Chapter Twenty-One

Sirius brought Harry to King's Cross on the first of September. Harry was excited at the prospect of starting at Hogwarts but nervous of leaving the only true family he could remember.

"Excited?" Sirius asked

"Nervous but yeah I'm excited. But why isn't Moony here?"

Sirius hid his smile knowing the surprise Harry was in for.

"Sorry prongslet. Moony had to work. You know how hard it is for him to get jobs. He's sorry he couldn't come. But I have a small present for you that I used to share with your dad."

"What is it?"

Sirius handed one of the two-way mirrors to Harry.

"I have the other one. They're two-way mirrors. You just need to say my name into yours and I'll hear you and we can talk. Your father and I used to use them to talk when we were in separate detentions. Now you be good at school, while as good as the son of a Marauder can be, and I expect letters and for you to talk to me via the mirrors."

"Cool, thanks Padfoot and yes I'll be good."

Sirius helped Harry to get settled on the Hogwarts' express with Ron Weasley. As he watched the train pull away he remembered all the great times he had at Hogwarts with the Marauders and hoped for Harry the same great friends and fun times.

The End!