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"No way." The Aussie shook his head at the wind master.

"I'm tell'n ya it's the truth."

"They couldn't be that big!" Chu insisted.

"They were! Bigger than…bigger than…bigger than anyone in Shishi's family ever had 'em!"

The samurai, who just happened to be walking into the kitchen at that time, turned to glare at the two sitting at the table. "And just what, pray tell, are we talking about?"

"Eggs of course!" Jin smiled.


Chu turned to the bird-demon. "Jin says there's a bird's nest in the backyard with two of the biggest eggs he's seen."

"They'd be one hell of an omelet, they would!" Jin pictured.

"That's someone's nest you sick-o! …Wait, what were you saying about my family a minute ago?"

"Well, the Aussie be say'n the eggs weren't that big so I tried to compare to something. Then I saw ye walk'n in and figured that being the type of demon ye from that your kind must lay pretty good sized eggs…"

Shishi twitched. "…We do not lay eggs!"

"Well I should hope not Shishiwaka," Suzuka waved coming into the kitchen. "You are a guy."

"I meant the women of my race!" The blue-haired man fumed. "We're shape-shifters yes but we are still mammals!"

Jin shrugged, "Eh, whatever. They were still big eggs."

"Gahh!" Horns started to appear in the powder-puff blue hair.

"Take a deep breath and count to ten." Suzuka sighed peeling a banana.

The samurai glared but obeyed. He was almost to eight when the front door slammed and a blue-haired ice master bolted into the kitchen.

"No need to be run'n so fast Toy we saved ye some breakfast."

Touya gasped catching his breath. "…I think we might have a problem."

"You think?" Shishi sighed, casting a look at the wind master and Aussie.


"Now listen, birdie-"

"Shut up!"

Everyone in the kitchen fell silent and stared at the ice demon. Touya never yelled.

"What's wrong?" Shishi asked, feeling slightly paranoid.

"Is it bad?" Jin stared, ears no longer pointy.

The ninja took a breath. "I'm not sure, this morning somebody-" The opening of the back door cut him off as everyone's eyes landed on the person coming into the kitchen…It was only Rinku…and another child with messy black hair. The child appeared to be around Rinku's age…of course then pretending Rinku was human.

The five adults continued to watch as both children picked up a plate and began piling it with the eggs and bacon that had been left on the stove.

Touya's eyes widened realizing the two boys were about to turn around and sit at the table. The ice master reached over clapping his hand over Jin's horn and leaning his arm over the red-hair to make it look like he was using it as a temporary arm rest. The shinobi looked down at the Elf sitting in the chair. "Not one happy thought…" He muttered staring at his normal looking ears.

"Don't be worry'n 'bout that now…" Jin whispered, keeping still.

The two boys finished loading there plates, sat at the table and began eating.

"…Um Rinku?" Shishi started. "I know being raised by Chu for most of your life has given you an excuse before on your lacking of manners…but when someone brings a stranger into the house for the first time…one usually would introduce them."

"Oh, yeah." The yo-yo child replied with a mouth full of eggs.

"Don't talk with your mouth open, either! You should know that one!"

"Gee wiz Shishi, don't lay en egg…"

"You little-" The samurai was interrupted as Suzuka clamped his hands over his forehead and pulled him back.

"Ixnay on the horns-kay!" The blonde whispered.

"Anyway!" The brunette smiled. "Everyone this is Eddy! My new best friend! Eddy this is Chu, Jin, Touya, Shishi, and Suzuka!" Rinku pointed with his fork.

"Hi ya!" Eddy waved.

"Hi." The group mumbled.

"So-uh…" Chu stared. "Where did you two meet?"

"Meet?" Eddy asked.

"Don't tell me Rinku eyed you at the park and decided to bring you home like he did that lizard…" Suzuka worried.

"Oh nah! Nothing like that." The brunette grinned.

"Then-uh-" Jin stared. "Where did ye be com'n from lad?"

"Geez, Jin I'm younger than you and even I know how that happens…" The yo-yo child laughed.

"Now listen here-"

"Are your parents the ones who bought the house down the road?" Touya interrupted.

Everyone stared at the ice master.

"You mean." Shishi stared. "…Someone bought that empty house down the road?"

"It used to be empty." Eddy smiled. "We started moving in today."

"We?" The clown blinked.

"Me, my Mom, my Dad, and my sister!"

"Great." Shishi muttered.

Touya's eyes widened. "Eddy…Do your parents know that you're here?"

The frantic sound of knocking on the front door answered before Eddy could.

"Sho't" Jin panicked as Touya pulled him into the living room.

"Don't worry, I'll stay here and keep an eye on the little mates." Chu nodded.

"Right." Shishi muttered also going into the living room.

"Eddy." Suzuka eyed the child watching him help himself to a refill on breakfast. "…make yourself at home." The blonde turned around and followed the rest into the living room were knocking occurred for the second time.

"Coming!" Touya glared. "Now what? Five grown men living here what if they think we're kidnappers or something!"

"We'll just wing it?" Jin suggested.

"Brilliant." Shishi muttered. "We'll be arrested within the hour…"

"First things first! Jin and Shishi, concealment spells now!"

"Where?" The samurai asked the blonde.

"My workshop, closet…top shelf. The pink bottle." He answered watching the two run up the stairs.

Knocking rang a third time on the door.

"You wanna get it?" Touya stared.

"What do you think?" Suzuka muttered.

"I'm just saying it will be less of a shock if someone normal looking answers the door…"

"Fine but if they ask your hair is dyed and you wear contacts."

"No really?"

Ignoring the sarcasm the clown reached for the door, putting on his best fake, I'm not a demon, smile and opened the door. "Hello." He greeted staring at brown haired woman appearing to be in her thirties.

"Hello." She replied adjusting her glasses. "My name is Carol. My husband and I just moved into the house down the road." She smiled holding out her hand.

"Uh-" The blonde hesitated before grabbing her hand and shaking it. "I'm Suzuka. It's nice to meet you…"

The woman continued to stare at him.

Touya rolled his eyes from behind the door before kicking the blonde slightly and stepping in front of the clown. "And I'm Touya, would you like to come in?" The ice master smiled pulling his roommate out of the doorway.

"Yes, thank you." The human smiled walking into the living room. "I'm sorry for bothering you. Its just I was wondering if you had seen my son Eddy. He has a habit of running off."

"Hi Mom!" The mentioned boy smiled walking out of the kitchen followed by Rinku and Chu.

"Oh there you are. You could at least wait a day after we moved in to start running around. I swear children these days…They're likely to just walk into any home uninvited."

"Tell me about it." Touya mumbled.

"Um…This is Chu and Rinku." Suzuka introduced. "They also…dwell here."

"Nice to meet you two." She nodded.


"How goes it, Sheil-er- Ma'm?"

The woman laughed nervously. "Well…Eddy we still have a lot of unpacking to do and we shouldn't bother these young men."

"Oh Mom! Rinku was just gonna show me his room."

"It would only take a minute!" Rinku reasoned.

"Uhh-…If it's alright with-"The woman trailed off watching the two boys run up the next floor. Shortly after there departure two more youths walked down the stairs.

"Er-hi there!" A red head waved shyly.

"Hello." A teen with dyed hair stared.

"Carol." Touya addressed, "This is Jin, and Shishiwakamaru."

"…And you boys all…live here…together?"

"That's right." Shishi answered crossing his arms.

"Oh…You boys attend the University then? Are you all transfer students?"

"Er-" The demons quickly looked at each other until Suzuka spoke up.

"Yes we are! Um…We all come from different countries that's how we met at the…um University. We're all just taking some time off so we're here-and not at the dorms! Yes, isn't that right?"

A chorus of agreements echoed through the house along with one "I use to live in Ireland!"

Carol smiled at the wind master. "Oh I heard its beautiful there."

"Er…t'is!" It wasn't a complete lie. He was born in Ireland. It just happened to be a couple centuries ago before the barrier was raised between the two worlds.

"…So." Carol started. "Do Rinku's parents live here as well?"

The room fell quiet again this time it was Chu that spoke up.

"Erm-I've been watch'n over the lad for a few years now. If you catch me…When I came to live here he naturally came with me…"

"So his parents are? …Oh. Well that's very kind of you, Chu." The woman smiled.

"No burden at all." The Aussie waved as the room feel back into another state of uncomfortable silence.

Jin never being good at keeping quiet was the first to break the stillness. "…That house you be mov'n into is kinda small. Ow-" He grunted receiving an elbow from Shishi. "Er- I didn't mean ta!"

"No, no. It's fine!" The brunette assured. "We know it's a little small for a family of four but we were going to add some rooms onto it."

"That's what we did with this one." The ice master mentioned

"Oh? That's wonderful news! We've been trying to find a carpenter. You could recommend one then?"


"Suzu- done it, actually." Jin added.

"Is that true, Suzuka?" The woman smiled. "Do you have experience?"

"Well I was apprenticed…"

"They still do that in your country?"

The blonde blinked, scratching the back of his neck. "Umm…It's a very old village…really old. Oh look here come the boys!" He cried in relief watching Rinku and Eddy head down the stairs.

"Bye Eddy, come back soon!"

"Now it's your turn to visit me!"

"Okay! See you tomorrow!

"I guess I'll see you boys later." Carol smiled taking Eddy by the hand and showing herself out. "Ta-ta!"

"Bye" Touya nodded, closing the door and sliding down onto the floor. "Phew." He exhaled.

"Isn't Eddy cool! I can't wait to see his house tomorrow."

The yo-yo child was put in his place as all five adults glared at him.

Rinku gulped. "Um…did I miss something?"

New scene, new scene , new scene, New scene, new scene , new scene, New scene, new scene ,

"Irresponsible, Childish, Inconsiderate, Premature thinking-"

"Careful Shishi, you'll blow out a lung."

The blue-haired demon stopped his pacing to glare at the boy sitting in the arm chair. "I would play me VERY carefully right now Rinku. Do you realize how lucky we are that we were not caught! What if Jin was excited or floating? What if I was in my demon form or angry? What if Touya was making his own ice cubes again? Do you know how hard that would have been to explain to a human child?"

"I'm sorry." Rinku huffed. "I wasn't thinking I just wanted to invite him in for breakfast. Anyway it's not that big a deal."

"Not that big a deal?" The samurai glared. "Rinku if humans find out about us we're screwed!"

Suzuka sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. "Spirit world would have to come in and erase their memories and then we would be forced to be relocated."

"Back to the Demon World…" Jin finished.

"…Away from the light." The ice master whispered.

"Oh…" Rinku realized. "But that's so stupid. What was the whole point in tearing down the barrier if we can't tell humans about us?"

"One," Touya began. "Because not all humans believe in demons and would come to question their beliefs and lifestyle. Two, there are just as many evil demons are there are good ones to make the humans paranoid. And three, humans are scared easily…and there are such things as wards and spells that could render us powerless, putting us in danger. It's best to leave them in the dark."

"…I guess." The child sighed still unhappy that he had to lie to his friend. "…Can I still be friends with Eddy?"

The older demons remained silent four pairs of eyes landing on Chu who finally spoke up. "Of course ya can…Just give us some notice if you bring him over next time…and try not to do anything…weird around him."

"Okay! Thanks! I guess I better go walk Patch now." Rinku waved before getting up and walking to the backyard were his dog was out sleeping.

The five demons waited for the door to shut before resuming there conversation.

"I think he can manage it blokes." Chu shrugged.

"It's not that, that concerns me." Touya admitted. "Accidents do happen…"

"He's right." Suzuka admitted. "For the time being I think it would be safe if Shishiwaka and Jin don't leave the house without a concealment spell…I guess we should call Master Genkai and Kurama tomorrow…See what they say."

"Right." Everyone agreed.

Jin stood up, "I should prob'ly head over to Aki's then…to warn her ya know?"

"That's a good idea." Touya nodded. The demoness had come here to get away from the Makai like they had. The small boarding house she ran was open to demons that came to the living world. If one of her tenants happened to be seen by the human family they, along with Aki, would be forced to be relocated.

"I be go'n then." He waved.

"You might want to take another sip of the concealment potion in case it wears off."

"And it probably would be safer if you just walked there instead of flying…"

"Hell if it go'n to be that much trouble I'll should just be call'n her." The redhead sighed, none-the-less walking upstairs to grab the spell.

"Hey don't worry!" Suzuka yelled breaking the eerie silence. "We can handle all this. No problem…can't we?"

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