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Chapter one: Meeting up with an old friend

"When I was young, I thought everything was like candy. Happiness, joy, smiles and all that crap. Of course, that was all a lie. My life was over when I fought with Hitoshi, the man I loved..."

Shuu stopped as he took a deep breath in. He then continued reading the large book in his hands.

"Maybe it was my fault. Maybe...I should have known myself more. Because of that incident, Hitoshi is gone...gone with another girl...ANOTHER...

I want him back now...but it is too late."

"Yo! What are ya doing?" A young male's voice cried. Shuu jerked a bit and turned around to see his good friend Satoshi. Shuu had been his friend for quite a while now. In fact, his feelings towards the young Pokémon trainer were more, let's say, affectionate than one would be to his or her friend. Yes indeed, Shuu had a crush on young Satoshi.


"Uh huh? Lemme see." Satoshi replied and picked the book up. "Hmm...'The confessions of a guilty and broken-hearted fool'...Why are you reading this?" Satoshi asked.

"Well," Shuu paused to come up with an excuse, "I was interested...?"

"Interested in a love story?" The wannabe Pokémon master teased.

"It isn't really a love story. I mean, the title doesn't seem to define the book as a love story...baka."

Satoshi laughed, "Fine fine. Hey, my friend Kasumi's coming here soon! I just came to ask if you wanted to come to a welcoming party Haruka, Takeshi and I are holding." He asked whilst placing his arms behind his head.

His young green haired friend shrugged, "Welcoming party? Doesn't she live in Cerulean City? It's kinda pointless to have a welcoming party in La Rousse if she doesn't even live here..."

"Still!" Satoshi pouted. Shuu raised his left eyebrow in irritation. "Still!" He said again in agony.

"Hmph." Shuu answered, blushing slightly at his friend's adorable face. Waaait, adorable?

Satoshi laughed and grabbed Shuu's wrist. "Eh! W-what are you d-doing?" He stuttered, hiding a tint of blush appearing on his face.

"Come on! Stop reading that sad book and let's go somewhere fun!" Satoshi exclaimed and yanked his friend's wrist. Shuu sighed and got up ever so slowly. "Yay! Let's go!" Satoshi cried and started dragging Shuu around the area.

The city of La Rousse was like no other. Tall buildings were everywhere! Instead of walking in certain places, the people of the city traveled on escalator-like paths. Each visitor of the city had been greeted by a block-like robot or "Blocky" as it is referred to as. Amazingly enough, La Rousse City, despite a high tech city, is powered by wind, leaving the city clean as a whistle.

Shuu, being a resident, knew this city back to front. It had been tiring guiding Satoshi to the places his friend wanted to go.

"Geez...Slow down. You're gonna hurt yourself...or me furthermore..." The young co-ordinator complained.

"Aww, stop acting so mature Shuu." Satoshi answered, sticking his tongue out afterwards. Shuu put on a "You're so annoying" look and continued being dragged by Satoshi. Suddenly, both boys stopped. A bright yellow taxi appeared in front of them. Both Satoshi and Shuu stared as young female appeared from the taxi.

"I wonder who she is..." Shuu growled as he noticed Satoshi started widening his smile.

"Ohisashiburi ne? Satoshi." The female replied and smiled adorably. (A/N: Ohisashiburi ne means "It's been a while eh?" I believe)

"Kasumi! It's great to see you again! How's everything back home?" Satoshi asked enthusiastically and laughed in joy.

"It's been cool. I gave 15 badges out just this month. Lots of new Pokémon trainers came." Kasumi paused and laughed, "Of course, no one is as good as you Satoshi." She added shyly. Shuu groaned at the pair and looked away.

"Aww...thanks," Said Satoshi and then turned to Shuu, "Oh yeah! Kasumi, this is Shuu. Shuu, this is Kasumi."

"Hi Shuu. It's nice to meet you." Kasumi greeted.

"Eh...same here." Shuu replied, flicking his hair. Kasumi smiled and held Satoshi's hand.

"Satoshi. You said that there was a party tonight?" Kasumi questioned her old friend. Satoshi nodded.

"Yep. It's at..." Satoshi looked towards the large clock to the top right of him, "6:30 p.m. tonight. Shuu's coming too."

"Great! I can't wait!" Kasumi exclaimed and began to enter another taxi, which had just arrived. "Sayonara Satoshi! Sayonara Shuu!" She then entered the taxi and left. Shuu and Satoshi watched the taxi drive away.

"She seems...interesting." Shuu replied.

"Well, that's not really the real Kasumi. Usually, she likes hitting me with huge hammers." Satoshi answered.

"Uh..." Shuu answered, raising an eyebrow, "Right..."

"It's 6:30p.m.! It's 6:30p.m.! It's 6:30p.m.!" The alarm clock cried. Satoshi quickly stood up and ran to Shuu's room.

"Hey! Shuu! Time to go!" Satoshi cried and grabbed Shuu's wrist. Both boys started to run out of the door. The sound of their rushed panting echoed through the empty city. The evening sky covered La Rousse like a blanket.

"Are we there yet?!" Shuu asked, panting heavily.

"Yep!" Satoshi answered and pointed at the large building dead ahead. "There it is!"

The large building became more clearer as both boys ran closer and closer towards it. Finally stopping, Satoshi offered Shuu to enter first. The coordinator glanced at his friend curiously and entered the room.

"A-are...?" Shuu whispered to himself, "What's...going on?" He asked Satoshi, but turned to realize that Satoshi had vanished. "S-Satoshi?! Where are you...?" He called out. Shuu looked around frantically, just holding his tears back.

Suddenly, his ears picked up the sound of laughter from a room further away. By instinct, he decided to investigate. As he ran, the laughter grew louder...

...And louder...

Until finally, he arrived at the large, cold door. For safety, he turned the knob ever so slowly and took a deep breath before entering the room.

Darkness. Great, time to turn on the light, Shuu thought. As he turned towards the light switch, his hand began shaking in fear. Closer, closer and closer he went, slowly flicking the light switch up. All of a sudden...




Shuu blinked in fear and confusion.

"What the hell is going on?!" He screamed and from out of the blue, several figures walked towards him. Shuu backed away awkwardly and fell onto the ground. "D-Don't hurt me..." He whimpered. The figures then began smiling and laughing at Shuu's clumsiness. They began opening their mouths and shouted three unexpected words...

"Happy Birthday Shuu!!"

Phew! What an interesting ending. Shuu/Drew is such a cutie isn't he?

Chapter two coming up in a matter of seconds. :x