Summary: (The Black Donnellys) A poem about Tommy and how his life of potential turned to a life of crime.

How I Came To This

Disclaimer: I don't own The Black Donnellys.

I was the brother who was supposed to succeed.

Leave Hell's kitchen, be a great artist, never

Turn to crime for my needs.

But then my brother Jimmy, dear Jimmy

Help bring it all down.

He's gonna go to rehab, but now

I have to run the Irish part

Of town.

Keeping order's gonna

Be my new profession.

Never thought I'd have to

Kill to save anyone to

protect life's most worthy

possession (family).

But we almost lost Sean

And I have to protect

My family.

Family first, self second.

After all, the last time

I selfishly put myself first

I cost my brother Jimmy a portion

Of his height and gave him

A limp.