Something weird happens to Naruto that every Jinchuriki has to go through eventually. With Sasuke back and Orochimaru out of the picture, sparks began to fly. Once Naruto's problem is gone, new things start to happen which leads to marriage, new ranks, and kids. Naruto thought he'd never have to see the problem he had in one of his children...Both Sasuke and Naruto know their children are special, but they're more "special" then they think, especially their youngest.

Okay, sucky summary. Mainly this story is about Sasuke and Naruto's kids, but I have to make the beginning on how the two sexiest shinobi's in the world fell in love first, right? Yes, this is yaoi. Don't like, don't read. Yes, this also has Mpreg in it. Oh, and also more yaoi, then just SasuNaru.

But ANYWAY, this story is about their kids, but it mainly focuses on the youngest of Sasuke's and Naruto's kids and a little on some of the other characters offspring.

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Of Storm and Fire

Chapter One:

Spend All Your Time Waiting

He sighed has he looked at himself in the mirror. Jiraiya had warned him about this. Now if only he had listened to everything the pervert hermit had said. He ran a bronze hand through golden hair.

Of all times it had to happen now. Right when he got a lead on where what he was after is. Lucky for him, when he left, Jiraiya demanded he go with.

"If I can't stop you, then let me go with you."

After half an hour of arguing, he had given in and let the old man come. At first he hated it, but now he was glad Jiraiya was around.

But of all times, why now? He had spent two long hard years training his ass off. Then he came back "home" to, one: see his friends; two: get some missions; and three, which, truth be told, is really the number one reason: to find any leads on where he is. Though truly, it didn't feel like "home". They say home is where the heart is. Yes, a small part of his heart was there, with Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, the Rookie Nine, Gai's team, and Tsunade-baa-chan, hell even a little with that bastard Sai. But almost all his heart was with someone else. Yes, that person did rip it into a million tiny pieces all in one day and practically give it to him on a silver platter, but his heart was still with that person. And he had decided it would be forever, no matter what happened. Without him there, it just wasn't...home.

And now, after one long hard year, he had finally gotton a lead on where he was. He did not hesitate to go chase after him. He packed up his ninja travel bag in record time and headed out of the village to a small village on the boarder of the Lighting country. About a village away from where he was now is where he learned that they had found Orochimaru and Kabuto dead, but he was not around. There were signs of struggle, but still, he was not there. Now he was about two or three small villages away from the one that he wanted to be at. The one the lead said he was in. But now, he knew he couldn't leave here. Not in the state he was in now. People would freak out. They would surely think of him as a demon now, and they'd all hate him, some might try to kill him. Besides, he didn't want to find him while he looked like this. It might make him hate him more then he might already. He'd think he was a demon, not just a vessel for a demon.

Naruto sighed again and fingered the reddish, orange fox ears on his head. Jiraiya said this would happen. There would be a time either when he was 15 or 16, which now he was 16, which he would look like a half demon in their true form. He'd have fox ears, a fox tail, fangs, small claws, and he'd move and act more like a fox. But the one thing that surprised Naruto was how much his body seemed to change. To him, he looked more like a Neko or something instead of a half demon. Kyuubi told him half demons at his age looked that way. They have cute, somewhat round, babyish cheeks, their eyes would be a little bigger, they're a little shorter then normal, but Kyuubi said his build would stay. Just some of his baby fat for his cheeks would come back, and he'd be a little shorter and more adorable then he already was. Kyuubi also told him it should only last a week, and then he'd be back to normal. He told Naruto that this was the time that a vessel for a demon would decide if they want to become a half demon, almost completely merging with the demon, which enabled them to be much stronger then they could just being the way they are. Or they could have the choice of staying the way they are, just having agonizing pain once a month at any random time. Naruto wasn't sure what he wanted. He could become a half demon and not have the pains, but then he'd be half of what many people thought him to be. Kyuubi said that he can hide his ears, tail, fangs, claws, and everything else. If he decided to be a half demon, he could look like he normally did. He would only look like a half demon when he used a lot of demon chakra, or if he wanted to. He really didn't mind that, but the thought of if the villagers found out worried him.

Naruto grabbed his black cloak and put it on, putting the hood over his head to cover his ears. He laid his tail flat and out a view from others. He made his way out of the small apartment he was in and went to the place Jiraiya said to meet him the day before. He found the pervert sitting on a rock with his eyes closed. Naruto silently walked up to him, hands in his pockets. Once he was right in front of him, he stood still and stared at the hermit. Jiraiya opened his eyes and looked at Naruto, a frown slid on his face.

"Naruto, why--" he was cut off when Naruto pulled down his hood.

"You were right. It's come." Naruto said, sounding a little depressed and annoyed with it. Jiraiya sighed and grabbed the young man's wrist.

"Come on. We need to get you away from the public eye." he said. Naruto put his hood back on and let himself be dragged to the woods towards a small little house or hut well hidden in the woods. He opened the door and gently pushed the kitsune inside.

"Alright. You'll stay here till this goes away. I'll go get your stuff and bring it here. Kyuubi said it would last a week, right?" Jiraiya said. The blonde nodded. "Alright. Then stay here. I'll bring you food and supplies for the four days. But I won't be seeing you till this is gone. I don't want to be followed here or something. Besides, I have some research to do." he smiled as Naruto rolled his eyes. He ruffled Naruto's hair, which was now longer. It wasn't as wild as it had been when he was younger. It laid on his head a lot tamer then it was before. He had grown his hair out to where he had bangs that hung over the tops of his eyes. His hair went to almost to his shoulders, and his hair was as golden blonde as ever. He actually made him look pretty hot. And the way he looked right that second, people would call him adorable.

"You always have research to do." Naruto mumbled, smiling a little. Jiraiya patted him on the head before turning to leave. He was almost out the door when he halted. He looked back over his shoulder at the blonde.

"Naruto..." his face turned a little sad and worried. "Don't leave within this week. Stay here. Don't go after him or leave on your own." Jiraiya demanded, but it was more of a plea, and Naruto could tell. Naruto's eyes cast down to the floor in front of him.

"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. Besides, I don't want him to see me like this." he said. Jiraiya sighed out of relief and smiled slightly.

"Alright. I'll be back with all that you need in a few minutes, brat." he said before he closed the door to the small little house and left.

Naruto sighed and walked over to a chair near the center of the room. He sat down and slumped in the chair. Not five minutes of just sitting there did Jiraiya return with his stuff. He gave it to him and left, saying he'd see him in a week. After Naruto unpacked and got the small house the way he liked it, did he wander around the house. Neither of the two bedrooms in the house were very big. They were small. There was only one bathroom, and the kitchen was tiny. The table was near the small living room. This house had no electricity. No TV, radio, lighting, AC, stove, microwave, or refrigerator. If he needed to keep something cold, he had to put it in a cooler full of ice. If he needed to cook something, he had to do it like they did long ago and make a fire in the small place the house had to put one in. Naruto thought it was all better then nothing at all.

Naruto laid on the mat that was on the floor in one of the bedrooms, which he dubbed his, though there was no one else to share the other one, which he wished there was. He tucked his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling.

Why, of all times? Why now? He thought.

I don't know kit. I wish I could control it, but I can't. Gomen. Kyuubi said, sounding a little nervous and truly sorry.

It isn't your fault, Kyuu. It's just the timing was horrible. This sucks.

Hai, it does. And there is another reason why it will.

Naruto raised his eyebrows at this.

Another? Enlighten me. see... Kyuubi sounded nervous. Tonight, when you fall to sleep and wake up, your memory will be gone. You won't know your name, and you'll believe you lived here for as long as you can remember, which in a way will be true. Naruto suppressed a small giggle at this.

'No duh.' he said sarcastically. He could feel the fox glare at him.

Shut up, you brat. he growled. Anyway. Since your memory will be gone, I can't connect with you. You only learned how to do that when you were 13. So, with your memory gone, I can't do that. I can send you small things that you'll think are your thoughts, though.

I'll lose my memories? This is so...annoying. Why does this have to happen?

I guess it gives you the feel of what it'll be like to be a half demon. Without the memories of being just a vessel, it will give you the real feeling of being a half demon. But this will only last for three days. Then, your memory will be back.

Three days?


What if I wander off into the village?

You won't, I'll make sure of that. I'm going to be a majority of your senses. So I won't let you go into the village. You'll spend three days feeling what it feels like to be a half demon, and then you'll be normal again. But then, you have to decide what you want to be.

Okay...Naruto sighed and got up. He stripped down to his boxers and decided to go to sleep. He was pretty tired. Once he woke up, he wouldn't remember anything.

How fun is this going to be?


A young, raven haired boy stumbled through the woods, clutching his side. He was in agonizing pain. He was all cut up, and his side was stabbed badly. His chakra was practically gone, his left leg was numb and bleeding badly, plus his enemies managed to put poison into his system, and he could not get it out. He did kill them, both of them. He killed that snake bastard and was very proud of it. He would be celebrating if he wasn't hurt so bad, and he wasn't so determined to get home. He had to get home to where the person that had been haunting his thoughts and dreams those past three years was. He paused for a minute to catch his breath and considered taking a rest. But a flash of blonde hair, tan smooth skin, and dancing blue eyes in his mind made him rid himself of that thought.

Sasuke took a step forward, determined to get to the blonde back in Konoha. When he was with Orochimaru, the blonde kitsune was always lingering in his thoughts. He wouldn't leave Sasuke alone! He wasn't even around the dobe, and he was bugging him. When Sasuke was alone in the room Orochimaru let him have, he would pretend Naruto was there with him, acting like an idiot and making Sasuke smile, on the inside. He would often mutter "Dobe" under his breath when he thought deeply about it or say Naruto's name.

The last year, the dobe invading his thoughts got really bad. He could barely focus. Only a few days ago did he over hear Kabuto and Orochimaru talking about their next plan. They were going to kidnap Naruto and draw Itachi and all of them in. So, then they could kill them. Sasuke was a little excited about this. He would be able to see the dobe and get a chance to kill Itachi. But that wasn't all to the plan. After they were all dead, Orochimaru was planning on torturing Naruto and killing him, so the Kyuubi couldn't stop him from completely taking Sasuke. This enraged Sasuke. No one was going to harm Naruto and live to tell about it. He suddenly forgot revenge and decided to kill Orochimaru. Then, he'd go to see the dobe, and stay in the village as Naruto wished. Only as Naruto wished. Plus, he really wanted to see his best friend, truly his only true friend. It hurt him to do what he did at the Valley of the End. Now, he regretted it. He should have just gone back with the dobe

Now, Sasuke was slowly heading in the direction of the village. It was a long ways away.

Damn it! Why did Orochimaru have to drag Kabuto and I out so far? He thought as his side throbbed painfully. He looked up through the trees and saw the sun rising. He sighed and winced because it cased him pain. It had been two days since he'd gotten any rest. But he wasn't going to stop now. He watched the sunset a little longer, it reminded him of Naruto.

"Come on, Sasuke-teme! Hurry up!"

He heard Naruto voice echo through his head. He nodded painfully and kept going.

"Dattabayo teme!" a flash of Naruto's stupid grin made him move faster.



Naruto awoke slowly, light from the small window blinding him for a second. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, looking around the room.

"Hmmm..." he scratched his head. What's...?'He stood up slowly. This place doesn't seem too familiar. He looked around till he spotted the all his clothes. Oh well. It seems normal. Best get on with my day. He walked over to the stack of clothes and pulled out a black long sleeved shirt thats neck went down to his diaphragm in a 'V' and matching black shinobi pants. He put those on and reached in the stack again. He pulled out a gray over shirt that looked almost like a kimono top. The neck did the same thing, but the sleeves had a cut in them in the middle of his bicep. The gray one was longer and Naruto took a robe belt and tied it around his waist, so now, the end of the over shirt hung out under the belt. The back of the gray shirt had a slit in it, and his pants started right under his tail. His tail came out of the slit on the back of the gray shirt. He didn't put on his shoes. He put his weapons in different parts of his shirt, like the pockets on the inside. He put the weapons pouch on the back of his belt on his left side.

He reached into the cooler and pulled out a little bit of meat Jiraiya had left him. Then, without cooking it, he wolfed it down, licking his chops afterwards.

He walked out of the house, shutting the door behind him. He made his way to the river happily, his tail moving slowly behind him. He washed his face in the river and had the urge to drink it. He bent his head down and lapped up some of the water with his tongue, like a fox. His blue eyes caught the sight of a few fish swimming in the water. He stared at them hungrily as his stomach growled. That little bit of meat did not fill him. He crouched low to the ground, watching the fish, his tail slowly whipping in the air. Suddenly, he jumped at the fish, trying to catch it. But it slipped through his fingers, and he tried to keep hold of it to only lose it and fall sideways into the water. He sat up and glared at the fish that was swimming. He shook his head roughly, getting the water off it. Suddenly, a noise caught his attention, and he saw a rabbit by the edge of the woods. It looked like it was laughing at him. He glared at the rabbit and then, smiled evilly.

Again, he got low to the ground and stared at the rabbit. Right as it looked fully at Naruto to see what he was doing, Naruto pounced at it. It made a small noise and darted into the woods. Naruto quickly chased after it. He chased it through the woods, feeling a thrill run through him. He smiled. This was fun! Right when he was about to catch it, a faint scent caught his nose. He halted and turned his head to face the smell. This made him completely forget about the rabbit, to its relief, just as the rabbit made him forget about the fish. (Give'em Hell: ADD maybe? XD Oh, but it's so cute!)

He quietly made his way towards the smell. He recognized that smell. What was it...?

Wait...Blood? He followed the scent silently. Once the he could tell that the source of the blood was about 150 yards away, he stopped and listened. His highly sensitive ears could hear the sound of heavy breathing. He looked up at the sky for a second when the smell of water also caught his nose. He frowned.

It's going to start raining in a few minutes...

He looked back in front of him. Right when he was going to move forward again, something red to his right caught his eye. He turned his head towards it and noticed it was blood on a small leaf. After staring at it for a few minutes, he pulled the leaf off its steam and licked the blood. After a couple of seconds, a disgusted look slipped on his face.

"Gah! Yuck! Human blood!" he spat, trying to spit the taste out. He wiped his mouth out and wrinkled his nose.

A human, eh? Hmmm...guess I should help'em. Humans aren't bad. Besides, I like humans! He

smelled the air again and found another scent. It was the scent of the human. It was musky smelling- then it's a male human. Also there was something else to the sent that Naruto recognized. He swore he had smelled this once before. It was like some woods like scent, and it smelt pretty good.

He darted off in the direction of the smell. He halted once he could tell that the human was only two yards ahead of him. He peaked through the bushes as the human neared. He could tell the human was in deep pain. He was walking-no, stumbling and limping very slowly. His breathing was very heavy, and he was bleeding all over. Naruto blinked when he could see the male better. He had black hair with a blue tint to it. His skin was pale-seemingly paler then usual, Naruto guessed. He was tall and looked like he had a nice build. The human looked about 16 years old or a little older.

Naruto stared at the young man, not able to look away, till he felt water hit his face. He glanced up and noticed it was just about to rain. And as the thought past his mind, it started to rain. He gave the sky an annoyed look. He heard the boy groan. Naruto quickly looked at him and saw him wobble a bit, like he was about to fall.


Sasuke stumbled around, tripping over almost everything. He was in great pain, and his vision was somewhat blurry. But he couldn't let that stop him; he had to get to Naruto! He was a little dizzy and knew it was from blood loss. He felt water hit his face, and a few seconds after, it started raining. He felt like groaning, things were hard enough already. He did groan, but not from it raining, because the next step he took made pain shoot up his back. He wobbled a little and started to fall over.

His eyes closed, getting ready for the hard impact with the ground, but that hard impact didn't


He felt two small hands grab him and set him down gently. He was gently placed against what felt like a big rock or boulder. He didn't open his eyes the whole time. He wondered how he hadn't sensed this person before.

He opened his eyes slowly and tried to look around. His vision was blurry. He couldn't see anyone. He suddenly felt a warm hand on his arm on one of his many cuts. A little noise that sounding like a whining animal came from his right. He slowly looked that way to only see someone in gray and black, he couldn't see their head or face. A huge green leaf blocked it. He noticed that the leaf the person was holding was blocking the rain from hitting both of them.

"You're hurt pretty bad..." the person said softly, the voice sounding a little familiar to Sasuke. He realized it was a boy. Slowly, he lifted an arm to push some of the leaf out of the way so he could see the boy's face. The boy shifted when he saw Sasuke's arm move, which made the leaf move a little, letting Sasuke see a slight blur of yellow. Now both the boys' hands held the leaf stem. He seemed to look back down at Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke still tried to move his arm up, which he was doing well in. Finally, he was able to touch the huge leaf, and he lifted it up with his hand. He gasped at what he saw.

This boy had shocking blue eyes. They were beautiful. They looked like Naruto's eyes. He had three whisker marks on each of his cheeks, and his hair was the exact same color as Naruto's, but longer then Naruto's was the last time he saw him. He was tan, and he even sort of smelled like Naruto. Like honey and cinnamon.(Give'em Hell: Ummm, cinnamon...Yummy. XP) He looked almost just like Naruto. Sasuke thought. He blinked and shook his head mentally. No, it can't be. This boy's too small and younger than what Naruto looked like when I last saw him. His whisker marks seem deeper too, and he has small claws and fangs. Plus, Naruto doesn't have fox like ears- He blinked again and looked at the boy's ears. Yes, they were animal ears. He wondered if this boy was human. But it didn't really matter, as long as Sasuke could quickly get to Naruto.

Naruto blinked at the raven-haired boy. Why was this human looking at him so funny? He shoved it aside and pushed the leaf's stem against the rock the raven was leaning on. He did a few hand signs, and the leaf stem stayed on the rock, the leaf still hanging over both of them.

"Let me help you." he said, taking the raven's arm. Sasuke gasped as he felt something warm and wet slid up his arm on a deep cut. He blinked and noticed that the blond was licking his wounds. He tried to pull away, but the blonde had a tight hold on him. "Stop fidgeting and look." he demanded. Sasuke did as told and noticed that his wound was healing extremely fast. In a few more seconds, it was completely healed, with no scar visible.

"I can heal most of your wounds. Now stay still and let me." the blonde demanded. Sasuke nodded slowly, and the blonde started to lick and heal all his wounds. When the blonde got to the one on his shoulder, he paused and sighed.

"This one's going to be harder." he muttered. He leaned forward, and Sasuke tried not to gasp, as his mouth clamped down on the wound. After a few minutes of licking, sucking, and pretty much lapping up the wound, it was healed.

Naruto smirked to himself, till his eyes landed on the raven's stomach, where a big wound was. He attempted to heal that one, but he couldn't heal it all the way.

"This one's too bad. I can't heal it all the way." he looked up, blue eyes meeting black ones. "I'll have to take you home then!" Sasuke blinked at him. This kid looks awful happy to take me to his "home". He sighed and closed his eyes for a second, to open them to curious blue eyes.

"So..." he started." What's...Who are you?" he asked. It was Naruto's turn to blink. Why did this male's voice sound so...familiar?

"Who am I? ...My name..." Naruto pondered this. What was his name? He didn't remember having one before. He thought for a minute, making Sasuke raise an eyebrow. Finally, Naruto said the first thing that came to mind.

"Uhh...My name is...Ten-...Tenshi! Yeah, my name's Tenshi!" he said happily. Sasuke raised both eyebrows and nodded, a smirk sliding into place.

"Well then Tenshi. It seems you sort of live by your name, eh?" he said. Naruto blinked.

Live by (Give'em Hell: Tenshi means Angel, just to let you know.)

Sasuke shook his head and held his hand out to the blonde.

"You can call me Sas." he said. Naruto blinked and looked at the hand. "Shake it, you dobe."

Naruto's face took on an angry look.

"Oi, don't call me that, bastard!" Right after that, both of them looked at each other, surprised. Why'd that seem so familiar?

Naruto shook it off and stood up. He looked up through the trees. It seemed to have stopped raining, for the time being. He looked back at the raven.

"Come on, I'll take you to my place. It ain't big, but it works." he said. Sasuke stared at him for a minute, and then sighed.

"Excuse me, but...what exactly are you?" he asked. Naruto smiled.

"Well...I'm a half demon! A half fox demon! Don't worry, I won't bite." he said. Sasuke nodded. "And also, I don't eat humans. Truth be told, human blood is gross, besides, eating half of what I am seems a little strange to me." Sasuke smirked at that. So the blonde wasn't planning on eating him for breakfast.

"Can you stand?" Naruto asked. Sasuke tried and failed. His legs were numb, and his stomach hurt too much. Naruto sighed and bent down. He pulled the raven into a standing position and put Sasuke's right arm around his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around the small of Sasuke's back and made the raven lean on him. "I'll walk you to the river, we'll get this tried blood off you, and then I'll carry you home. It's a little ways away from here." Sasuke nodded, and Naruto started slowly walking in the direction of the river.

Once they got there, Naruto helped Sasuke wipe the dry blood off his skin, and Naruto frowned at his clothing.

"Your clothes are trashed. I have something that might fit you at home." he said, studying Sasuke. After a second, he shrugged and picked the Uchiha up. In a split second, he got Sasuke on his back and proceeded to give Sasuke a piggy-back ride to his home.

About half way there, Sasuke wondered why he was letting this kitsune carry him like this and 'take him home'?

Oh well. I don't care. Once this kid heals me up, I'll leave and go to my kitsune. I might even see if he knows the best way towards Konoha. He glanced at the blonde. Maybe he could take me there? Could help me make sure I don't run into trouble. By the way he moves and can easily leap branch to branch this quickly while carrying me, which I am bigger then him, I can tell he his strong. Maybe knowing him might help me?

They finally got to the small house the blonde was living in for the time being. Sasuke gave it a dry look.

"This is where you live, Tenshi?" he asked. The kitsune nodded.

"It's not very big, but it is home." he said. He walked into the house, still carrying Sasuke. He carried him to the extra room and set Sasuke down on the mat in the room. The blonde stood up and exited the room, disappearing for a minute. Sasuke took this minute to look around.

The room was pretty plain, clearly showing no one had occupied the room in a while. The blonde was right. The house was small, but to Sasuke it felt very welcoming and comfortable. He tried to shift a little bit on the mat, to sit up more and let a hiss out in pain when he tried.

"Don't move around a lot. You'll hurt yourself more." the blond's voice drifted from the doorway. Sasuke looked up at him and saw him walking in with bandages, water, some ointment, and a black robe. He sat down next to the raven and smiled, his fox ears perking up more. "Alright, remove the remainder of your shirt, and let me fix you up, big boy." Sasuke nodded and removed his torn shirt with ease.

Naruto tried his hardest to not look at the pale boy's well built chest as he started to gently apply ointment to the raven's wound on his stomach. He had to admit, when he was healing the boy he did noticed how well built and toned the boy was--for a human that is.

When he started wrapping Sasuke wound, he had to move closer to the raven. When he slightly bent over the raven to reach his other side, he got very close to almost touching his chest to Sasuke's. This made Sasuke blush.

Why the hell am I blushing when I just met this guy?

Naruto ignored how close they were and finished quickly.

"Alrighty then! I'm done. Now, I need you to get out of those dirty ass pants and put this robe on and pair of pants I have for you. I'll conjure up a shirt for you later." he said. Sasuke nodded and took the robe and pants from the blonde. Naruto stood and turned to leave the room. "I'll make you something to eat, and then you should get some sleep." Sasuke nodded, and the blonde left the room.


Sasuke awoke when the light from the windows finally hit his face full force. He groaned and opened an eye to glare at the window to his right. It just had to let that annoying sun light come in and ruin his wonderful sleep.

He shifted a little and looked around the room. Sitting there next to him was a small cup of water the kitsune had left him. It was the next morning after the blonde had found him. After he ate a pretty good breakfast that morning before he had fallen asleep. He slept most the day, and the blonde woke him up at dinner time and made him eat, saying he really needed to eat to help him heal. After that and staying up a bit longer to talk to the blonde a little, he fell back to sleep. Now, he was awake, and his stomach was whining for food-well, not whining, no part of an Uchiha whines, it was more like DEMANDING for food. He put a hand on it, being gentle because of his wound. Right when he was about to try to stand, Naruto walked in with a plate of steaming bacon and a piece of bread for the boy. The blondes face brightened when he saw Sasuke was awake.

"Sas-san, your awake! I made you some breakfast." he said cheerily. He sat down next to the stoic boy and handed him the plate. Sasuke took the plate and glanced down at it.

"Where'd you get bacon, Tenshi?" he asked. The kitsune chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I have a cooler full of different types of meats, just incase I don't feel like hunting." Sasuke nodded and picked up a piece of bacon. He took a bite and made a sound as if saying he approved of the food. Naruto let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding.

"You're a good cook. Where'd you learn to do this?"

The blonde shrugged. "Not sure. I just know how, guess it's natural or something." As Sasuke went back to eating, the blonde suddenly perked up. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I managed to find you a shirt to wear. You can wear it under the robe I guess." He disappeared for a second, then reappeared with a red and blue shirt. He set it next to Sasuke, and Sasuke nodded.

"Thanks. I'll put it on when I finish." he said. Naruto nodded and watched him finish eating.

Once he was done, he slipped the robe off, let the blonde check his bandages, and put the shirt on and the robe after. After commenting on how the shirt looked on Sasuke, it got quiet. The kitsune squirmed in his spot.

" want some tea or something?" he asked. Sasuke nodded, and the kitsune darted off to make some. Sasuke looked out the window, at the sky and sighed.

I'll be there soon, Naruto.

"You thinking about something?" the kitsune's voice startled Sasuke, and he nearly jumped. Sasuke turned his head to face the blonde, who was handing him a cup of tea.

"That was fast." he said dryly. The blonde smiled.

"I had it already made." he said. Sasuke took the tea and took a sip.

"You're good at making tea too." he said. Naruto bowed his head, almost bashfully.


Sasuke shifted a bit and set the cup down.

"So, Tenshi. How long have you been living here?" he asked. The kitsune blinked at him a few times before thinking about what he had said.

"Uhh...for as long as I can remember." he said. Sasuke glanced down at the floor, then back at the blonde.

"How old are you?" he asked. Naruto blinked again, then sighed.

"Not very old. I'm a very young half-demon. I'm sixteen, still a kit." he said, almost disappointed.

Sasuke nodded.

Naruto is that age now. Why do I keep thinking he could be Naruto? He isn't! This boy's a half-demon. Naruto is not a half-demon. He is a human boy with a demon sealed inside of him. Though, Tenshi does seem a lot like him. He has the same damn whisker marks Naruto has.

"What about you? How old are you?" the blonde asked. Sasuke sighed, looking at the ceiling.

"Same as you." he said plainly. Naruto nodded.

"Uhh...sorry to ask but...Why were you in the woods so...beat up like that?" Sasuke glanced at him before looking at his hands.

"See...I...I was somewhere I didn't wanna was holding me there, so I killed him to get away." he said. He heard the kitsune shift. "Well...another reason I did was because he was going to hurt a friend of mine...I couldn't let him do that..." Naruto raised an eyebrow and studied the stoic boy.

" about this person a lot? Is this person...precious to you?" he asked.

"Hai. He is." Sasuke answered, without hesitation or having to think about it.

"Were you...going to him when you were walking in the woods?" Sasuke looked over at him. After a few moments, he nodded.

"Hai, I was. I wasn't going to stop till I got to him." The kitsune blinked, a sudden spark in his eyes, then he smiled widely.

"Let me help you." he asked. Sasuke blinked.


"Once you are healed, which should be soon, let me help you go to him. I can help you get there. You've seemed to have disposed of a strong enemy, a big threat to your friend's life, I presume." he said, his smile growing. "You deserve to be with him. To see him. You practically saved his life." Sasuke stared at him, surprised, before looking away.

"Ummm..." he sighed. "In a way...I really don't deserve to be with or to see him." he said. Naruto tilted his head to the side, confused.

"Nani?" his ears laid back on his head.

"I...hurt him...The place I was at...He didn't want me to go there a long time ago, but I went away...and betrayed him...I even fought him...and hurt him physically. Then a few years later, I saw him again, and I said things I didn't mean and hurt him again...I don't deserve to be with him...I made a crucial mistake...A foolish one...I don't think he'll ever forgive me..." Sasuke said, his eyes turning a little hazy. Naruto felt a pain in his heart, like something just like that happened to him. Like he was like the raven's friend. He pushed the feeling away, and his eyes softened.

"Aw, come on Sas-kun." he said, playfully tapping his arm. "You just killed the person, or monster, you went to right? a way...fixed your betrayal. You saved your friends life, with every intention to do so. Now, you're going back to him. You're correcting your mistake. Your friend should forgive you since you did that, if he is your true friend. I know I would."

Sasuke stared at him, surprised. The kitsune smiled softly at him, making a smirk slide into place on Sasuke's face.

"I hope he thinks like you, Tenshi." he said, making the blonde smile grow. "And hai, I would like you to help me. I would be nice." A wide toothed grin appeared on the kitsune's face that looked so familiar to Sasuke. After a few minutes of silence, Sasuke sighed.

"Thanks...Tenshi...For finding me and healing, letting me stay here and taking care of me. I owe you one." he said. The blonde shifted and sat criss-cross, putting his hands on his knees. He leaned forward a little and cocked his head a little to the right.

"No problem. The way you can repay me is seeing your friend and making it up to him on lost times. Tell him you are sorry and will do anything for him to forgive you. Make yourself happy, Sas." he said, his tail moving back and forth across the floor slowly. Sasuke blinked and smirked at the fox.

"You sure?"

"Yup!" he smiled widely again. "I really care about other people a lot. Even if I don't know them too well. Human emotions and stuff always get to me. Besides, I like to see others happy." Sasuke's eyes seemed to soften a little.

Wow, he's starting to remind me more of Naruto, and not just by how he looks.

Sasuke looked at the ceiling again, when he heard the fox gasp. He glanced back at the blonde. Naruto leaned forward more and smacked his hands on the ground, now on his hands and knees.

"Oi, oi, oi, Sas! If you feel to it later, do you wanna go with me to hunt or go to the river or something?" he asked excitedly. Sasuke gave him a emotionless look and shrugged.

"I dunno. Maybe tomorrow, dobe." he said dryly. Sasuke's eyes widened at how easily he let that name slip from his mouth, and how he did it without thought.

Naruto felt strange on how that name seemed still so familiar to him. Like he heard it so many times before. He pushed it aside and sighed.



Things had been going pretty well. Sasuke slept most the time, but the times he was up, he was

either eating, talking to the kitsune, or staring off into space, thinking (about Naruto).

Naruto would often bug Sasuke about absolutely ANYTHING, then go off to do something. He would disappear for a little while, but then return soon. When his stomach yelled at him for being hungry (which was often), he'd go off to hunt, and Sasuke was surprised at how fast he came back. Naruto just said he was a very skilled and fast hunter. He cooked for Sasuke and did a good job at it. He took good care of the raven and never seemed to get too mad at his attitude.

Now it was the third day since Naruto found Sasuke, and he was sitting next to Sasuke, facing the opposite way he was and messing with a scroll in his hands.

"So, will you go in a few minutes?" he asked the raven for the 85th time in the past hour. Sasuke sighed and gave him an annoyed look.

"No. I won't. I've told you about 85 times. I know I said I might today, but I don't feel up to it. Tomorrow I will, I promise."

Naruto sighed but didn't take his eyes off the scroll. "Fine."

Sasuke looked away to the window. The sun was already set, and the moon and stars were out. He sighed again and glanced back over to the blonde. He noticed his orange-ish red tail sweeping back and forth across the floor. He had the sudden urge to grab it and feel what it felt like. He reached for it when it came close to him. Right when he was about to touch it, it swept away, out of his reach. He tried this a few more times, only to have it get away from him at the last second. The blonde seemed oblivious to this. Sasuke tried again, and the tips of his fingers barely touched it before it moved quickly out of his reach. He glared at the bushy tail. Suddenly, the kitsune chuckled.

"Geez, you remind me of a cat." he chuckled. Sasuke looked at him and raised an eyebrow. True, while he was trying to get the tail, he seemed to be acting like a cat on how he became obsessed with it and concentrated on it.


"Yatta." They were quiet again, and Sasuke noticed how the blonde was indeed looking at the scroll but not really seeing what was on it. His eyes were hazy.

"Somethin' on your mind, Tenshi?" he asked. The blonde blinked in surprise, and his tail stopped moving for a second. Then, he relaxed, and his tail started to move again.

"...Yeah." He rolled up the scroll and set it aside. Then, he shifted and laid on his stomach, his arms folded, and his chin rested on them. His knees were bent and in the air. He stared at the opposite wall, and Sasuke waited for him to talk.

"See...Well last night, I had a dream that I was surrounded by darkness. At first I was confused, till I saw something standing off in the distance. Somehow, I knew it was someone very important to me. Someone I consider to be very close to. But I can't remember who. I ran towards him, but no matter how hard or long I ran, I could never get to him. And he was standing still...his back to me." he paused, a frown appearing on his face. "I can't...I can't remember my past. All I remember is being here. I know that there are many people I know, but I can't put a name or face to them. But I could tell...I had a feeling this person was very special to me. And I knew it was a guy." Sasuke stared at the back of the fox's head, thinking.

"It seems like even though he is special to you, he is, in a way, far away from you. Maybe physically far away, or just that he is distant towards you, or maybe you two can never be really close, or all three." Sasuke said, looking down at his hands. In a way, he was sort of speaking in the way he felt a little bit towards Naruto, or in what he feared would happen.

"Hmm..." the blonde said in thought. "Well...I guess it is that way...But I really think I know why that dream was the way it was...It's the third one you said. But I am close to this person, almost like a best friend of something. But yet...I can't be very close to him. Really get to know him...He's...distant...I guess in a way...I am to him too..." he sighed and closed his eyes.

"One of the worst pains is being close to someone and knowing you can't have them." the blonde muttered, but enough for the raven to hear. Sasuke glanced at him for a second before looking away.


"Interesting reply, bastard." the blonde muttered. When the raven didn't say anything, the fox rolled over on to his back and tucked his arms under his head. "I'm tired." he yawned. Sasuke nodded and laid down.

"Hn." They were quiet for a long time. When Sasuke was about to speak again, he heard light snoring. He looked over at the blonde and noticed he was asleep, curled up in a small ball, his tail wrapped around him. Sasuke smirked slightly, and rolled on his side, his back to the boy.

"Night, Tenshi."


Sasuke woke with a start when he felt a sudden, familiar ,yet dangerous, chakra hit his senses. He glanced out the window before turning to the kitsune. He grabbed his shoulder and shook him.

"Tenshi...Tenshi wake up? Did you feel that?" he asked, but the blonde didn't stir. He tried a few more times, with no luck. Keeping his hand on his shoulder, he glanced back at the window. Then, suddenly, he felt a hand grab his wrist roughly and tightly. He whipped his head back in the blonde's direction and looked right into blood red eyes with slits for pupils.

"Wha..." he had seen those eyes before. The blue eyed kitsune wasn't blue eyed anymore. His fangs were a little longer, his hair a little wilder, and the whisker marks much darker.

The fox smirked at him.

"Hello." he said, his voice deep and evil sounding. In a blink of an eye, the kitsune threw himself over the Uchiha and pinned him down beneath him, holding the boys wrist to the floor with his hands. Sasuke blinked in surprise before struggling against the fox.

"What the hell? Let go!" he yelled, trying to push the kitsune off. The kitsune's eyes traveled over his body, making him uncomfortable, not that he was in the first place.

"'ve gotten much taster looking since I last saw you." he said, smirking more. Sasuke glared at him. "Oh yeah, long time no see..." the kitsune bent down so his mouth was by the Uchiha's ear. "Uchiha Sasuke." The Uchiha's eyes widened in surprise. The kitsune chuckled and pulled back, letting the boys wrist go. He sat firmly down on the Uchiha's hips, wiggling a little in his spot. Sasuke propped himself up on his elbows, glaring heatedly at the fox.

"Who the hell are you?" he growled. The kitsune quirked an eyebrow. Then, the fox threw his head back and let out a bark of laughter. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Still keeping his head slightly up towards the ceiling, he looked back down at the boy.

"What? You don't remember me?" he paused. "Oh well." He turned his head back down and looked at the Uchiha's wrapped stomach. He ran his fingers across it, pressing down a little, making the raven wince. "Aw, you're not hurt, are ya?" His eyes shot up to met black ones. "Scaredy cat!"

Sasuke gasped, remembering back during the Chunin Exams, when Naruto saved him from the snake.

"You're not hurt are ya? Scaredy cat!" And the same red eyes that were glaring at him now, did then.

"Na...Naruto?" he stuttered. The fox laughed again, bring his face close to Sasuke's.

"Close. I'm the fox which lives inside the boy." he whispered. Sasuke face shifted into a glare, and he activated his Sharingan.

"Kyuubi!" he growled. The fox chuckled and licked Sasuke's cheek.

"Hai...It's me...Kyuubi."

End chapter


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