Love Is Gold

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Chapter 11: The End

Artemis was walking alone in the cold damp forest. He's not used to this. All alone. Nobody who cares for you. Nobody who's willing to give you the time of the day just to let you explain your side of the story. Nobody understands. For Artemis it's like a craving. Every time he sees gold he feels power. He feels the need to protect it. It's almost as if the power is pressed against a glass wall. He knows it's there but he can't touch it, he can't see it. He can only feel it.

The only person who could enjoy his criminal ideas was the one and only Opal Koboi. Artemis knew that he could end up happy with her but couldn't do it. He knows that she's beautiful, smart and that she senses gold and power to, just like him self. He knew that he could have had her right then and there but something was stopping him. That thing was Captain Holly Short.

She's just as beautiful as Opal and he knows it. But there's something about Holly that no other girl has. That thing is individuality. He remembers the first time he saw her. Sure he was an evil little boy who kidnapped his one true love but he knew that they were past that. He often wondered after all the bad things he did to her during that period in time 'Why did she grant my wish?' 'Why would she waste a wish on me after I kidnapped her?'…Why?

Opal was watching Holly cry right in front of her. She wasn't used to seeing her like this. Then again she wasn't used to seeing her cry herself. She always saw the strong side of Holly ever since she knew her, and here she was breaking down right in front of over Artemis. Opal turned away for a split second as Butler looked her way. She didn't want him to see her cry. When she looked back she saw something that she's never seen before.

She saw 'care' and 'love' in Artemis's eyes when he talked to Holly. He was standing their practically begging Holly for forgiveness and trying to explain him self. Opal then realized that what she saw in his eyes was never used on her. When they were in her bedroom and he called her beautiful…that wasn't there. Sure he meant it, of course who wouldn't think she's beautiful?

Her eyes then pumped out more tears. Opal Koboi has finally grown feelings for another person…amazing. She watched and watched as Artemis kept spending more attention to Holly and less and less to her. So she did what she never thought she would do ever before.

She backed away. She left. She knows love when she sees it and her and Artemis aren't it. She got up and started waking down the forest back to her palace. She was not all surprised when no one noticed that she had left. But she kept walking anyways.

Wind came rustling through her hair. As it was very windy outside today. Opal Koboi looked back once more and whispered into the night air 'Goodbye Artemis' and left to leave forever.

"I just can't believe that he would do that to me!" Shouted Holly as her and Butler strolled down the woods.

"Actually Holly, now I'm just saying this I'm not on anyone's side or anything, but…" said Butler.

"Get to the point!" As you can see Holly isn't in a very good mood today.

"Okay, well…technically when Artemis was kissing Opal you two weren't a couple yet."

"Yea well…well…he just….SHOULDN'T HAVE!"

"Holly listen to me! I've known Artemis since he was wearing diapers and I know th…"

"Wait a minute…" interrupted Holly. "Artemis wore diapers?"

"Only for 6 months. That's when he started to go by himself."

"I'm not at all surprised I mean it is Artemis were talking about here."

Butler nodded. "Back to the point. Holly I know love when I see it. And I know that I've never seen Artemis act this way around a girl before. Holly, Artemis loves you. Please give him a chance."

"If he loves me so much then why would he lie about the gold?" asked Holly as tears were once again forming in her eyes, but she just blinked them away.

Butler was about to answer but got tongue tied when he turned around and saw Artemis standing there right behind them. "Why don't you ask him yourself."

Holly turned around to look and what she saw was none other then Artemis Fowl the second himself.

"Artemis…what are you doing here? How did you get here?" asked Holly.

"I'll leave you two alone." Said Butler

Of course he didn't go to far because he was Artemis's bodyguard. He's only paid to protect. He went to and old looking tree only about ten feet away.

Once Butler was gone Holly turned towards Artemis and took a few steps towards him.

"Artemis…wh-how?" stuttered Holly.

"I was walking away towards the other direction. And then after about 15 minutes I realized what I was doing and that I shouldn't have done it. So, I walked some more and more and I came across a small pond. It took me awhile to regain my composer but once I did so I poured the sacs of gold slowly into the river. Because something stronger then that is way more important."

It took Holly awhile to register what Artemis had just said. This wasn't at all like the Artemis she knew. He wouldn't just throw away gold like that. The thing that had stopped him must have been very important. Even Holly couldn't imagine herself going through the effort of destroying power and money.

"So….what was stopping you?" mustered out Holly.


Artemis leaned in for a kiss but Holly put her hands on his chest signaling for him to stop.

"Artemis…." Started Holly. "What about the gold? The power?"

"Holly…Love is gold."

And with saying that he leaned in for a deep kiss.

Six months later…

Artemis is down belowground in Holly's house. They've been taking turns visiting each other's houses every other day. Today it was Artemis's turn to visit Holly. They were cuddled up on a couch watching the human news. Holly never really watched human T.V before but she's got to admit it: It's not so bad!

Just then while they were watching the news something was very interesting about this particular section. It was titled: Gold found in a pond not to far from here.

One the news:

Reporter: David Smith proclaims that he was taking a hike with his wife (Pamela) and children (Charlie, Evangeline and Rebecca) while they came across a pond. This was no ordinary pond. This was no ordinary pond though. It was filled with gold on the bottom. Researchers say that it was probably from the age of pirates. And they hid it there to protect their power and there youth.

Artemis shot off the T.V.

"Well, the researchers were wrong." Said Artemis. Holly laughed at that one.

"Well, you did the right thing Artemis. And I'm proud of you." Said Holly as she looked up at him.

"I know you are." Joked Artemis. She laughed at that one to. Quite a cute couple actually.

Holly once again looked into Artemis's eyes. And they gazed into each others eyes for god knows how long, but very soon Holly broke the silence by pressing her lips onto his own. Artemis deepened the kiss by rolling her on to her back with him on top of her. His entered her mouth causing her to moan. When they broke apart Artemis whispered into her ear:

"I love you."

"I love you to." Replied Holly.

And the she got up and led Artemis into her bedroom.

The End

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