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Chapter One: Altered Path

It was finished. The madness was over.

As the Decepticons vanished into the horizon, Spike knew that it was finally over, that he had made amends for his treachery… for his insane, stupid act of treason. He had been a fool to believe what that louse Megatron had to say, but his state of mind at the time had been questionable at best - questionable enough for him to trust the ones responsible for his current… condition. Such a blunder he had committed, such a betrayal of his people and his friends. The Autobots were soon standing around him, even as their mortal foes disappeared beyond where the eye could see. Before Spike stood a being he had maligned so horribly it made him sick to his nonexistent stomach.

"You… you saved my life, son. Thanks." Spike mentally cringed at the thanks. Why was he being thanked? Why wasn't Sparkplug denouncing his son for his actions?

"Dad… it was me who put you in danger in the first place." His voice quavered with emotion as the human-turned-Autobot knelt down before his father, his hodgepodge of a body creaking and clanking with each movement, "Can you ever forgive me?" He did not expect forgiveness, even as he offered his huge metal hand to his father… the father his misguidance and misplaced anger had almost gotten killed. To Spike's his shock and joy, Sparkplug looked up at his transformed son and patted the hand in reassurance.

"Spike… there's nothing to forgive," he spoke gently as he gazed up into the blue optics that currently belonged to his one and only offspring.

It was funny in a way; Autobot X had already been his "son" in a sense, and was now even more so as its junk born body housed his true son's mind. Spike's metal face wore a huge smile now. If he had been able, he would have been crying at his father's forgiveness. Instead of saying anything he kneeled further so that his shoulder was level with Sparkplug as he attempted to give the man a hug. It was a comical sight, but the message it sent disallowed any observers to the event the right to laugh. It was the sign of forgiveness, of reconciliation even after the unspeakable almost occurred.

He was a fool, this much Spike knew of himself. He was always a bit dull, a bit too daring for his own good… at some level he had wondered what it would be like to be like one of his large robotic friends. Now that he knew… it made him all the more eager to return to his original body. Despite the power behind the Frankenstein monster of a body that was Autobot-X… it just wasn't him. Right now he wanted to collect his real body, return to it, and forget that this whole mess had occurred.

As if his mind had been read, a blue hand placed itself on Spike's shoulder. "We all share Sparkplug's thoughts on this matter, Spike. Now, let's head back to the hospital. By now the doctors should be done, and we will return your mind to your body as soon as possible."

Spike now grinned, breaking the oversized hug that he had his father in and standing up. "Sounds like a plan Prime." A tiny yellow form made its way over to Spike, leaning casually against a huge metal leg.

"So, Spike… aside from that little bout with insanity, how'd you like being an Autobot?" the bug grinned up at his now gargantuan friend. Spike looked down at his friend, still smiling.

"Well, not including the pain from the headaches... not bad. I actually kinda liked being able to fly." There was a wistful tone in his as he spoke of this ability. It was perhaps the only thing about this incident he hadn't regretted… being able to lift himself in the air like a bird, free of all constraints and limitations. He sighed heavily. "But, I'll most cherish the fact that for once… it was ME looking down at YOU." He grinned wryly down at the minibot spy, who returned the grin and punched Spike's leg playfully.

"Aw come on Spike, don't you start in on that. Bad enough I look up at everyone at Ark, I don't need to contend with looking up to you too…"

As he soared through the skies, Megatron was sure of one thing. He was angry. No, scratch that; he was furious. His face, naturally a dark scowl, somehow intensified its unpleasant appearance even further. At this point, it was a mask of cold rage. His plans… once again his plans had been foiled! And all because of that… that aberration! That stinking fool child masquerading as a cybertronnian had managed ruin everything. That wretched abomination…

In his memory banks, Megatron could see the human, Spike Witwicky, at the sidelines or at the front, cheering on the Autobots. Always there, like some perverse mascot… and always, ALWAYS finding a way to help spoil things. This time he had gone too far. Megatron had offered him a step up in life, a life free of the pitiful constrains of his organic breed. But no… in the moment of truth he revealed his weakness when he turned Megatron's power against his own warriors. Something had to be done about that human…

"Well 'mighty' Megatron, once again your scheme has blown up in your face. If you had listened to me to begin with…" Megatron almost cringed at the sound of Starscream's voice. Almost. He had gotten used to the Air Commander's grating voice and his scathing attempts to get under Megatron's armor long before coming to this planet. He tuned out the rest of the rant, too engorged in the idea of making the human suffer for this latest humiliation.

Idly, his optics wandered around the planet below him, the buildings and trees and rivers almost blurring together under the lazy gaze of the Decepticon tyrant. Feh, this planet… he would be SO glad when it was drained dry of its resources and its sentient inhabitants were enslaved. His mulling over the Earth was cut short when a building came within range of his optics. It was a hospital… and not just any hospital! It was the one that was housing Spike's body! His unconscious, human body… the wheels began to turn in Megatron's mind as his cruel imagination took hold and grew.

"The rest of you will head back to base. I have some matters to attend to…" Megatron bellowed out, suddenly making a dive for the medicinal facility. Any protests were not heard by the warlord, and apparently his troopers were wise enough this day to heed his orders as the continued on their way to the Decepticon home base… while Megatron maintained his course to the hospital.

He knew time was of the essence. Those scrapheap Autobots would be here soon… he burst through the ceiling, rubble and wreckage following in his wake. As the hospital visitors screamed and ran and did all they could to get away from the metallic monster that had just crashed in, Megatron took the quick approach. Looking around intently for a doctor, he was rewarded by the sight of one such person, an older man trying to herd out the younger patients.

Megatron's massive obsidian hand shot out and snatched up the unfortunate man, sending his charges shrieking in all directions as they tried to get away. He was gripped tight, or at least as tight as he could manage without exerting the force necessary to crush the human physician into a pulp. Forcing the man to face him in the optic, Megatron snarled as he gave his demand.

"WITWICKY! Where is he!?!" came a bellow, his voice more a roar then anything else.

The near-deafened man, perhaps terrified so completely that he couldn't even stutter, pointed shakily down the hall, to one of the wards.

"Ward C, room 304. But, why…?" Having heard what he needed to hear; Megatron wordlessly dropped his captive to the floor and made his way down the hall.

As he neared the mentioned door, the memories of that annoying human pest began to grow stronger and stronger. And, with the strength of the memories, so too did the strength of Megatron's fury grow. He stood before the door for a moment, as if savoring some hard fought victory at getting to it. That lasted only until he simply FORCED his way past the wall, the concrete and steel structure collapsing against him like dried out clay.

On the bed, lying peacefully in deep slumber was Spike - or at least, his mindless body. He looked so… at ease. So contented. Not a care in the universe… this made the energon in Megatron's body boil. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy this part.

He aimed his cannon-baring arm….

So, little Spike likes Autobots, does he?

A sinister bright pink glow radiated deep from the heart of the weapon…

Well then, if he likes them so much, he can STAY an Autobot…

The familiar alien whine of the fusion cannon being charged up was heard as the first crackling sparks of plasma energy appeared at its tip…


He opened fire.