Love is Gold

Summary: After the eternity code Commander Root, Foaly and Captain Short must mind swipe Artemis Fowl on the current Fairy events. How will Holly Take it? Will they go through with the procedure? If they do will Artemis still remember Holly? Holly/Artemis. In this fanfiction Artemis is 14 and so is Holly.

Chapter one: Mind swipe

Artemis's POV

It was a long and dreadful past week. At least the 'Jon Spiro' thing is over. Thought Artemis. Many people would ask him if you could go back and time and change things would you? And many people get surprised by his answer of choice. No. Was all Artemis would say. Then he would walk away. No. Was all he would say. No explanation. No. Was it. But to himself he knew the answer loud and clear.

No, he does not regret kidnapping Holly Short. Because then he wouldn't have met her, he wouldn't have gutting all of that gold and his mother would have never been fixed. And no he does not regret getting involved with the LEP concerning the B'Wa Kell. (I think that is how you spell it!) And he most definitely does not regret going to the artic to get his father. Even thought it put Holly Short's life in danger. And even his own. And even though having the interview with Jon Spiro about the C Cube was very dangerous, he does not regret that either. He knows that it got Butler shot, but it just caused them to get a little closer to each other. Like know he knows that his first name is Domovoi. And he is also a little bit closer to Juliet.

But most importantly he is closer to Holly. I think that it is safe to say that they get closer to each other every year. And every year he loves's her a centimeter more then he did before. I'm sorry more like every week or every day he loves her more and more. He doesn't show it, but he can't help but smile every time she walks by. One day when he was 13 he actually made a list of the things he likes about her.

The list

Written By: Artemis Fowl

I love the way she is independent.

I love the way her eyes flicker as she gets nervous and how she bits her lip

I love the way how she looks beautiful even when she first wakes up

I love it how her long chocolate locks are always perfect

I love it how she have a perfect slim and curvy figure and beautiful tanned skin

I love her perfectly straight teeth

I love it how she hates me but I know that deep down inside she loves me

I love it how we are worst enemies

I love it how me writing this letter would be the last thing in her mind

I love it how I want to give this to her but I am scared how she would react

That is all.

Artemis remembered how after he had writing that letter how he has folded it ever so soft and careful into his bottom draw.

Artemis woke up in Commander Root's office still slightly shaken up from the current events. When he got up he took a quick look around the room. There he found Commander Julius Root, captain Holly Short and Foaly who was holding onto a needle with neon green liquid inside.

"What is that Foaly?" asked Artemis even though he already knew.

"It's a mind swipe. Well no not this, this is merely to put you asleep as Holly does the magic to erase us from your memory. So if you could just lay back down Artemis. Farewell."

"I'm not going through with this."

"You have to Artemis." Said Commander Root. "We had a deal. We all agreed that you knew to much. It's for the best."

"The best for who?"

There were a few shocked expressions in that particular room. They were all used to Artemis being a calm person but here he was standing before them panicking like there was know tomorrow.

"Artemis I know this is hard for you but you need to do this." Said Holly in a soft voice.

This is the last time that I will see her. Thought Artemis. While they were getting there tools ready Artemis was having a stupid mental fight with himself on how to say goodbye to his first ever and last fairy love.

Foaly came closer and closer to Artemis with that needle and all he could do was stare at the wall before him. But as the needle was merely a millimeter away from is pale flesh Artemis sat upright grabbed the needle dodged out of the chair and made a run for the door.

"STOP!" yelled Holly as Artemis was about to open the door. He couldn't resist to her voice. So he turned around to face the fairy girl and her angry workers.

"Artemis…" started Holly. " Look, as much as it hurts me to say this, I will miss you. We all will. The truth is Artemis even thought we are enemies, you became a big part in my heart. In our hearts. And you need to do this. Not for me and not for you but for the future. So…please?"

"…I suppose I could give it a shot."

A smile spread across Commander Roots face. No it was not true that Artemis was in his heart like Holly had said but he was shore that he was in hers.

Foaly laid Artemis down on Commander Root's office desk and took the needle from his grasp. He injected a tad more die as some had falling out when Artemis had took it.

He moved forward and forward until the needle was in Artemis's flesh.

You couldn't see it but inside Holly was crying. She never told anyone but she has had some feelings for this man. How could she resist? His silk black hair and and his big blue eyes were to die for.

A few minutes after Foaly injected the die, Holly came up to Artemis and placed to of her palms against his chest. Over and over again she repeated in a whisper "Take this mans past away and fill it will pure goodness…."

She must have said that at least three times in a row and then when she saw red sparks appear from the space between her hands and his chest she let go and then said "Take it away!" She backed up and aloud the process to work. But for some odd reason Artemis woke up.

This wasn't supposed to happen. This never happens. They are usually unconscious for at least a day or two. Not a minute or two!

Artemis's chest flue up into the air grasping for breath as the rest of his body seemed as if it was attached permentaly to the table. Then his chest flew back down and his body allowed himself to sit up. He stood up and made his was to the door, but couldn't escape as Commander Root blocked his escape. Artemis punched him in the jaw line and tried to make a run for it but Foaly held him back and pinned him to the ground. He flungned his hole body on top of him so that he could not move. He grabbed and needle off of his belt and injected it in him. It wasn't the same as before this was merely just to calm him down from his little panic attack.

Artemis still struggled slightly but less then before. Is face was all sweaty and his eyes we half open and half closed.
When he was able, he muttered softly.

"He's trying to say something!" yelled Foaly.

Holly and Root came closer and knelt down beside Artemis.

"Holly….Holly…." muttered Artemis.

"I don't understand…" said Holly.

"Me neither." Agreed Foaly. "How can he say your name. We mind swiped him he shouldn't even be awake."

"Maybe something went wrong." Said Julius.

After a few seconds of silence except for Artemis's mumbling of course, Foaly's head shot up from his daze.

"I know!" shouted Foaly.

"What?" asked Holly.

"I've heard about this before. The reason why Artemis woke up is because it can't be done. The force is too strong. The substances in his body and in his brain formed together to make him jump up in defeat of the spell!"

"In English Foaly." Said Holly.

"It means that Artemis still remembers you because his brain won't let him forget you Holly."

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