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Chapter 12

Piper stared speechlessly at Leo, who had been so far away for what seemed like a lifetime to her, and now that he was standing a mere five feet away from her, she had no idea what to say to him. She couldn't even move, her hand still supporting Paige. He stared back at her equally speechless, still trying to process how he got from his bedroom in Rinkeby, Stockholm, to here - wherever here was.

'Var i helvete är jag?' Leo questioned in Swedish. He recognised the woman from their encounter at the café. She was as beautiful as he remembered.

Piper blinked back at him in confusion, not comprehending his words. "What?"

"He just said where the hell am I?" A familiar voiced translated from behind her, making her jump. She turned around to see Prue, looking a little like death warmed over, standing beside her.

"What?" Feeling so overwhelmed by her emotions, repeating herself was all that Piper could manage.

"Va fan?!" Leo exclaimed in surprise at the woman who had just appeared out of nowhere in much the same way as he had.

"Svär inte Leo!" Prue scolded as she knelt down to help support Paige.

"You speak Swedish?" Piper questioned.

Prue shrugged. "Apparently."

Piper mentally slapped herself. "Of course you can, you're an Elder. What did you just say?"

"I told him to watch his language," Prue responded flatly.

"Vad är det här för ställe? Vad gör jag här?" Leo asked, with a sense of urgency in his voice.

Prue locked eyes with Leo momentarily, distracting him briefly from Piper's longing gaze. "Leo, you're at the manor. This is your home. You're safe here." She answered his questions in English.

Leo looked at the Elder uncomprehendingly.

"Leo, you understand me. English is your mother tongue, not Swedish. This is your home, not Stockholm. This is your wife and your son," Prue pointed towards Piper. "You know this. Just think for a minute."

Leo stared at Prue for a moment, concentrating on her words. He realised he did understand the gist of what this woman was saying. Then his gaze fell on the beautiful young woman with the pained expression on her face standing next to her.

Piper couldn't hold herself back any longer, succumbing to her emotions, and threw herself at her husband, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She let go, crying into his chest. The manor was silent except for Piper's sobs of anguished relief and longing that echoed off the walls.

Although Leo made no attempt to free himself from her embrace, his arms remained at his sides. He looked down at Piper and the numbness he had felt for so long melted away at her touch. Memories flooded back, like water through a bursting dam and he knew they were meant to be together, that she was a part of him. He wrapped his arms protectively around her and closed his eyes, his chin resting on her head, savouring her warmth and sharing the painful aftermath of their involuntary separation. He was reunited with his soul mate and he wanted to hold her forever.

Piper breathed in the smell of him, felt the rise and fall of his strong chest, and listened to the beat of his heart. Her eyes welled with tears and she sobbed into his chest when he returned her embrace. She wanted to freeze this moment in time so that Leo could never be taken from her again.

"Piper! Where are y-? Oh!" Phoebe froze at the top of the staircase when she caught sight of Piper and Leo locked in an embrace. She threw one hand over her mouth and held her stomach with the other as she intercepted their emotions.

Her father, not expecting her to stop so abruptly, ran into her from behind and grabbed the railing to steady himself. "Phoebe?" Victor questioned. His eyes widened as he registered what his youngest daughter was seeing. She motioned at him to take Wyatt into the bedroom and he complied without hesitation.

Leo and Piper continued to hold each other tightly, oblivious to what was going on around them. Both Prue and Phoebe were so taken in by the couple that they weren't watching Paige. They didn't notice the change in her expression, or pick up on the subtle movements that indicated she was seeing something that no one else could in her distorted world. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as the faces blurred in front of her and she blinked. Then suddenly her eyes went wide with fear as her gaze fell on Leo.

"Demon!" The distraught witch screamed as she lunged at a startled Leo, tearing him out of Piper's arms and tackling him to the floor. She punched him and wrapped her hands around his neck and squeezed down on his throat. Leo gasped for air, his face turning beat red and he wrapped his hands around her wrists in an attempt to loosen her grip.

"Paige, no!" Prue and Phoebe cried out in unison.

Piper was momentarily stunned, watching as both of her sisters jumped on Paige and struggled to pull her off of Leo.

"Paige, it's okay, that's not a demon, that's Leo." Piper spoke softly, once she had found her voice, despite the panic she felt inside. She joined her sisters, and together they managed to pull Paige away from Leo and she fell backward into Piper's arms. Piper could feel Paige's entire body shaking. Her forehead was soaked with sweat and Piper brushed a few damp strands of hair away from her face. "It's okay sweetie, there's no demon in the house right now."

"I'm sorry," Paige mumbled between shallow breaths, "I'm sorry."

Piper looked over at Phoebe, who was helping a coughing Leo to his feet and then turned her attention back to Paige. "You don't have to apologise. Let's get you back to bed now."

Prue rushed to help Piper, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, lifting Paige to a standing position. Piper grabbed Paige's other arm and they began to walk toward the witchlighter's room. Piper turned to glance at Phoebe and mouth the words "Call Ava."

Phoebe nodded and motioned to Leo to come with her.

"She's getting worse," Prue commented as she and Piper helped their sickly sister back into bed.

"I know." Piper covered her younger sister with the duvet and placed her hand on Paige's forehead. It was hot and damp to the touch, alarming Piper. "Prue, could you bring Ava over here? I don't think we have much time left."

Prue nodded and orbed out.

"I'm really screwed now," Paige mumbled weakly. She had become somewhat coherent again and had heard her sister's words.

"No, honey, you're not. We're going to fix this and you're going to be okay, you hear me?"

Paige nodded weekly even though she was not convinced, and closed her eyes again in an attempt to shut out the nausea. She was so tired she felt like she had just run a marathon. "I don't…uh…I…,"

"Shhhh, don't talk sweetie, just relax." Piper cooed, rubbing her hand soothingly over her sister's forehead.

Paige found comfort in her sister's touch and closed her eyes.

Leo fidgeted awkwardly as he sat at the kitchen table while he waited for his sister in law to complete her call, conscious of the fact that he was wearing nothing but his pyjama bottoms.

As Phoebe hung up the phone she could sense Leo's discomfort at being shirtless and went to the laundry room in search of something for him to wear. "Here," she handed him a t-shirt. "I think this is one of yours."

Leo hesitated, as if struggling to find his voice, but took the shirt from his sister in law. "Thanks," he answered, as he put it on.

Phoebe went to the fridge and retrieved two bottles of water. She put one in front of Leo. "Thirsty?"

"Not really."

"Leo, are you okay?"

"I'm not sure."

Phoebe opened her water bottle and took a sip, eyeing her brother in law as she did so. She could sense a mix of emotions from him: confusion, hurt, frustration, relief. She scratched her head thoughtfully. "So, it must feel weird speaking English," she commented in an attempt to keep up the dialogue between the two of them.

"Not really. Swedish just didn't feel right."

An awkward silence fell over both of them then. Phoebe waited for her brother in law to volunteer more information, but he remained quiet. She could feel his tension and in addition to that, a hint of anger. Despite all her knowledge of psychology, Phoebe didn't know what to say to him.

A sudden shriek and a thumping sound coming from upstairs set them both into motion. Leo instinctively grabbed Phoebe's arm and orbed them both to the source of the sound. When they re-materialised in Paige's room they found Piper dazed and slumped against the wall. Blood dripped from her split lower lip and she hissed in pain as she touched it gingerly with her fingers. Paige lay motionless on the floor a few feet away from her.

"Oh my god, what happened?" Phoebe questioned in alarm.

Leo knelt down beside the witchlighter and checked for a pulse. "She's alive." He gathered her in his arms and laid her gently on the bed. Then he turned his attention to his wife.

"One minute Paige looked like she was asleep and the next her eyes shot open. She shouted at me to get away from her and punched me before I had a chance to react. Then she tried to get out of bed and just collapsed," Piper explained, allowing her husband to examine the cut on her lip. Out of habit, she closed her eyes and waited in anticipation of his healing touch, but flinched instead when he dabbed lightly at the cut with a tissue that Phoebe had handed to him.

Prue orbed in with Ava in time to hear Piper's account and the gypsy doctor rushed to Paige's side to examine her. When she was finished, Ava turned to face the sisters. She wore a grim yet determined expression on her face and her eyes were filled with despair. This was the part of her job she hated most; having to deliver bad news to the loved ones of a patient and it never got any easier.

The room was deadly quiet as the sisters took in the gypsy doctor's demeanour, and it left all three of them speechless with dread.