(Chapter 1)

The very first part of this story is loosely based on a vampire story I read where she tried to summon a ghost and found a vampire.

Jaime Morton walked through the old mansion looking for orbs of ghosts. She couldn't believe she was here. She knew nothing about ghosts or how to summon them, except what she'd read in a book from Barnes & Noble. It had been a month since her dreams began and they led her to this house to find a man. Jaime knew he had to be dead, because in her dreams it was the 1800's and he was being attacked by a mob of men. She made her way to the second floor and began to go from room to room.

"Come out, come out wherever you are…" she found herself mumbling, slapping her forehead soon after. "Like talking to them will make them come out dumb ass."

"Who come out?" She heard a deep voice say from behind her.

She jumped and turned quickly seeing the man from her dreams standing there. He was 6'10", at least 300 pounds. He had shoulder-length dark red hair and mesmerizing green eyes. Instead of wearing a dressy suit as in her dreams, he wore a pair of jeans and a jean shirt, buttoned except the top three buttons.

'Wow he's sexy for a dead guy.' Jaime thought.

'Who said I was dead?' She heard his voice shoot through her head.

She was surprised and hot suddenly. She felt darkness erupt through her and she hit the floor.

When she opened her eyes she was laying on a bed, a strange bed. She stood and tried the door, unlocked surprisingly. She exited and made her way down the stairs.

"You must be Jaime." She heard a woman say from her side. She turned to see a small, very pregnant, blonde standing in a doorway.

"I'm Paris. My husband works for Mark."

"Hi." Jaime said. "Where am I?"

"Mark's house. He said you passed out and he brought you here about eight hours ago. He was very worried when he couldn't get you to wake up before he went to sleep." Paris said, stepping to stand in front of her.

"Sleep?" Jaime asked, looking at the sun outside. "It must be around 10 o'clock. What time did he go to sleep?"

"He usually settles in around six." Paris said. "Today he waited until seven, it could have hurt him but he stayed up anyway, by your side."

"Who is he?" Jaime asked, looking around the house. It was a fancy place, big, full of antiques centuries old and various paintings. "Mark who?"

"Mark Callaway of course." Paris laughed. "At present he runs a tattoo parlor downtown. He just retired from wrestling and was getting bored, not much action during the night lately. A 24-hour tattoo parlor was perfect for him. My husband works there also."

"Mark. Is he…." Jaime began.

"Dead?" Paris asked. "Yes and no."

"Yes and no??" Jaime asked questioningly. "And your husband?"

"Same?" Paris said, unknowingly. "It's hard to explain."

"And what does he want with me?" Jaime asked, looking around.

"I told him to find you and bring you here." Paris began, seeing a surprised look on Jaime's face. "I think you are Mark's Beloved."

"Beloved?" Jaime asked. 'God give me strength.' Jaime thought.

'I'll give you strength.' She heard shoot through her head, causing Jaime to jump. She heard laughter burst through Paris.

"It takes some getting used too." Paris said.

"Would you tell him to stay OUT of my head?" Jaime said, gritting her teeth.

"I can't. He has no ability to speak to me that way." Paris said. "You can do that only with your Beloved, people who share your blood such as brothers or someone whose blood you have fed off of or who has drank your blood. All except for the Beloved is by choice. You can read his too when you learn how too. That's the fun part."

Jaime looked at the seemingly sane person standing in front of her. Though she was sure any normal person would have ran for the hills at the talk of feeding, blood, half dead and being some strangers Beloved, Jaime stuck around none the less. She felt as if she was needed there, something was holding her there. She felt as if she walked out the door her heart would shatter. She decided to sit around and talk to Paris until this Mark guy decided to join the world of the living.

Chapter 2

At around 8:00 Jaime looked up from the dinner she cooked for herself and Paris and saw Mark along with two other men walking down the stairs.

"How can you stand to eat that babe?" One said, kissing Paris on the lips.

"How can you stand to eat what YOU eat?" Paris asked with a smile.

"You had to eat it once so I'd watch it." The other man laughed. "If only I could get Jade to finish that part of the steps she'd be MY Beloved."

Jaime merely sat there in silence and watched the three bicker amongst each other as Mark stood back, his arms crossed over his large chest. Jaime looked at his huge muscles; the tight muscle shirt he wore showed them all off beautifully. His tight leather pants hugged his powerful hips and were tight enough to see the bulge in his groin area.

"I'd like to see what that beautiful body looks like without the clothes," Jaime thought, before dropping her face in her hands. She forgot he could read her thoughts and she knew he had to have heard that one.

"You okay Jaime?" She heard Paris ask from across the table. Jaime merely shook her head yes and closed her eyes.

'Maybe later.' She heard the sexy voice boom through her head.

'Maybe never.' She thought before getting a quick idea. 'Wow look how hot that man is. I bet he could go all night.' Jaime looked up and almost laughed when she saw the anger shoot through his face. 'Stay out of my fucking head and you won't hear stuff you don't want too.' Jaime thought with a smile.

"Paris who are your friends?" Jaime asked.

"Oh this is my husband, Randy Orton." She said, pointing to the first man. "And that is David Batista."

"Nice to meet you." They both said, looking at her.

"What about me?" Jaime heard a new female voice say from the stairs. "Am I mud? The gum on the bottom of shoes?"

"That's Jade." Paris laughed, pointing to the woman entering the room.

"David's Beloved." She heard Mark add.

"Finally we're even." Jade laughed, sitting next to Jaime.

"Would that be women to men or normal people to weirdo's?" Paris laughed.

"I'm not weird." Jaime heard Randy say. "I'm unique."

After talking for awhile Jaime had realized that the group of them was quite fun except Mark. He was serious and wound up. The others were laid back and fun loving. Jaime wondered how they all ended up together.

"I need to go back to my hotel." Jaime announced after the men had left the room. "My clothes and everything is in my room."

"We don't drive." The girls stated as Mark re-entered the room.

"Mark, Jaime needs a ride." Jade said, smiling.

"Where?" Mark demanded. "If you think you're leaving here you better think again."

"To my hotel?" Jaime stated, standing from her seat. "I need clothes, a toothbrush, better known as MY SHIT!!!! And I do NOT take orders from anyone."

"Come on." Mark said, gritting his teeth as the girls laughed. 'I'm going to get you for that.' Mark thought.

"We're outside alone." Jaime said, opening the car door. "You can speak TO me and I told you to stay out of my head."

"Later you'll be begging me not to stay out of any part of you." Mark said, smiling and getting behind the wheel of the Lincoln navigator.

"Do you know how to drive?" Jaime asked. "You have a license?"

"Yes and yes. Just because I have fangs I can't drive?" Mark asked.

"If you're not dead or alive what are you? And why aren't you working?" Jaime asked.

"I'm a Dark One." He said, shrugging and looking at her like that should have answered her question. "And I took vacation time to spend some time with you."

Jaime folding her arms across her chest and flopped back in her seat.

'Great. I'm stuck with a stick in the mud.' She thought.

"I am not a stick in the mud." He muttered as they pulled up in front of the hotel.

"I told you to stay out of my head." She yelled, getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. She gathered up her stuff and checked out.

'Why the hell am I moving in with a complete stranger anyways?' Jaime thought. 'A dead complete stranger. Sexy but still dead, or not so dead or whatever.'

"I am not dead." He said, as they walked out the door. "But I'm glad you think I'm sexy."

Jaime opened her mouth to tell him to stay out of her head but then shut it. Why bother. Ten minutes later they pulled back up in front of his house.

"I'm going to check out a few things." He said, leaning close to her. "Paris will show you to your room, please don't go to sleep until I get back we need to talk."

Jaime was surprised when he leaned over and captured her lips in his. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and she let her own tongue stroke it. She let a small moan escape just before he pulled back. Jaime didn't say a word just stumbled out of the car and walked into the house. She found Jade and Paris sitting in the TV room.

"So you're Mark's Beloved." Jade said, smiling. "What step did you make it too?"

"Step?" Jaime asked confused.

"Yes. You have to go through steps to get there. To become Immortal." Jade laughed.

"I've done them all except the last one. Paris has done them all; she's such a bad girl."

"What are the steps?" Jaime asked.

"I'm surprised Mark hasn't mentioned them." Paris said. "The first is exchanging body fluid."

"Kissing." Jade laughed. "Exchanging body fluid sounds more like step two."

"Step two is making love." Paris laughed. "Step three is he drinks blood from you."

"Is that the last step that you can't do?"

"No." Jade said. "I can handle that it's like an orgasm in itself."

"Step four is both of you exchanging blood together. You drink from him at the same time he drinks from you." Paris said. "It sounds gross but it's actually wonderfully beautiful and romantic. It connects you in a way nothing else can."

Jaime talked to them for a few more minutes before Paris showed her to a room. It wasn't the same as the one she'd slept in the previous night. It had a king size bed with black sheets and blankets. The entire room seemed black and the windows were covered in tint that didn't allow any sunlight to enter, and then were covered with blinds and black curtains. Jaime sat on the edge of the bed and began to read her book on wards. She'd learned how to ward when she was seventeen and now she was trying to get to bigger and better ones. She must have fallen asleep because when she woke up Mark was standing over her next to the bed, in nothing but a pair of grey sweats, water from his wet hair trickling down his chest.

'What I would give to lick up all that water.' Jaime thought sleepily.

'Have at it.' She heard his voice in her head say.