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Running with a sure swiftness across the sizzling rocks, I, Maia Acheron knew I couldn't be late. My mass of blonde hair fanned out behind me as I leapt over a cluster of lurker babies.

"Move along!" I snapped at a young, green haired boy and his redheaded friend. I recognised them as the irritating children from the Green Sage's house.

I leapt through the large, brass doors of the citadel, down towards Gol's laboratory. I knew it must be important as he hadn't spoken to me since he'd gone into a frenzy about his new, in-depth eco research. I wasn't sure if I approved of my older brother tampering with dark eco, since it tinged our hands with a ghostly violet stain. Dark eco had no point of purpose, except to consume people with anger.

Then again, I knew better than to judge my brother's work. What Gol and I were doing would advance this stoic little world far beyond what the other sages had even imagined. Maybe we'd even reach the precursors. I almost laughed at the entertaining idea.

I gave the wooden door a small push. Although Gol's laboratory had always been deprived of natural light, I was sure it hadn't always been this gloomy. A fetid stench hung in the air and I squinted through the darkness to see my brother.

Gol was leaning over a small vat of eco, with an array of test tubes surrounding it.

"What did you want to show me?" I asked.

"Come closer and see…"

His raspy voice made me suppress a shudder. Though Gol, like myself, was never the sentimental type, he'd never seemed so vacant and filled with menace before.

I edged closer to the vat, eyeing the bubbling brew with distaste. The other sages had always warning us about dark eco. I refused to believe that they were right; if Gol had drank it and lived, then it was a breakthrough, not a disaster. Those pitiful men could sit around studying eco for hours, but Gol and I would do more and test the eco on us.

"Try some," Gol urged, "feel the power run through your veins."

My lips curled into a grin as I scooped up some of the mixture and drank it. I gasped as it burned my mouth, making my eyes water.

Gol watched, with an exited gleam in his eyes that I found disconcerting.

I cringed. My skin seemed to writhe and burn, melting into that ghostly purple. My breath froze in my chest, my lungs seeming to contract. I clutched my aching head. It was like I was in a tug of war, only I was the rope. With a shuddering gasp, the pain deadened to a dull ache. I composed myself, staring into my brother's cold eyes.

They had all believed Gol and me were mad and would push ourselves to the verge of death, but I felt far from it. Despite the sickening churning in my stomach, I felt an electrifying rush. Nothing could stop us; not illness, the precursors, and not even death.

The small, scared voice harbouring my conscience faded away as it was replaced the power that the eco had given me.

"They're all afraid," I murmured, my voice had gained a metallic quality.

"We'll show them," Gol hissed, "we will pour dark eco on the world and share the gift we had discovered."