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He is the copy ninja

"oh ho ho ho what do we have here" Jiraiya said as he gazed through his spy glass. "Why is that lovely girl Anko coming out of Kakashi's apartment of all places? Maybe if I read their lips I can understand what there saying." (A/N: I will have what Jiraiya believes what there saying after the quotation of what they actually say)

"Well excuse me Anko but I must be going. They hate it whenever I'm late" Kakashi said smirking through his mask. [Wow you were excellent Anko. Better than the last time you visited late.

Anko smiled back as she rubbed her neck. "Thanks I really wish this cursed mark would stop hurting." [Thanks. You were kind if rough and the mark you left on my neck is hurting

"Kakashi and Anko, who'd a thunk it? But I can't really be sure what happened can I" Jiraiya said as he stroked his chin. "Then again I could just how do you say…fill in the blanks." He pulled out a pen and note pad, after making sure "certain" ninja weren't around.

Dark clouds hovered over the village of konoha for the past night. It was a down pour of rain drenched all that dared to be outside within seconds. No one dared to travel even three feet on a night like tonight, no one other than one lone female. This female had dark raven hair dressed in a coat that covered her mesh shirt and her skirt that reached mid thigh. Her name is Anko Mitarashi.

Why was she out in this weather you ask? It's because she was in great pain. The pain circulated trough out her body like a poison as she ran through the streets grasping her neck. She ran up the stairs of an apartment building and banged loudly on a single door.

The door creaked open revealing a silver haired man, the lower portion of his face masked. He was dressed in all blue, a head band covering his left eye and a book in his hand. "Hmm Anko" the man said as he looked the girl up and down. "You'll catch a cold if you walk through town dressed like that in this storm."

She grasped onto his shirt a best as she could as she stared up at him, her breath labored, her vision cloud. "K…Kaka…shi, i-it's the m-mark…" Her vision turned into nothingness as she fell forward but was caught by Kakashi. She needn't say anymore for he knew exactly what she meant by "mark". She was referring to none other than the curse mark she received from Orochimaru.

Anko sat up with a start from her sleeping position on the floor. She scanned the area. It appeared that she was in someone's apartment. I was rather small and extremely cluttered with scrolls and books. That's when she looked down at her self "where the hell am are my clothes" she shouted noticing that the only thing she had to cover her modesty was a blanket some one had placed over her.

"Oh so your awake don't worry I took care of the mark" came a not so distant voice.

Anko turned to the voice to see that it was none other than Konoha's white fang, Kakashi Hatake in a corner nose buried in his book! She glared at him from her position in the middle of the room. Her glare was ignored as he just simple turned a page and continued reading. Anko growled due to frustration so she grabbed a nearby scroll and threw it in his direction. It narrowly missed and hit the wall.

Kakashi stared down at the scroll before picking it up "I've been looking for this. I wondered where it went, thanks" he said smirking behind his mask. "Oh and about your clothes, they were completely soaked so I thought it best to remove them so you wouldn't get sick."

"And you didn't think it would have been better to put different clothes on me?!" Anko said standing up covering her self with the blanket. She got no response. "…Well?!"

The grey hared man looked up from his book "huh sorry but I wasn't listening" he said apoligetically scratching his head.

That was it. Anko stormed over to him and swiped his book "Just what's so interesting about this damn book?!" She opened it up to a random page and stared at the page. Seconds later he plopped down next to Kakashi whose expression read 'she lost my page! I don't know what my page was! Was it 20? 40? 136?' Then his eyes began to wander. "Hey this is a new one" when she didn't get a response she turned to him.

He was staring right at her, following his gaze to see that he was staring at her chest. Her breast to be exact for while she was reading she held the book in two hands which led to her breast being slightly more exposed then she may have wanted. A sly smirk crossed her face. "You know if you wanted to look you could have just asked" she leaned in close and tugged down the blanket further exposing the area around her nipples.

"I…I w-wasn't staring" Kakashi said as he backed closer to the wall.

Her smirk turned into that of a seductive one as she straddled his hips, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled his face closer to her bouncing bust. "So Kakashi how long has it been" she leaned in close to his ear "since you've tasted the flesh of a woman" she then gave his cheek a quick lick. However she got no response to her question. "Well we'll just have to fix that won't we?" She pulled down his mask and cast his forehead protector to the side before claiming his lips in a kiss.

Kakashi showed no sign of resistance as he kissed her back. His hands slowly roaming down the crook of her back, bringing the blanket down until her body was fully exposed to him. He pulled her close as he trailed kisses down her neck before suckling gently on one of her tits causing her to let out a gasp. She bit down on her lips as she held his head in her bosom as his fingers played with her other exposed breast. Her voice quivered from the stimulation. She ground her hips against his stimulating his manhood through his clothes causing him to groan. Taking this chance she kissed his lips again as her hands tugged his shirt up and over his head. She slid down his body kissing every muscle on his exposed abdomen.

"Time for a little pay back" Anko said before licking the area around his own nipple before sucking on it causing him to moan again as he covered his face in embarrassment. She had her fun as she continued her down past his abs and came face to face with the bulge of his manhood that threatened to burst through his pants. She slowly tugged down his pants causing him to groan as he felt every fiber rub against his penis.

She took his exposed manhood in hand before she gave it a slow lick from base to head and licking it back down. She repeated this once more before she took it all into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around his penis while she moved in and out of her mouth. She looked up at the moaning man before smirking before she enclosed his penis between her breast. "A-Anko, what are you…" he was about to ask but lost his will to speak as he felt the sensation of her breast moving slowly up and down his penis as she licked it's head. Now this was too much, this feeling, this sensation it was to great. Kakashi grunted as his body shuddered before he gave into sweet release and came onto her chest.

Anko sat up whipping his semen off her chest with a finger before she tasted it. She smirked as she stared down at him. "No sleeping now! You still have a job to do." She straddled his hips one last time. Kakashi tried to protest but she held down his arms as she made him slide into her. She started out slow as she moved her hips against his. She began to move her self fast and faster as her excitement grew. She maoned louder and louder her moans even possibly growing so loud she woke the neighbors. She clasped her hands over her mouth to try to silence her moans as she felt kakashi's manhood piercing deepers into her.

Seizing this opportunity Kakashi took the dominant position rolling them over. He grasped her hips as he continued to thrust into her, moving at a slow rate as if to torture her. She couldn't stand it. The feeling of his shaft slowly grace every bit of her most sensitive area. She wrapped her arms around her hips as if to hold back the inevitable but it was too late. She let out a loud moan as she her body shuttered and she gave in to the ultimate pleasure. Feeling her tighten around him Kakashi groaned before he came again. He rolled over taking Anko with him so that she laid on top of him still connected at the waist.

She laid heaving on top of him "Hey Kakashi." She got an incoherent sound from him as a conformation that he was listening. "…so part of your book should we try next?"

Jiraiya smirked down at his work. "Another successful chapter. I wonder what Kakashi would think" he said stroking his chin.

"Hey Jiraiya, what's up?" Kakashi said as he crouched next to Jiraiya saluting.

"Kakashi why are you here" Jiraiya questioned nervously as he hid his note pad.

"Hey what's on that note pad" kakashi questioned. "Is it? Could it be? The manuscript of your next book!" He sounded excited as he moved towards Jiraiya. "Give it to me!"

"Get away from me!" Jiraiya turned before running with Kakashi folloqing.


Well that concludes another chapter…Kakashi don't you think it's weird to be reading this?

Kakashi: well know. I've always wanted to know what would happen if I was in my favorite book.