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Child Innocence?

By Kanny Ruiz.

Part 2.

"Oh woooow, ALFRED, I LOVE IT!" Dick said, scrambling to his feet, present still in hand, to give Alfred a big hug.

"I'm very happy that you like it, Master Dick," Alfred said with a smile.

"Oh I do!," Dick exclaimed, turning the backpack around in his hands, "I love it! I bet all the kids of my class will want one just like mine! Bruce, look at it!" Dick screeched as he ran over to his mentor, shoving the present in Bruce's face.

Bruce grimaced from behind the offensive item, "Yes, Dick, I saw it," Bruce forced a smile as he gently pushed the backpack with an obnoxious red S' from his face.

"It goes with my present from Uncle Clark, the Superman T-shirt!" Dick said with enthusiasm, looking back to his Superman backpack.

Bruce sighed, rubbing his temples, this was what he feared last night. He knew something like this was going to happen. Every present that Dick had opened from everybody, except Bruce and a few from Alfred, had something to do with Superman. Pencils, notebooks, under ware, Bruce paused his sulking for a moment then smiled to himself, Why does every kid get under ware for Christmas.' Bruce's internal smile morphed into a frown, Too bad they only had white ones when I was young.'

Bruce vigorously rubbed his face with his hands at the fact that all the Superman' had come from various members of the JLA. Hence, inadvertently providing Wally with plenty of Bat baiting' material, "I'm going to have to work on my glare."

On top of all that, Dick was still wearing his Superman pajama.

"Alright, Master Dick, this is the last one, from ah..." Alfred paused to read the gift tag, "from Mister Queen" Alfred with a smile as he handed the package to Dick.

Dick quickly grabbed his present and was about to tear into it when he was abruptly stopped, "I don't think it's a good idea for you to open that one, Dick," Bruce said, leaning forward with a firm grasp on his charge's arm. Bruce was a little leery at what was hiding behind the festive wrapping paper. With a gift from Queen, anything was possible.

"Why not?" Dick asked, looked up to Bruce from his spot on the floor, with a slight pout.

"Because, well… Ollie …. Ollie is," Bruce tried to explain something logical that he could tell him.

"Let the boy be, Master Bruce. I am quite certain, Mr. Queen would not give the lad a gift anything less than what he thought Master Dick would want," Alfred said smiling.

"That's what I'm afraid of..." Bruce mumbled and looked back to Dick for a moment before releasing his grasp and grunting as he sat back against the couch again, beside Alfred. He already knew what the present would be about and he...

"Wow! A Superman action figure! Cool!" Dick exclaimed, quickly taking out the figure from the box ran around the room, holding his toy high in the air.

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose, grumbling to himself, "You a dead man, Queen. Dead."

"Ok, that was the last present, right?" Bruce asked, trying not to sound hopeful.

"Yes, Master Bruce, that was the last one," Alfred said and Bruce breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh uuhhhh," Dick sang out with what Bruce thought to be an evil grin, "I still have one last present for you, Bruce," Dick as he disappeared behind the large tree. Then emerged again, handing his gift to Bruce with a smile, "Merry Christmas, Bruce," Dick said innocently.

Bruce looked at his present in his hands for a moment before attempting to read his young soon-to-be partner who was still standing in front of him. He saw Dick's face when he went to get the present from behind the tree and the innocent look now, "Something's going on here..." he thought, letting the present rest in his lap, watching it.

"A bunch of paper is not the present, sir, you'll need to open it in order to know what it is," Alfred teased.

Bruce looked at him with a glare.

"You wouldn't need to do that if you were Superman. You could see what is behind the paper!" Dick teased also with a grin.

Bruce gave him a big glare now. "I may not be Superman, but I'm the World Greatest Detective, and I'm afraid I already know what this is."

"Wow, you know without opening it? How did you figure it out?" Dick teased again.

Bruce was still holding the present in his hands, without open it.

"Why don't you open it?" Dick asked.

Bruce sighed and opened the present. He grunted when he saw that the present was what he feared. He grabbed it and looked at it with a face of disgust.

"You don't like it?" Dick asked in a small voice, "I saw how surprised you were when you saw my pajamas last night, so I thought that you'd want some just like mine."

"No, chum, it's not that," Bruce tried to explain again. He was losing his patience, but he couldn't snap when he looked at Dick's face. He was looking up at him with those big, bright blue eyes of his, and that innocent face,–not even the Batman could be cross with, Damn, he has changed me in these last months!'

"Then why are you with that face and grunting? I bought it for you so we can wear the same pajamas," He said, cutting him off.

"It's just that….well…. I can't explain what I …"

It was Alfred who cut Bruce this time, "What Master Bruce is trying to say, is he was so shocked that you bought him such a beautiful present, he has found himself at a loss for words."

"No, he doesn't like it" Dick said, looking to the floor.

"Dick, no. I like it, really" Bruce tried to convince him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You are only saying that to make me feel better, but it's not the truth."

Bruce tipped Dick's chin up to see his face, "Of course it is. Have I ever lied to you?" Bruce asked, giving both of Dick's shoulders a comforting squeeze.

"You like it, really?" Dick asked, studying Bruce's eyes.


"Then, put it on so we wear the same thing on Christmas!" Dick said, instantly lighting up.

Bruce looked at him with eyes wide open. "W..wh-- what?"

"I gave it to you so you can wear it! Come on, Bruce, put it on!" Dick said again.


"Now," Dick said.

Bruce looked down, to the pajamas resting on his lap, "Right now?"

Dick lifted an eyebrow now and crossed his arms. "I told you that I wanted us wearing it for Christmas. Well, I mean Christmas of this year" He said with sarcasm.

Bruce turned at Alfred's chuckle, "Such silly things... That is what you said the other night, wasn't it, Alfred?" Bruce all but growled as he stood up.

"Me, sir? Never."

Bruce looked at his gift then sighed as he turned and began to trudge his way upstairs to change into his new super pajamas', completely oblivious to the high five Alfred and Dick exchanged.

Ten minutes later he came downstairs, wearing the blue Superman pajamas, just like Dick's, logo and all.

"Awww you look so cool, Bruce!" Dick said smiling as he walked around his mentor, "Almost just like Superman himself! And it's just the right size."

"Took our time in changing, did we, Master Bruce?" Alfred said with a smirk.

Bruce grunted and walked over to where his family was, "Okay, now we are wearing the same pajamas. Is this proof enough that I like your present?"

"Yeah, now you convinced me," Dick said then gasped, "Oh, Alfred, you have to take a picture!"

"What?" Bruce growled, his patience had long run out and the fumes he'd been riding on were coming to an end.

"Of course, Master Dick! This is a moment that no one wants to forget," Alfred said, going for the camera that was in a drawer.

"I'm not going to get a picture this way!" Bruce exclaimed.

"Why not?" Dick asked him, placing himself beside Bruce.

"Because I know what--" Bruce stopped when he saw noticed Dick was looking past him with a big smile.

"What are you looking at?" Bruce asked, turning around to see whatever Dick was looking at.

"Say cheese', Sir," Alfred said at that exact moment, taking a picture of them both before Bruce could do anything.

"Cheeeese!" Dick said and jumped around after Alfred took the picture. "What a great picture!"

"I could fire you," Bruce said annoyed.

"You could, after all, I suppose anyone could take over my duties both upstairs and downstairs." Alfred said.

There was a moment of silent in the room. "So you lied to me!" Dick said, looking up at Bruce with arms crossed.

"What? I didn't lie to you."

"You said that you like your present and now you want to fire Alfred for taking a picture of us with our pajamas!"

"Dick, it's not like that. I just... I know that you two are trying to do something. And I know that this is only a part of it, right?" Bruce asked Dick.

Dick looked at the ceiling, "I don't know what you're talking about"

"Alfred?" Bruce asked, turning to Alfred.

"Like I already told you, I don't involve myself in such silly things, sir," He said, putting the camera away.

"You really do like my present then?" Dick asked again.

Bruce rolled his eyes and turned to Dick, looking down at him. "Of course that I like it Dick," He said, forcing a smile.

"Really? Wow, Uncle Clark was right!" Dick said, going to the couch, but before he got there, Bruce grabbed him by his arm.

"What did you say? No, better yet, what did Clark say?" Bruce asked seriously.


"Diiiiiiiick" Bruce said, his patience meter registering negative readings.

"Well, -- remember when he came the other day, and we sat in your study while Alfred went to get you?" Dick stopped until Bruce nodded. "Well, I didn't know what to get you for Christmas, because you have everything that you want to buy, so I told him and he gave me the idea! And it's great, because I wanted these pajamas for a long time now, so I bought yours and then Alfred bought mine. Then, that night when you were on patrol, I was down in the cave and I called Clark, he was at the Watch Tower and I told him that I found you a pair. He said that it would be a great idea if we took a picture of both of us wearing the same great pajamas and that there was a bunch more JLA members there at the time and they all said they'd really like to see the picture also, so Alfred took the picture!" Dick explained, speaking a mile a minute.

Bruce was standing there, with his mouth open, then, after some seconds he looked to Alfred. "And what do you have to do with all this?"

"The lad told me that he knew what he was getting you for Christmas the same night that Master Clark was here. He didn't know what else to get you, so I thought that it was a good idea. Wouldn't you agree, sir?" Alfred asked with a smirk of his own.

Bruce grunted, "I don't want that picture going outside this room."

"But, why?" Dick asked.

"Because I don't want to, and that's final," Bruce ordered then turned around to leave the room.

"But I want to show everyone how wonderful our Christmas was! That we've been together and we were wearing the same thing."

Bruce stopped walking and turning around. "Dick, you don't understand. THEY can't see it, because…"

"Because you are ashamed of my present! You don't really like it, admit it!" Dick said in a pout.

Bruce sighed. He was looking at him with that face that could melt any heart again. "Dick, I told you already. I like your present. It's just…" Bruce paused to think about something. "Well, not all the JLA members know my identity and.."

"I know that. I'm just going to show it to the ones that I know!" He said as a matter of fact.

"And who are they?"

"Clark, Ollie, Barry and Diana. And they told me that they would send me presents if I would take a picture and show them!" Dick said with a big smile on his face. "I already opened their presents, so now I have to do my part and show them the picture!"

"Great," Bruce grunted, turning around.

"Where are you going, sir?" Alfred asked.

"I'm going downstairs for a little while. I'll be back in a few minutes," Bruce said, as he left the room. "This is war. You are dead, Kent. You are ALL dead!" He said to himself, opening the clock to enter the Batcave, once again missing Alfred and Dick exchange a high five.

The End.