Sometime after Saving the World:

Andronekos Schwartz sat at his desk, furiously writing a math textbook. There were several problems he had with his arrangements. His office at the University was being remodeled, and therefore, he was back to basics.

At his mother's house in Oakland, California, sharing a small house with his SIX BILLION relatives.

He had to write a textbook, as that had been his reason for taking six months leave from teaching. Of course, he had not written a single page in those six months, to he was quite behind. James had been kind enough to give him a draft of a textbook he had planned to publish, but had not gotten around to it. Predictably, the book was both overly detailed and not complete, so Andron was rushing to revise the whole thing in only one week.

When another small child burst into his room to ask a question, Andron screamed and slammed his head on his desk a few times, yelling, "Why does my family reproduce like sex-crazed maniacs?"

"Um… I'm not related to you," the little boy said. Andron looked up and noticed one thing. The little boy was definitely white, and definitely not related to him. In fact, he was probably three years old.

"Oh. . ." Andron looked around his room and then turned back to the little boy. "So… what are you doing here?"

"I was gunna ask fer a bathroom," the boy said with a bright smile.

"Oh, it's down the-"

"Don't worry, I don't need it anymore!" the boy said cheerfully. "Bye!"

Andron slowly looked down after the boy left, and saw a puddle on his floor. Not knowing whether to laugh hysterically or cry hysterically, Andron picked up his phone and called his best friend, James Potter. "Dude, I'm comin' over right now!"

I have finally managed to post the sequel to Prodigy, entitled "Prodigy II: Prodigal Son". Feel free to find it on my profile.