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i'Mind speak'/i




Chapter 9

Lovers and Allies/b

Harry stumbled out of the fireplace, nearly crashing into the table as he did so. Everyone in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place looked up at the unexpected interruption.

"Harry?!" Hermione nearly shouted. "How did you get to a floo from the Dursleys?"

"What?" Harry asked, confused. He thought Dumbledore had told everyone he had been missing – apparently he was wrong. "Oh, um… Professor Dumbledore told me I should floo in from Mrs. Figg's across the way. She's not a witch, but the Professor has her set up with floo so he has easy access, should he need to contact her." Harry nearly gagged at having to be respectful to Dumbles, but it wouldn't do to blow his cover just yet.

"Oh, well alright then," Hermione said, pacified, before moving to give Harry a hug. Harry saw Hermione's intention and tensed, not really read for the physical contact. He knew it didn't make sense when he was completely comfortable around Tom and Draco, but he simply felt safe with Tom, as he had been his rescuer. And Draco was his current best friend and had both his and Tom's trust.

Hermione, being easily able to sense Harry's mood, saw him tense at her approach and moved just close enough to lay an unobtrusive hand on his shoulder. Harry sighed, relieved, knowing Hermione wouldn't bring up his change of mood in front of everyone and glad she had backed off. But, he also knew she would have questions for him later, ones that he would most likely not want to answer.

Ginny stood then, wanting to draw attention away from the sudden change in mood.

"Hey, Harry, it's great to see you," she said, hoping to start conversation in the room again.

"Right she is, Harry, dear it's wonderful to see you again. Now why don't you find yourself a seat, I was just about to get supper," Mrs. Weasley interjected, glad the boy was back in the house so she had the opportunity to get some meat on his rather skinny bones.

Harry sat in between Hermione and Ginny, looking around at everyone at the table. Ron sat on Hermione's other side, and Remus sat directly across from Harry with a twin on either side of him. Harry smiled across the table at Remus, glad to see him again. The two had become rather good friends, through Sirius, and even closer after he passed through the veil, helping each other to get through the loss.

"Hey, Rem. How've you been?" Harry asked, genuinely interested in how his friend had been fairing since the loss of his closest companion.

"I've been well, Harry. Actually quite a bit better recently. I would love for the chance to catch up with you after dinner." Remus replied, looking like he had great news to share with Harry.

Harry, intrigued by his friend's excitement, returned, "Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to hear what you've been up to."


After dinner found Harry and Remus ensconced in armchairs in Remus's room, sitting down to tea and a chat.

"So, Rem," Harry said, slyly, "What were you looking so happy about over dinner?"
Remus blushed faintly, then coughed lightly into his hand, mumbling extremely quietly, "I've umm… kinda found lovers."

Harry looked at Remus curiously, not quite hearing what he said, and wondering what could make the older man so embarrassed. "I didn't quite catch that Rem, what did you say?"

Remus coughed lightly again, saying more clearly, "I've… found lovers."

Harry nearly laughed at how shy Remus was acting, then he realized what he just heard. "Oh, did you now? And did you say ilovers/i? As in more than one? Go on spill, who are they?"

Remus blushed more, replying, "Yes, I said lovers…. It's the twins."

Harry smiled, happy his friend had finally found someone, or rather two someone's, after all this time. "Well I'm happy for you Rem. But now I have a few very serious questions for you."

"Oh, really?" Remus asked. "Well go ahead, I'll answer any questions you have."

"Good," Harry said relieved. "But you have to swear you'll tell no one of this."

"Of course, Harry," Remus assured him, wondering just what was going on with the younger man.

"Okay." Harry took a deep breath, steeling himself for this conversation. "What do you think of Dumbledore? I need your honest opinion here."

Remus thought he knew where this conversation was headed and quickly placed a silencing charm on the door, just to be sure, before replying to Harry's question, "As we have discussed before, I've lost faith in him. When he refused to look into the veil and try to save Sirius I knew he wasn't the man we all thought he was."

Harry listened carefully to Remus's reply before asking his next question, "Would you leave his side of the war if you could?"
Remus nodded slowly, "If there was somewhere I could go that I knew I wouldn't be hunted for being a "dark creature" then yes I would."

Harry smiled faintly; glad this conversation was going so well. "What if I told you there was a place like that? And what if I told you practically everything you've been led to believe about the so-called "dark side" is a lie? What if I told you the only thing Voldemort wants from this war are better adjusted muggle-borns and freedom and rights for oppressed magical creatures?"

Remus stared, shocked, at Harry wondering if it was true, before formulating his reply, "Then I would have to say I'm packing my bags and throwing my allegiance behind the Dark Lord."

Harry smiled happily at Remus. "You don't know how happy I am to hear that Rem, you really don't." Harry said, pausing a moment before continuing, "Now, I'm assuming if you want to switch sides you'd like to take your lovers with you. Do you know if Fred and George share your views?"

"I know they do, we've discussed it before and they want out from under the old Bumblebee's thumb just as much as I do." Remus replied, before asking the thing he most wanted to know, "How can you help us switch sides? How do you know all this Harry?"

Harry smiled faintly, "You might want to bring the twins in, and they'll want to hear this as well. And it's quite a long story and I don't really feel like repeating myself."


Harry smiled as he walked back to his room. The conversation with Remus and the twins had gone spectacularly well. He now had three more allies and he hadn't even needed to reveal the true reason Tom had come to get him the night of his birthday. All was well with him now, and the only hurdles he had left to jump were his conversations with Ron and Hermione.

As Harry walked into the room he was meant to share with Ron, he was unprepared to see Ron, Hermione and Ginny all standing there waiting for him.

"Hey guys," He said, recovering from his slight shock, walking over to sit on his bed. "What's up?"

"We want an explanation, Harry," Hermione said, kindly. "We want to know why you reacted the way you did when I tried to hug you earlier."

Harry sighed, he didn't need this tonight, after such a productive day. "I don't really feel comfortable discussing that with you guys, it's really none of your concern," Harry said, calmly.

Hermione and Ginny both saw that the conversation was making Harry slightly upset and were prepared to drop it. They just wanted to know if their friend was okay, not to upset him more.

Ron, apparently, was not content with that answer. "Oh, yeah, that's right. The Great Harry Potter can't even talk to his supposed friends." Ron said in a disgusted manner.

Hermione and Ginny looked at Ron shocked, wondering what had brought on his change in mood. Harry, however, didn't have the energy to be upset over Ron's behaviour. He had actually expected an unwelcome reaction from Ron, over the past year or so Ron had begun to overreact when Harry wouldn't tell him something.

"It's not that I don't want to talk to you Ron, I just don't feel comfortable with this subject and I won't be discussing it." Harry said, trying to keep a calm head.

"And why not? You'll talk to that iwerewolf/i but you won't even talk to ius/i your ifriends/i. Ron spat out.

The rooms two other occupants looked at Ron with varying degrees of shock and disgust. Harry looked at Ron completely appalled with what he had said.

"Shut up, Ron. I don't care what you say to me, but leave Remus out of this. I won't stand here and listen to you talk about him like that." Harry nearly shouted, far past calm now.

"Well if you'd rather be friends with a faggot werewolf, I guess you don't need me." Ron shouted back, glaring at Harry. "C'mon Hermione, Ginny, we're leaving."

"Oh, no. iwe/i are not leaving Ronald. If this is how you truly wish to behave I'll have nothing to do with you. Now get out of this room before I throw you out!" Hermione said, getting louder as she went on, shouting her final words.

Taking one look at Ginny's darkened features, Ron knew he had no allies left here and quickly fled the room to find new somewhere else to sleep that night, slamming the door behind him as he went.

Hermione and Ginny sat down on either side of Harry, both putting a comforting arm around his shoulders.

"I'm so sorry, Harry. I never thought he would react this way." Hermione said quietly, still appalled by Ron's behaviour.

"S'okay 'Mione," Harry said in a subdued voice, upset that his oldest friend had said such hurtful and careless things.

"No it's not, Harry. He deserved to be laid out for the things he said about Remus," Ginny replied. "But anyway Harry, 'Mione has something to tell you."

Harry looked curiously over at Hermione. "Well, what is it?"

Hermione looked over at Ginny as if she'd lost her mind, before saying, "Nothing, nothing at all."

"Oh, she's just worried about your reaction." Ginny said lightly. "I figured you would need some more allies so I discussed war views with her and she seems to share our ideals."

Harry smiled, glad he wouldn't have to go through another inquisition. "Oh, really 'Mione?"

Hermione looked at Harry, shocked. "You feel the same about Dumbledore?" She nearly whispered.

"Yes Hermione, I do. Now then Gin what all did you tell 'Mione?" Harry asked, curious as to how much he would have to explain.

"Just asked her opinion on the war and Dumbles. She told me if there was a way to get out from under the old Bumblebee's thumb, and still fight for equal rights, she'd do it." Ginny said, hoping she had done the right thing in trying to help Harry.

Harry smiled, "Great job, Gin. Now all I've got to do is give the background story and we're good. Well then, my dear Miss Granger, sit back and relax, this story does take a while…"


Harry smiled happily as he lay down that night. iI can't believe that went so well…. Even if we lost Ron, we've now got Rem, Fred, George, 'Mione and Gin on our side,'/i Harry mused to himself. He was rather surprised when Tom replied to his thoughts.

i'A job well done, my love'/i

i'Oh, Tom, you startled me. I wasn't expecting to hear from you today,'/i Harry replied. i'Not that I'm not glad to hear from you…. I missed you.'/i

i'And I you, love.'/i Tom said, with just a bit of sadness.

i'Why do you sound upset,'/i Harry asked, wondering what had caused his boyfriend's change in mood.

i'I'm just going to miss having you around here to bug me,'/i Tom said, trying to lighten the mood.

i'I'm sorry, but I really needed to do this, we need all the help we can get.'/i

i'I know, love. It's okay. You should go to bed. You've had a long day.'/i

i'M'kay, night, Tom.'/i

i'Goodnight, Harry.'/i


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