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Chapter One

Azkaban, the name strikes fear into anyone who hears it not to mention those locked inside it. Azkaban is a place of filth, a place of grim, but most of all a place of insanity.

The Dementors feed off happy memories and take away a wizard's powers but there is one exception. His name is Sirius Black. Black had been in Azkaban for seven years at that point and still seemed perfectly sane.

Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, knew this and it scared and unnerved him. As Minister, Fudge was required to make annual inspection trips to Azkaban. As he walked towards the High Security zone, Fudge was startled by the silence. In the other areas there was the mutterings and screaming as the Prisoners went insane but here it was quiet.

As one prisoner addressed him, Fudge nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Hello Minister" was all Fudge heard but that was enough to thoroughly terrify him and to get his attention.

He saw that it was the notorious Sirius Black who he knew was startling sane.

Black continued on, "Minister if you're finished with your paper might I have it? I do miss the crosswords."

Fudge nearly jumped out of his skin and quickly threw the paper; he had forgotten he was carrying, into Black's filthy cell.

Black had barely looked at the paper when he yelled at Fudge to get Alastor Moody. After looking at Black incredulously Fudge stammered out a question.

"Why do you need to see Moody? I don't think anyone wants to see a stinking piece of filth."

Black to Fudge seemed to think before he yelled,

"Tell him; tell him that I will tell him everything."

To Fudge this was a major victory; they would be able to finally get the details out of Sirius Black. He didn't give Black an answer and just turned and walked out of the desolate god forsaken place.

For Sirius this gave him hope. Moody most likely detested him at this point but he knew the old Auror would listen. The paper had shown the Weasleys but that wasn't what mattered to Sirius. What mattered was the rat being held by one of the Weasley children. In fact it wasn't a rat at all but an animagus. An animagus by the name of Peter Pettigrew.