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Fic #06; Challenge #11 'Storm'

Calleigh stood in the annex, enjoying the view of the stormy Miami skyline. The city never did anything by halves, and a thunder storm was no exception. The usually vibrant and colourful vista was now in pitch black, save for the frequent flash of lightening.

She was definitely thankful for the lightning. Not only would it correct the horribly humid weather they'd been experiencing, but it kept the looters at bay. Criminals saw a black-out as a free pass with extra five-finger-discounts because of the lack of alarm systems, but few dared to venture out in a full-blown light show.

The door swung shut, Horatio appearing at her side to witness the darkened city. She spun to him with childhood glee etched across her features; her fingers swinging on the pendant around her neck. "Everything working?" she asked as another flash of light shone, quickly turning in hope of seeing the zig-zag of electricity.

"The generator has kicked in, powering most machines and emergency lights," he managed to say before a deep rumble of thunder fought for the attention.

Calleigh nodded, "What about the evidence lockers?"

"Separate generator - working fine."

She smiled, all there was left to do was wait out the storm.

A crack of lightening ripped into the sky.

"You like the storms?" Horatio asked, catching a glimpse of her sparkling eyes in the brief illumination.

She responded with another child-like grin. "When I was a kid? My Grandma told me that thunder," as if commanded, a clap of thunder rolled by, "was just God moving his furniture. For years, I though He was an interior designer." She rolled her eyes at her naivety. "When my brother was younger, we told him God was in a rock band and that He played drums. Got him to Church on a Sunday," she grinned with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "What about you? What was you told as a child?"

He cast his eyes to the streak of electricity. "Men aren't scared." Thunder cut off a chance of reply, but made the words resound in both listeners minds.

Calleigh gently squeezed his arm, asking no questions, knowing the topic was as no-go as her own. "One thing is for sure, tomorrow is going to be gorgeous. Fresh, crisp and cooler. A new era. God, you have to love thunderstorms."

"They're one of my favourite things."

"Oh, Lord, you just had to say it!" Calleigh giggled at Horatio's smug smile as another flash lit up Miami, instantly followed by the percussion fanfare.