where he was for a couple of seconds, still suspicious, "Sure," He said finally, going to the bathroom. As soon as Bruce was out of sight, Dick quickly changed into his pajamas.

"Do you like it?" Bruce stopped abruptly in his tracks at the sight of a little boy standing atop the bed with his arms spread wide apart, Bruce looked at the new blue and red pajama set, complete with a replica Superman logo printed boldly across the chest.

"When…what…why are you wearing that?" Bruce stammered.

Dick looked down to what he was wearing and placed his arms on his hips. "Pretty cool huh, would you like a set too?"

"You are teasing me, right?" Bruce asked, as he set the cup of water on the night stand.

"When did you get it, who bought you that?" Bruce asked, gently, standing beside the bed, bringing himself face to face with his young ward.

"Alfred and I went to the mall yesterday, ya know, to finish our Christmas shopping and I saw it and I told him how I really, really, really would like to have it, because Superman is so cool, you know. Well, Alfred said that he already bought my Christmas presents, so I told him that maybe you would buy it for me, but he told me that would never happen. So then I told him that if I still have money left after the Christmas shopping, I will buy it so I can have it. But, I didn't and Alfred bought it for me because I was very good, and accompanied him to the mall and went…."

" Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait," Bruce said, breaking into Dick's long speech. "This was Alfred's idea to get this?" He asked, gesturing up and down at the pajamas.

"Well…no, not his idea exactly, I really wanted them and he got them for me," Dick said with a smile.

"Uh huh," Bruce grunted, thumbing his chin in thought, "and nobody convinced you to get them?"

"Nope! Well, er, --I can't really tell you, not until tomorrow, at least," Dick whispered with a tone of ultimate secrecy, "But you like it, right? You work with Superman and you two are friends and all that."

"Who told you we are friends?" Bruce asked.

"Uncle Clark!" Dick said with enthusiasm.

"Clark..." Bruce glowered then instantly recovered.

"Are you mad? Did I do something wrong?" Dick asked with an innocent face.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. Ok, chum, time to go to bed," Bruce said, pulling back the covers for Dick to slip between, then tucked them up to his chin, "Good night, Dick."

"G'night, Bruce," Dick replied with a wide smile.

Bruce smiled back and ruffled his hair then began to walk out, turning off the light.

"Bruce!" Dick shouted, calling him back.

Bruce turned around and turned the lights back on, "Yes?"

"I just, well, hhmm," Dick started, a little shy.

"What is it, Dick?"

"I just wanted to tell you that, well... I had a great time with you today. No matter what you give me for Christmas, this was like the best present, Thanks," the little boy said softly.

Bruce smiled a true smile and walked back to the bed and sat down beside Dick, placing both hands on his shoulders, giving them a squeeze, "I'm glad that you liked it, I had a great time also, chum. We'll have to do it more often," Bruce commented, getting to his feet.

"Really?" Dick asked, with wide eyes.

Bruce smiled. "Really. We'll do it again very soon," Bruce answered, his hand on the door handle, "Goodnight, Dick."

"Night, Bruce!" Dick said from the bed.

Bruce turned from the door to fine Alfred standing behind him with a cup of cocoa in his hands, "There weren't any other pajamas in the entire mall that he would have rather had," Bruce whispered while lightly guiding Alfred by the arm, away from Dick's door.

"I'm afraid not, sir, just that one," Alfred answered with a look of indifference.

"And you just had to buy it," Bruce stated with a scowl.

"He would have bought it himself with his next allowance anyway. However, I felt that he deserved what he wanted," Alfred said then paused, leaning back slightly, looking at his charge with a look of scrutiny, "They're only pajamas, sir. Why such a fuss?"

Bruce gave him a glare. "I know the two of you are up to something, Alfred," Bruce said, signaling him with a finger, "I can feel it. That's why you wanted me to put Dick to bed tonight, so I could see the pajamas."

"Me? Pish posh," Alfred scoffed, "Why would I do such a silly thing?" He asked, while arcing an eyebrow.

Bruce stayed there for a moment, then turned around and went to his room, "Good night, Alfred"

"Good night, sir," Alfred replied, smiling then walked into Dick's room.

"What did he say?" Dick whispered, quickly sitting up in the bed.

Alfred closed the door then sat down on the side of the bed as he handed Dick his cup of cocoa, "He is suspicious that we are scheming against him. You did your part just like we practiced?"

"Yes! He was so shocked to see me wearing this!" Dick giggled in a whisper, pointing to the large S' on his top.

"I can imagine so," Alfred replied as he dropped a few marshmallows into the steaming cup.

"But he doesn't know, right, he doesn't know what my Christmas present for him is, right?" He whispered.

Alfred mused to himself at the electrified excitement present in that last question, as moonlight, streamed in through the naked windows, reflecting a twinkle in young child's radiant blue eyes, "No need to fret, lad, not even the World's Greatest Detective could figure out what your gift is," Alfred whispered with a smile and winked.

"Good," Dick said with a wide grin, then paused, his broad grin slowly fading, "You, you don't think that he's gonna be mad at me, do you?" He asked worried.

"Going to', Master Dick, not gonna'," Alfred corrected kindly. "You've nothing to be anxious about, young sir," Alfred said with a comforting pat to Dick's hand, "Master Bruce would never dream of being upset over a Christmas present, especially from you," Alfred reassured him with a pat to the back of Dick's hand. Alfred said. "Now, drink the cocoa before it gets cold, then it's off to sleep."

"Okay," Dick said, and drained his cup in one shot, "You know, you make the greatest cocoa in the whole world!" Dick said with a cocoa mustache and a smile.

Alfred smiled, grabbed a tissue from one of his pockets and cleaned the moustache from Dick's face. "Thank you, Master Dick. It's always comforting to know that I still have good culinary quality. Now, to sleep with you."

Dick lay back down and Alfred placed the blankets on him again. "Ok. Goodnight, Alfred."

"Goodnight, lad," Alfred replied as he closed the door.

To Be Continued...

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