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Of Storm and Fire

Chapter 36:

I'm Curious about You

"Animalistic?" Shima said softly, questioning him.

"Like," he shrugged his shoulder, licking his lips as he thought of a word to describe it, "roll onto my back and show my belly to him kind of way, like wolves to do the alpha male in a wolf pack," he explained and both his teammates seemed to understand, "His chakra... is stronger then my own... He is more of the alpha..." Tenshi glanced down at his feet, remembering the suffocating heat of Masaru's chakra, "His power is a lot more stronger then my own..." he paused, glancing up at Kohaku, "at least for now."

They were quiet and Kohaku stared at Tenshi, watching the angel with a close eye. The koneko shivered everyone once and a while and was still not breathing correctly. He sighed after a moment, pulling Tenshi off the tree.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" he asked the Uchiha and Tenshi nodded, pointing at his back and both Shim and Kohaku sighed, "Don't heal it, let Shima." Kohaku told him and Tenshi nodded.

Shima stood, pocketing the orb as Kohaku pulled Tenshi close to him, wrapping a strong arm around Tenshi's shoulders and pulling him into his chest. The angel shivered, seeming to cuddle closer to Kohaku and rest his head against the older boys chest. He suddenly felt very tired and Kohaku seemed to pick up on that.

"Come on," he said, motioning for Shima to follow him, "Let's get some good shelter and let you lay down."

With that Kohaku lead them away from the battle ground. And Tenshi glanced back over his shoulder at where he had last seen Masaru, feeling both demons really stir within him since Masaru appeared.

-Team Wings: Day Four-

The youngest Uchiha member arched his back, bending like a bow as he started his morning stretches. It made the youngest Hyuuga heir raise an eyebrow at his teammate, marveled at how Tenshi could just bend.

Tenshi's back was fine now, having healed perfectly right after Shima checked over it. It had been a day since the awkward, as Kohaku saw it, run in with Masaru. Tenshi seemed a little shaken up for that whole day afterwards, but now, as Kohaku watched him rise from his whole night of slumber, he seemed fine. It didn't stop the Hyuuga from worrying though. But he knew that he couldn't—and shouldn't—bring anything up about it. They had already started off trying to find their door the day before and he knew bringing something like that up would cause a distraction for the youngest member of their team and he'd rather not have Tenshi distracted. Not to mention the fact that strange rumblings had been happening off and on the night before. Kohaku couldn't help but noticing that Tenshi kept glancing off to the west, as if looking out for something.

Kohaku reached over and rubbed Tenshi's shoulders tenderly as the angel completely woke himself up for the day. The pale boy glanced at him, flashing him a soft smile before standing. He rolled his shoulders back, satisfied when he felt a very soft crack that wasn't audible to his other teammates. With a quick glanced around him he noticed that Shima had packed all his things and he smiled to himself as he picked up his bag and put it on his back. He felt Kohaku rising next to him, following suit.

"Are we ready?" the koneko asked, looking at Shima as said female checked her bag to make sure she had everything.

"Yes, we are." she stood, shouldering her back pack, "Kohaku, are you ready to try it?" she asked the oldest member of the team.

The Hyuuga sighed, nodding once before closing his eyes. The other two watched him as he took deep breaths and relaxed his body. Tenshi felt the marks on his hands tingling and he watched with a observant expression as Kohaku's eyes snapped open, Byakugan flaring to life and his echolocation power admitting off of him in waves. It moved around them, searching the mountain range diligently.

After very light discussion the night before, the team had come to realize that using Kohaku's abilities would be in their best interest. Tenshi had rejected the idea at first, not wanting to tire down his fourth to much. But with some reassuring and persuading, his other two teammates managed to convince him that it was okay and Tenshi's only condition was that if Kohaku felt any fatigue at all, he was to drop all heaven powers he was using at the time and not use another again till Tenshi said different. Shima didn't understand it at first, wondering how Tenshi could have control over what powers Kohaku's used and when he used any of them. But all it took for her to understand was Tenshi raising one of his fingers, a barely visible white light on the end of it, and he had turned it to Kohaku as said boy was playing around with the fire. He poked the Hyuuga in the forehead suddenly, and all control Kohaku had on the fire vanished.

After a small wrestling match between the two boys, which really wasn't something they should have been doing as Riri had pointed out, Shima asked about how Kohaku could get fatigue. The boys indulged themselves in explaining to Shima the physical and mental strain heaven powers actually had. While it took no chakra, it still was tiring to use. It was a different type of energy they were using for heaven powers, one that was never visible to any type of eye besides an angels and not detectable by anyone but an angel. But it was energy none the less. Heaven powers were amazing and an advantage in many situations, but they weren't unbeatable and they did come with a price, just like chakra did and the demon chakra of a jinchuuriuki. So, with that information, Tenshi knew that using chakra and heaven powers at the same time could be pretty tiring, especially with the chakra usage for a kekkei genkai. So he made sure to limit Kohaku strictly.

"I found it's general location," the Hyuuga announced, dropping his arms and deactivating his blood line trait, "It's northwest from here, hidden more then likely in a mountain. Using the Byakugan and echolocation at the same time works a whole lot faster. I could see little details a whole lot easier." he explained to them, his echolocation slowly dying off.

"That's good. But still, remember what I said." Tenshi reminded the eldest of the group and Kohaku didn't hold back on rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." He grumbled, looking away from the angel. He was surprised though when he heard a soft chuckle and something soft touch his cheek. He looked back at the koneko, who was now moving on ahead. Kohaku smiled, touching the place on his cheek were Tenshi kissed him before following his two team mates.

-Team Wings-

Brown hair brushed across his face as Kohaku scanned the area, looking for anything that could hint to just where their door was. Tenshi stood a few yards away from him, up in a tree as he listened for anyone around them, his dark eyes closed in concentration. Shima looked around as Kohaku was doing, looking for any sign of a door. All the Ittans obediently sat under the tree Tenshi was in, making sure not to make a sound.

It hadn't taken long to get in the general area Kohaku spoke of before. They avoided any and all traps and threats and getting use to the random rumbling the ground would do, just thing that it was some of the other genin teams close by. They just wanted to get the second part of the exam over with. All three of them were a little on the tired side, not to mention they all smelt like cave men. They did wash up in the river more than once, but that still didn't make the smell go completely away. Though someone like Shima couldn't smell it, Tenshi sure could, and Kohaku made sure not to turn on his sense of smell heaven power.

"Oi," Shima suddenly said, her head arching up to look up the tall rock wall near them, "Look up there!" she pointed to a spot with heavy vegetation, where leaves and vines covered the wall area. She leaped up quickly towards the spot, using chakra to hold herself to the wall. She pulled out a kunai and started to cut at the vegetation. Kohaku and Tenshi moved closer, watching her with curious expressions.

"What is it, Shima?" Tenshi asked, leaning closer to Kohaku without realizing it and it seemed to please the older boy.

The girl didn't answer. But within a few moments, they heard her make a soft sound of triumph and she suddenly disappeared through the vegetation. The two boys looked at each other before quickly following after her. They landed on the wall around where she disappeared and they pulled some vines aside to look where she went. Shima face suddenly appeared right in front of Tenshi and they boy yelled out in surprise, nearly falling off the wall.

"Come on, guys! I found it." She cheered and disappeared back inside.

Kohaku glanced at Tenshi before grabbing his arm and pushing him through the vines and into a small cave in the inside of the mountain. The oldest member of the team looked back at the Ittans, giving them to choice to either follow or stand guard, and then he too disappeared inside the cave.

"This is it!" Shima yelled at the back of the cave. Tenshi squinted, the only light in the cave coming from the entrance, which was covered in vegetation. The cave was tall enough for them to stand in, but if Kohaku were to barely go on his tip toes his head would hit the ceiling of the cave. It was wider than the tunnel they had went through during the first exam, allowing two of them to stand next to each other with a little space in between and still not touch the walls. The cave was dry and the floor was smooth, hinting that it had been visited before.

Tenshi moved towards Shima's voice when he felt Kohaku at his back. Thankfully it didn't take long for his eyes to adjust to the lack of light and he was able to get to her quickly. She had her hands on a stone door that was the exact height as Kohaku with faded green and red markings on it. There were five deep circular niches eye level too Shima on the door and some of the red and green markings came off of them. There was a square niche that one could slip his hand into at waist level and Team Wings guessed it was the door handle. It was old and looked very heavy, but no one on the team was paying any attention to that.

"Here it is! We found it!" Shima cheered, clapping her hands together happily. Kohaku quickly started pulling out the orbs he held and the other two followed suit. Handing them all to Shima, the dark haired girl put them in color order into the niches. Red, blue, green, yellow, and then orange. They waited for a second and then Shima reached for the knob, pulling on it. But nothing happened. Their happy faces dropped and Kohaku dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

"You're kidding me." Tenshi groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Don't tell me there is more!"

"Did we miss something?" Shima muttered, putting her hand to her chin in thought. Kohaku scowled suddenly, glancing at Tenshi in irritation.

"We don't have to solve a riddle, do we?" he asked sarcastically and Tenshi eyed him in a little amusement. Shima cocked an eyebrow in confusion at the two boys, but brushed it off in favor of figuring out what was wrong with the door.

She pulled them out and put them back in, tried turning them and even pushing chakra through them, but nothing worked. She gave a frustrated groan and gave it up to Tenshi, who studied the door.

"Why the hell does this have to be so hard?!"

-Team Wings: Forty minutes later-

Kohaku blew at his one rebel piece of hair that hung in the middle of his forehead in boredom as he felt the ground shake again. Six times. He blew at his one piece of hair again, crossing his eyes to watch it move, Six times since we got in here. What the hell is making that rumble anyway? He thought exasperatingly, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. He was sitting at the entrance to the cave, waiting for Tenshi and Shima to figure out something. Kohaku didn't feel like trying to figure it out himself because every time he tried, he just got frustrated and couldn't stop thinking about the time when he and Tenshi went to find the ten'yo. He half expected a random riddle to pop out of nowhere. So he kept himself from doing anything and instead listened for approaching genin.

Shima sat against the wall of the cave, writing down notes on their dilemma. Every once and a while she would looked up to see how Tenshi was doing or when the ground shook she would glance to the cave entrance. The youngest raven was staring with his arms folded over his chest at the door. He had tried the Sharingan on the door, to see if there was any hint of chakra on it, but he got nothing. He questioned Datenshi and Chuushin about it, but got nothing from them either. It frustrated the Uchiha but he tried not to show it. He needed a level head and throwing a fit would get them nowhere. But every time the rumbling would start, he would turn towards the cave entrance for a minute with his brow furrowed. He would stare longer than necessary, and then have to pull his attention back to the task at hand.

"Where do you think these rumblings are coming from?" Kohaku asked, not looking back at his teammates at all.

"I don't know. Other genin I guess or someone ran into a trap that now everyone's screwed over because of." Tenshi said in a detached tone, too busy eying the door before him.

"I heard there was a legend of a beast who lives under ground around here." Shima said, not bothering to look up from her notes as she spoke, "No one really know what it is, and some people think there is more than one. But they say it's a huge creature that eats chakra and was a pawn of a mob member back in the second Hokage's life time." She told them. Tenshi and Kohaku both looked at her.

"Really?" the angel asked and she nodded, finally looking up at them.

"It's sad that they sealed in here because they couldn't really kill it. And there are times during such events like this exam and tournament that he wakes up, because he can feel all the chakra."

Kohaku shook his head, turning back to looking out the cave.

"Then let's just hope it's nothing like that."Kohaku mumbled and the other two members of Team Wings shrugged and continued with what they were doing before.

"Colors, symbols… I don't get it! What is it that we are getting wrong?" Tenshi muttered, tapping his foot in annoyance, "What's the order they are looking for?"

Shima's eyes widened at his words as something came to her slowly. She jumped to her feet with a start and dropped the scroll in her lap, moving towards Tenshi quickly.

"Tenshi, I think I got it!" she hollered and Tenshi's head whipped around to look at her.


"Yeah," she got beside him and took out the orbs from the niches, "She showed us the orbs in a certain order, right?" Tenshi nodded and Kohaku looked back at the two of them from the entrance, listening to Shima's information, "Well, do you remember when they called our team names and we gave them those forms? How they looked up our names and gave us a specific colored orb? What if that is the orb we have to start with?" she asked. Tenshi blinked and slowly his face lit up.

"Oh, you mean what if that colored orb we got is the start of ours and we go in the order from there. So it would be…" he thought for a second, before grinning widely, "Blue, green, yellow, orange and then red!"

Shima quickly put them in the order Tenshi said and both of them jumped when the first one lit up. They yelled out in victory and high five each other. Tenshi then tried to open the door, but it didn't budge.

"Nani?!" Shima squawked, waving her arms and nearly hitting Tenshi in the face, "But that had to have worked!"

"But only one of them is lit up…" Tenshi mumbled. They both frowned, about to take the orbs out when Kohaku shot up from his spot.

"Wait you two. Think about it, we put the colors in that order, right?" he asked them, pushing in between them so he could see the door, "She showed us the symbols in an order too, so they must have to be in order as well."

"So, you're saying that the color and the symbol have to be in the order from which orb we started with?" Tenshi asked. Kohaku didn't respond. Instead he pulled all them out save for the first one. Then he pulled out their extras and started looking for a green one with a butterfly on it. But they didn't have one, so he started to look for a yellow with fire which they did have. He placed it in the third niche and it lit up like the first one. Then he looked for an orange with water, but they didn't have that. So a red with a flower was next and luckily they had that one thanks to Xixi who had found it hidden in a tree the day before. He placed it in the last niche and it lit up as well.

"That's it!" Shima exclaimed, "We figured it out!"

"Yes!" Tenshi cheered, reaching over and grabbing Shima by the shoulders, "Thank you Shima-chan! You're so smart." The Uchiha cooed and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. She giggled; blushing at the koneko's excited affection.

The angel then let her go and through his arms around his fourths neck, grinning madly, "And thank you, jaa'ku, for figuring out the symbols. You are awesome." he leaded forward and kissed the older boy on the lips in a hyper manner, barely holding back from bouncing on his toes the whole time.

He released the older male suddenly and zipped past his team mates. He headed for the entrance of the cave, excitement in his every step.

Kohaku blinked in surprise from the kiss, touching his lips gently, "Hey, I'm going to be awesome more often if that is the reward I get." He muttered, turning around when Shima laughed.

"Come on guys! Let's go get those other orbs!" Tenshi yelled, leaping out of the cave. Kohaku's eyes widened in panic and he chased after the young male.

"Tenshi, you idiot! Don't run off like that; it's dangerous!" he shouted, following his boyfriend out of the cave. Shima rolled her green eyes, quickly removing all the orbs and pocketing them. She then took off after her crazy teammates, just as excited as Tenshi was over the fact that they were one step closer to finishing the exam.

-Team Wings: Day Five-

"Well, this has been too easy." Kohaku muttered, eying the team setting up camp from behind the branches and leaves of a thick tree.

"Only reason it was easy is because that rabbit had the green with butterfly in his mouth when we caught him." Shima said back, healing a cut on her arm. She glanced over at the team they were watching and rolled her eyes when they didn't feel her chakra.

"Where the hell is that idiot, anyway?" Kohaku grumbled, eyes darting around to try and locate Tenshi, "He's late."

Shima patted his back, "Don't worry; he'll be here in a minute."

A loud scream shot through the air then making Shima grin while Kohaku frowned.

"Well, speak of the devil!" she giggled, turning her attention to the scene in front of her.

Tenshi stood blinking rapidly in a surprised manner at the girl not a few feet away from him who looked like she had seen a ghost. Both the boys on the team turned quickly to see what she screamed about and immediately reached for weapons. Tenshi eyed them wearily, a cat like grin on his face.

"Where the hell did you come from?" barked the girl, her voice raised an octave from being scared. Tenshi turned back to her, grinning widely.

"From the trees, duh." He chirped, bouncing on the heels of his feet happily. One of the two boys frowned.

"What do you want?" he growled, pulling out a kunai and shoving it in Tenshi's direction. Tenshi turned back to him, smiling widely.

"Nothing bad," the angel remarked, reaching into his pocket, "I'm here to make a trade."

The other team eyed him, glancing at each other in confusion. They didn't look like they trusted Tenshi and the girl still looked a little shaken as she inched away from the Uchiha. But their eyes all widened as Tenshi pulled out a green orb with the water symbol on it.

"That's the one we need…" one of the boy's said, his weapon lowering for a moment. Tenshi nodded, his grin growing.

"You have the orange with water that me and my team needs. And I have the green with water that you need." Tenshi's amusement was in his voice, as if this entire situation was funny, or maybe just the flow of thoughts in the teams heads were what Tenshi thought was funny.

The other team shifted uncomfortably, the first boy who still had his kunai in Tenshi's direction couldn't take his eyes off the orb. It was obvious that they really wanted to orb in Tenshi's hand, but were unsure about Tenshi himself.

"How do we know that's not a fake?" one of the boys asked, eyes narrowing at Tenshi. Tenshi turned his eyes to him, twirling the orbs between his fingers.

"Look at it yourself." He shrugged, tossing it over to the boy. He scrambled to catch it, not expecting the angel to toss it too him. Both of the other two moved closer to their team mate, to see for themselves if the orb was real or not.

After a long moment of silence, the boy holding the orb looked up at the Uchiha.

"It's real…" he muttered.

The three members of the team looked at each other and then back at Tenshi. They all seemed to be contemplating something and then without a word to each other, the other boy stepped in front of the boy that had the orb.

"Why would a shinobi willingly hand over the orb we need before we gave him the one he wanted?" he asked and Tenshi just watched him in amusement, "That seems rather foolish to me." He turned his body a little, his two team mates behind him spreading their feet like they were ready to jump, "We could easily high tail it out of here and not give you a thing."

Tenshi's left eyebrow twitched and he nodded his head in agreement, grin still fully fledged on his face. He made no aggressive moves; there was no tensing of his muscles or anything. He was just calm and relaxed as ever. He watched as they made a move to distract him and make a run for it. But before they could do any of that, Tenshi snorted and rolled his neck. The team, thinking he was about to attack, through a kunai at him. He didn't flinch or wince at all as the kunai suddenly stopped right in front of his face.

Good job, Riri. Tenshi thought, his grin slowly turning into a smirk.

The other team stared at him and the floating kunai in shock, taking a step back.

"H-How are you do-doing that?!" the girl gasped, pointing to the kunai.

"Now, I know you aren't going to leave without giving me the other orb." Tenshi said, ignoring what the female said. He flicked his hand in the air and Kohaku knew it to be the signal. Suddenly, the ground shook slightly and walls of earth came up around them, blocking the other team's way out.

The team looked around in surprise, panic and fear already starting to form in their eyes. Tenshi didn't want to scare them; he just wanted to block their way out. So he was quick to move forward, grab the kunai from the air in front of him and hold out his hand to them.

"Just give me the orb, will you?" he said, expression turning to annoyance, "My team mates are in the trees waiting. We don't mean any harm and we don't want to fight. We're tired and it seems like you are too. Just let us have the orb and we'll leave you alone."

They eyed each other before the boy that Tenshi had given the orb to reached into his pocket and pulled out the one they needed.

"Here," he tossed it over to the angel, who caught it with one hand, "It's the real one. Feel free to check it."

Tenshi turned the orange with water in his hands, inspecting it closely. After a moment he grinned, tossing it into the air and catching it.

"It's real!" he called out loudly. The walls came down after that and the other team relaxed, sighing aloud.

Tenshi turned back to them, bowing.

"Thank you for this trade." He said respectfully, smiling sweetly at them. They blinked in surprise before nodding and bowing back.

Suddenly, there was a very loud and deep rumble, like many that had happened before. Tenshi tensed, looking over his shoulder to the west with a furrowed brow. It was much stronger and louder than before. Almost like the source of it was getting closer…

"Tenshi!" Kohaku yelled out, suddenly landing a few yards away from Tenshi and the other team, "We've got to go! That rumbling has gotten stronger. It was coming from the west while we were coming from the north in the beginning." He said and Tenshi's eyes narrowed, "But, if you didn't notice, last night it changed directions and started coming southwest. And when we changed directions this morning it changed too. Aren't we going north?"

Tenshi nodded, understanding what Kohaku was implying.

"Now it's coming north!" Shima yelled, landing next to Kohaku with the Ittans, "We think it's following something…."

"Possibly following us or we are just in the same path as whoever it is following." Kohaku finished and Tenshi scowled, glancing back to the south, "So it's coming this way."

"Coming this way?" the girl on the other team exclaimed, quickly starting to grab some of their stuff, "Then we have to get out of here too."

The boy with the orb immediately started helping her pack up, but the other one glanced at them and then continued to eye Team Wings. He stared at them suspiciously, his body slowly tensing.

"Why is the thing causing the rumbling coming after you three?" he asked, taking a step closer to his teammates.

"We don't know. We're not even sure if it is following us." Kohaku answered in an annoyed snap, "And if it is, it could be because of our chakra. Or it's a summons pet and is after certain people."

"Well, let's not stick around to find out," Shima said, turning back to the trees, Mimi and Riri at her heels. The other boy turned to help his team quickly as a louder, closer rumbling came and Kohaku started to turn to leave. But the two oldest members of Team Wings froze as they realized that the youngest of the team was not moving.

"Baka, come on." Kohaku urged, scowling at the youngest Uchiha. But the angel didn't move. He was staring off in the direction of the rumblings, his dark eyes narrowed, "Tenshi." Kohaku growled, about to move over to the young boy and drag him away.

"It feels…. Strange." The koneko muttered, frowning deeply, "It's not a normal creature. More like…" he trailed off as the ground shook again, birds quickly flying out of the trees. It was then that Tenshi noticed how quiet it had been, the only noises being from the other team and his own. Now it was silent besides the rumbling and the six shinobi's actions.

The other team through their traveling packs over their backs and turned to Team Wings, watching them in confusion.

"Are you guys going to go?" the girl asked, seeming concerned for them.

Shima nodded her head, but the two boys on her team didn't move. Kohaku continued to watch Tenshi closely and the angel kept looking back south. She stomped her foot in annoyance, about to yell at her team mates when a rumbling became so loud and so hard that it made almost all of them stumbled and yell out in surprise. It seemed that whatever was causing the rumbling was now less than a mile away.

The other team took off in a hurry; one of the boys yells that Team Wings should get out of there fast. Kohaku moved forward, grabbing his angel's arm and pulling him. He yelled at the Uchiha, calling him a complete idiot and Tenshi tore his eyes away from the direction of the rumbling to look at his fourth. He opened his mouth to say something when a sudden strong wave of demonic chakra zipped up his spine from the ground below him. It was strong and core shaking and made the Uchiha gasp. Kohaku seemed to feel it too because he froze in his tracks. Then not seconds after that moment was there the loud crack of a tree breaking, a crash and then the deafening sound of the ground cracking and breaking. The ground shook and all three shinobi had to push chakra to their feet to keep their balance.

Shima gasped loudly and both boys looked away from the crack ground beneath them to see what she gasped about. Tenshi tensed up immediately and Kohaku scowled in annoyance.

In front of Shima coming up out of the ground was a huge black and yellow viper. It towered over them in great height as it raised its head to look down on them. They got glimpses of sharp, long fangs every time the vipers tongue would dart out for a second, giving them all chills. Chakra was coming off of it in waves and a killing intent was thick in the air suddenly with its appearance. Yellow silted eyes narrowed in on Shima before slowly moving to the two boys only a few yards away. Its eyes seemed to flash and the killing intent got stronger but none of the genin moved, knowing better then to make any rash movements for fear that the giant reptile would attack. It lowered its head down and slithered forward a bit, part of its silky body nearly touching Shima. It paused before the boys, eyeing them before his tongue darted out, tasting the air right around them. It hissed darkly after that, showing its long, poisons fangs more towards the humans.

It moved its head forward, nearly bumping his nose against Tenshi.

So it was tracking us. Kohaku thought, shifting his weight on the balls of his feet so he could make a quick get away when the time was right. He glanced at Tenshi, noticing how the other male stared almost straight at the snake.

Wait... Kohaku blinked, glancing between Tenshi and the viper, Wasn't Tenshi scared of snakes once...?

He opened his mouth to ask the angel, when Shima yelled out and the snake snapped straight towards them. They both moved quickly, jumping out of the way and Kohaku was grateful that he saw Shima land not to far away on a tree.

His sharp eyes scanned the area as quick as he could, barely noting how Tenshi was only a few yards away from him before the viper struck again. Kohaku was forced to move farther to the side and nearly fell back when the snake pasted him, moving quickly like it was trying to get toward a target.

Kohaku's eyes widened and his head whipped around to find his male teammate, seeing the Uchiha barely stand still as the viper tried to get him. The vipers tongue flicked out every other second, like tasting the air, but he noticed a hint of chakra on the vipers tongue. His brow furrowed. Why was there chakra on his tongue...?

"Kohaku!" Tenshi yelled, jumping up near a tree, "It's chakra sensitive. Its attracted to huge amounts of chakra!" he yelled. Kohaku's eyes widened.

"You mean like he wants to eat you?!" he yelled out, watching his teammate carefully.

"More like his chakra." Riri suddenly said from below Kohaku.

"Chakra eatting monster!" Shima yelled in a matter-of-fact voice. Kohaku rolled his eyes, watching as Tenshi landed on the ground and nearly had a stand off with the viper.

"How do we beat it?" Kohaku asked and Rini just shrugged.

"You're asking me?" he snorted and Kohaku frowned at the golden wolf.

Kohaku then pushed forward, deciding that he'll try to attack the snake when he wasn't paying attention to him to see what it does. But as he moved to do it, the vipers body suddenly moved, snapping towards him and barely missing his legs as he jumped in the air. It messed him up though, and he fell on his back as he landed.

Tenshi, alarmed by the sudden movement, yelled out and made a move to run over to his fourth when a body slammed into him, knocking him off to the side. A loud crash and the sound of breaking trees rumbled through the area as Tenshi slid back, sharp eyes looking to see what happened. He gasped, dark eyes widening when he saw Shima not far from where he had been, pushed up against and tree and struggling to get up. She had slammed into him, knocking him out of the way of the vipers attack.

"Shima!" He called out her name stepping forward to run to her when a very sharp pain stung his ankle. He looked down, shaking his leg with a soft yell as a small white snake sunk its fangs into his skin. He reached down, yanking the snake away and hissing at it as a cat would. He tossed it off to the side, hissing more as he turned his attention back to getting to his female teammate.

But his legs suddenly locked and wouldn't move. His muscles burned and ached as he tried to move them, but nothing would happen. He reached down to pull on his own leg to get it to move, suddenly panicking on the inside.

What the heck?! He yelled mentally, pulling harder. But his legs wouldn't budge. It was like they were... paralyzed...

Tenshi's eyes widened as his head whipped up to look for Kohaku, "Kohaku! I can't move!" he called out in a panic.

Hearing his angels call, Kohaku cursed, scrambling to get up. He wanted to run to Tenshi, but decided it would be better to get the snakes attention away from the Uchiha. Flaring out his chakra, Kohaku beckoned the viper over to him, using his large amount of chakra to tease the giant reptile. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the vipers tail move as it put its attention on him, and the ground start to suddenly crack and move. His eyes widened and he came to a realization right before Shima yelled it out.

"It's almost like a ninja snake! It can control its chakra to do ninjutsu!" she yelled out, finally managing to stand with Mimi's help. Nodding to what Shima said, Kohaku kicked up and into the air, narrowly avoiding a rock shooting up to hit him. As he stumbled to get away from the rocks, the Viper turned to look at Tenshi who was fussing with trying to get his legs to move. It hissed at Tenshi, its eyes seeming to grow intelligent and a crack started to form around Tenshi, like the ground was going to split open underneath the boy.

Kohaku saw this, pale eyes going panicked when Tenshi didn't seem to notice what was happening. Making another move to get to Tenshi, the vipers tail suddenly smacked down in front of him, knocking him slightly off balance and delaying his movement. It was just enough for the snake too, as the ground started to split open, starting to pull away like sliding doors as if to make Tenshi fall through it and into a deep hole.

The angel himself jolted and the shaking of the ground, finally looking around him to see what was going on. He could feel Chuushin and Datenshi panicking in his mind and he struggled to make his legs move. Channeling chakra didn't seem to work, nor would his healing powers work on it either. The ground was splitting and sinking in a perfect, wide circle around him and if he didn't hurry, he would fall into the hole and he didn't know if he could turn on his power to stop his fall, since his healing ability didn't seem to work at all.

He beat his fist down on one of his legs, starting to breath heavy in panic, "Move you stupid thing!" he yelled, trying with all he had to make his legs move in some way. But they remained frozen.

His body jerked when he felt the ground drop down a little below him, almost causing him to fall over. He took that second to look around him again, noticing how the snake was keeping Kohaku back and how Shima couldn't seem to keep her own feet under her on her own. He then looked up at the viper, gulping as it stared right at him. He hated snakes.

Suddenly, the ground jerked again and it sunk deeper. He glanced down, letting out a yelp at how the ground was splitting open right next to him. Pounded his fist on his leg again, Tenshi felt himself lose some of his balance. He heard Kohaku yell his name and the deafening sounds of the ground quickly breaking apart, falling and cracking open. He panicked to grab on to something, when he felt a heavy, strong, warm thing slam into his side, knocking him off his balance and sending him crashing into a tree not too far from him, landing harshly on the ground.

Tenshi shook his head, wondering what the heck hit him. He opened his eyes, quickly looking to where he once was and his eyes widened in shock at a head of familiar silver hair peaking over the ledge of the huge hole the snake had just created mere seconds ago.

"Xixi!" he called out, seeing the strong hand of his mouse Ittan's human form holding onto the ledge. He let out a frustrated yell when he couldn't move to the ledge to help his Ittan, who was struggling to pull himself up the ledge.

Kohaku, having enough of the Viper, pulled out a kunai and stabbed it into its tail, making the snake hiss loudly. Taking advantage of that moment distraction, he ran over to the hole, glad to see Tenshi was away from it but alarmed at Xixi's state, "Hang on Xi!" he called, trying to focus on his earth powers. But the snake made the ground around the hole give a strong, harsh jerk and the mouse Ittan's hand slipped. Quickly trying to take control of the earth, Kohaku watched with wide eyes as the Ittans hand completely slipped off and the silver haired Ittan started to fall down into the hole.

"Xixi!" Tenshi cried out, trying to pick himself up on his arms. Only hearing Tenshis cry, Kohaku's eyes narrowed. Acting purely on impulse, he dove forward and into the hole, making a grab at Xixi. At the same time, he pull a slab of earth up to land on. But as he was about to grab Xixi, the ground shook harder than it had before and his earth slab gave way.

Tenshi couldn't see anything. All he saw was his fourth dive into the hole and then the viper slam its tail against the ground. He struggled to sit up, only to freeze when the ground shook again and he watched in surprise as the once open ground suddenly started coming shut faster than it had opened.

"Ah crap!" he yelled, trying to at least drag himself across the ground with his arms, "K'haku!" he yelled, but the ground jolted one more time as it shut and he stared at where the hole once was, panic starting to settle in more.

Hearing a loud hiss not far from him, Tenshi turned his head to the large snake, glaring at it. "What the heck kind of thing are you and what do you want?!" he yelled at it, feeling his Sharingan burn at his eyes. It was acting way to smart just to want to eat their chakra. It would have just tried to get one of them in its mouth. But instead, the snake seemed to want to do more with them, if purposely closing the top of the hole on Kohaku and Xixi was anything to go by.

The Viper hissed at him again as it approached, smart eyes narrowed onto Tenshi as if thinking of what to do next. It reared its head back, looking like it was about to strike at Tenshi, when an few shuriken hit it in the side of the head.

"Hey you stupid snake!" Shima yelled, pulling more kunai and shuriken out to throw at the snake, "Over here!" her eyes darted over to Tenshi, giving him a look that clearly meant for him to try to find away to get away. Tenshi scowled at her, shaking his head roughly.

"Ugh, Tenshi!" she yelled, clearly annoyed, "Kohaku is already down underneath us, hell knows where! You need to get somewhere safe. It's clearly after you!"

"I'm not leaving here. Don't ask of such stupid things!" the angel called back to her, still making an effort to stand. The Viper its self had its attention on Shima and the four other Ittans. Riri glanced back at the humans, before growling lowly and taking that time to attack the snake with his own power. Lifting rocks from the ground a good size, Rir through them at the snake, causing the thing to close its eyes to shield them from the onslaught.

Shima, seeing a perfect time as the Viper was distracted, ran over to Tenshi and grabbed his arm, pulling him to his feet. They stumbled to get Tenshi up right, the angel constantly looking back at where the hole had disappeared, "We'll find him." she said to the angel. He nodded distractedly, dark eyes full of worry.

Shima pulled on his arm, trying to drag him further into the safety of the trees. "Shima, its dangerous--" Tenshi started, grunting with the effort to move his legs. He could somewhat feel them again, but getting them to move seemed impossible.

A loud hiss sounded near them and both shinobi turned their heads in time to only see a large tail coming there way. Shima wasn't fast enough to move them, and the tail smacked into her, sending her back into a tree, her head colliding with the base of it. Tenshi let out a yell in surprise, barely being able to see what happened to Shima before he felt the tail wrapped itself around him, constricting his way of breathing.

"Damn it!" he heard Riri yell and Tenshi's now once more Sharingan eyes glared up at the snake, who was staring at him despite the rocks it was getting pelted with.

'How...' the angel grimance, trying to control his breathing as he thought, 'How do you defeat something like this?' If one of the demons in him answered, he didn't hear them as he was slammed back into the ground by the snake, its tail still wrapped around him in a tight hold. He tried to flare his chakra to see if he could burn the Viper, but it didn't work. His head was pounding from the force at which he hit the ground and he squirmed in its hold.

"Riri!" he called out, knowing he wouldn't be able to break out on his own. But the Viper, sensing Tenshi was calling for help, hissed loudly and suddenly turned its head to the ground. Tenshi's eyes widened and he struggled more as he figured out what it as going to go. He broke his arms free of the snakes hold, digging his shape nails into the tail, "Oh no you don't!" he yelled, clawing at the slick skin of the reptile. But the Viper slammed its head into the ground, making a big hole to burrow through. Tenshi reached his hands out, trying to grab the ground as the snake dove through the hole, trying to slip free of the beast and not go down with it. The viper was just too strong though and all his nails did was drag uselessly across the ground, dirt and rocks getting under his nails.

The last thing he saw before the darkness of the hole overtook him was a knocked out Shima against a tree and a certain golden haired wolf running towards to hole in hopes to save him.

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