There was a reason Jackie Burkhart was so pushy. She liked getting what she wanted and almost always got it. But in the case of Steven Hyde, she'd grown used to not getting what she wanted. The feeling of actually acting like an adult was starting to grow on her. She liked it, she really did. Plus, she didn't want to be alone anymore than she had to be. She found family in her friends and was determined not to lose them like she had her mother and father.

But one day, everything changed. A home pregnancy test showed her that her worst fears had come to life. If Steven knew she was pregnant, he would run as far as fast as he could. But the thought persisted, 'If she could get him to commit first, his honor wouldn't allow him to leave.'

So she'd started pushing, and pushing. When it became clear he had no intentions of committing anything soon, if ever, she almost gave up. Made up some story about a job in Chicago in hopes of breaking him out of his commitment phobia. It hadn't worked. So she packed up and left, taking the one person who'd always understood her.

But instead of making her feel better, he'd ruined everything. All because he decided that she needed a ride on the Kelso love machine. She'd never been closer to murder in her entire life. She was glad Steven had run him off, because if he hadn't, she be in the Women's Correctional Facility Beauty Pageant. Winning, of course.

Steven had left, and she went to Chicago even though there wasn't anything there for her. Spent a few months moping, the life inside her the only thing keeping her from diving into a deep depression. But as her pregnancy got further along, the more hopeful she became.

Maybe she had gone about it all wrong. Steven would be a wonder father. He was a loving and good person. He might be surprised that she was carrying his child, but then he would be happy and they could start their family, she wouldn't even pressure him into marrying her again until after the baby was born. By then, he would surely want to marry her anyway.

So she went back home, and was disappointed to find that he wasn't there. Hadn't been there at all since that hotel in Chicago. When he finally showed up at home, she'd never been more happy to see anyone. He looked, well, not exactly happy to see her, but he didn't seem to be angry anymore.

She'd been hopeful for a reconciliation, but when his wife showed up on the Foreman's doorstep, her world had fallen out from under her. He was already married, to a stripper nonetheless. Her pain had been immediate, and paralyzing. It had been a miracle that she had made it out of the house. But she hadn't made it far before she collapsed.

Mrs. Foreman had found her an hour later, curled up in pain, in the middle of a miscarriage. Even in the middle of her pain, she'd made Mrs. Foreman promise not to tell anyone. She's signed herself out the next day, against medical advice. Spent the whole day drinking her ass off. Had been lucky the combination of alcohol and pain meds hadn't killed her.

She couldn't remember anything the next day, except one thing. Her name had been Katherine.