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Theme 371: I can't

-Reno's POV-

I shudder when Rufus locks the door behind me and gives me that smirk. You know the one. The 'I'm in control and there's nothing you can do about it' smirk that he uses so often.

This had become a ritual after I messed something up. He always said he could forgive me, get me off the hook, but in return I had to do something for him. Even though he could have any girl (and quite a few guys as well) it was always me he kept coming back to.

He probably just likes seeing someone strong, like someone from the Turks, submitting to him I thought to myself as he shoved me against the wall, lips capturing mine in a rough kiss.

I closed my eyes as he closed the distance between us, body pressed tightly against mine, using it to pin me to the wall.

It made me sick. Often I'd thought of what would happen if I just punched him in the face and told him to fuck off. The consequences weren't very appealing. I was widely known for my insubordinate behavior, but a lot of the time I wasn't fired because Rufus saw to it that I saw kept in the company.

His toughest feat had been when I set the carpet of the elevator on fire because I had ignored the 'no smoking in the elevators' policy. When the lift had jerked as it came to a stop (which it tends to do once in a while) I had dropped my cigarette and almost cost the entire building to burn down. Luckily it was Rude who had called the elevator and with his quick thinking the building had been saved. But that particular incident had been far worse with Rufus for making him work so hard to keep me in.

But I had proved myself now, they couldn't just get rid of me. I did missions people would never expect anyone of doing, and did them well. I had been captured and not even let the color of the presidents office carpet be spilled from my lips, let alone any secrets. By now if I did something stupid, surely Tseng could simply overlook it.


I couldn't help but wonder if he knew what was going on. He always had this deep glare in his eyes when I went to see Rufus.

The thought pissed me off. If Tseng knew and wasn't going to do anything about it, it was up to me to end this, here and now. I opened my eyes, steely resolve burning in their depths. Rufus was already prepared, hands going to his belt, but my voice stopped him ion his tracks. "I can't."

He just stared at me a moment, then smirked. "Don't confuse can't with won't, Reno," he scolded, hands moving instead towards me.

I caught his wrist in a death grip. All my life people had said that phrase. 'Don't confuse can't with won't.' What was the difference anyway?

"Fine," I bit out. "I won't. Either way I'm not doing it." I shoved him away and started toward the door, making short work of the lock and opening it.

"Reno," I heard behind me, but didn't turn around. "You realize now I can't grant you anymore favors."

I smirked. "Don't confuse can't with won't." And I slammed the door behind me.


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