Thank Merlin He Can't Read My Mind Can He?

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Here is a brand new story, departing from my old ships. This one is going to be a strong Hermione/ Charlie fic, so if you don't like it, you've been warned.


Chapter 1: No Wonder I Didn't Recognize Him

Hermione's pov

I can't believe I got suckered into this. Harry's been to muggle London before, so why couldn't he just escort Mr. Weasley around? I thought to myself, groaning as I looked to my 'chosen' companions for the day. Lovely. Lavender Brown and loony Luna Lovegood. Harry, Ron and Ginny would be coming with Arthur. Lavender's family happened to have a house near the city, and Luna. . . I don't know how Luna ended up with us. Oh, right, Neville wanted to come, too, didn't he?

"Hermione, when are they supposed to get here?" Lavender had grown on me (like a fungus), but her voice when she wanted to see Ron was rather grating on my nerves. Unfortunately for me, I was the only witch or wizard of age until Arthur got here, and I couldn't very well leave Lavender and Luna alone. Thank Merlin neither had thought to invite P

"Padma?" Luna's dreamy broke my reverie. I stifled a groan; Lavender was one thing, Padma another, but together, they were torture.

"Hello, ladies. Where's the rest of the group?" Padma said, only seeing us three witches. I knew she was looking for Harry, the same way Lav was looking for Ron, but I think both were out of look. Harry had Ginny, and Ron and I occasionally dated, nothing special, but enough to keep him out of Lav's clutches.

"We don't know. We've been waiting for EVER," Lavender said, immediately taking Padma's side. This was why they drove me nuts: alone, they were great, but together, they ganged up on people. It was infuriating!

"Let's just people-watch until they arrive," I suggested, and my suggestion was met with blank stares. "It is just what it sounds like: watch the people for your own entertainment. They'll find us soon."

The girls nodded and found benches to sit on. It was a sunny day, strangely enough. London does see the sun, sometimes; it just often needs a new introduction when it happens. I admired the straight, glossy hair of the women who passed in front of me, boyfriends and husbands hanging on their every word. Men did notice me, obviously; I grew up over the last six, going on seven years, but I didn't have the patented 'eat everything and not gain an ounce' figure of Lavender and Padma. My hips were fleshy, as was my stomach and bum. Luckily, my family has a good breast trait, so I can wear a lot of clothes my friends can't. For example, I was wearing short khaki-colored shorts and a Hefty halter (so-called because my breasts actually fit in it and stayed in the bra part Hefty, tough enough to overstuff) in a strange blue-green color that helped give the illusion that my skin was more tanned that it was.

I was busily tearing into my appearance when I saw him. He stood straight and tall, his skin kissed by the sun and slightly weathered, his hair coppery-gold and a bit long; his eyes were stranger, though. They shifted constantly, as if they couldn't make up their minds a to what color they should be: blue, green, silver. But it was that longish, shaggy hair that made me smile and made my breathing quicken. He reminded me a bit of Ron, but harder, like Ron would be after the war, as he was always reminding me. But this boy man I was watching smiled and I felt my stomach clench.

Those eyes with that smile should only be allowed in the bedroom. His mouth was just full enough to be enticing without looking effeminate or strange. His eyes were intense, and soon were focused on my very own form.

My gods, if I could shag him with my eyes, I don't think I'd mind going blind afterwards, I thought before I could help myself. Those eyes, that hair, those arms. . . I wish he'd try to crush me while he came.

I blushed when I heard Arthur Weasley's voice call my name from near the stranger.

"Hermione! Come on, come here have you met Charlie?" Arthur yelled, and people began to stop and stare. It took a moment for the disillusionment charm to fade between Arthur and me, then I recognized him as the poor soul I'd thought had Alzheimer's. To my horror, 'Charlie', the Weasley I hadn't really seen since my first bloody year, was the god I'd been fucking with my eyes. He shook himself and said something I couldn't hear; perhaps to himself, because Arthur didn't seem to hear it.

"Hello, Mr. Weasley!" I chirped, trying to shake off those feelings. It was Charlie, and like every other Weasley, except Ron, he would take one good look at me and decide I was just sister material. "Lavender, Padma, Luna they're here!"

"Well, not who'd you expect, but yes," Charlie said, and his voice was a bit gruff. I hoped he wasn't getting sick; I was supposed to go to the Burrow to finish the holiday after this outing, and I didn't want Mrs. Weasley deciding that I shouldn't be exposed. "The rest of the lot have flu; we'll have plenty to help with when we get back to the Burrow."

"Um," I said dumbly, trying not to meet Charlie's eyes; a noise behind me made me jump, and I ended up landing on Charlie. Those eyes I'd been daydreaming about were burning brighter than before, but I saw the brotherly shade pull down across them. Inwardly, I sighed. He was so much older than us, how else would he look at me or any of my friends that tagged along today? At least that was comforting; Lavender, Padma and Luna would all be under his radar, too.

I snorted at the idea of trying to explain radar to Arthur; after a moment, I shivered, for two reasons: 1) I really didn't want to be the one explaining radar, which would probably take about a week, and 2) I felt something brush against my head. I looked up, but Charlie was speaking with his father, completely and blissfully ignorant or uncaring of the fact that I was still attached to him. I thought for a moment and decided it was ignorant. With five younger siblings and babysitting dragons, he must have been used to people hanging on him.

Plus he's a rutting hottie, part of me screamed in my head. I blushed and tried to control my more lascivious side. He's probably more used to girls flinging themselves at him than 'babysitting dragons'. And what a way to put it, too.

Once my thoughts were gathered, I inched my way back from Charlie and his lanky self. And lanky he was, if not as tall as some in his family; muscular, too. He would try to crush me in

Heh. Need to stop thinking like that, I thought, turning my attention back to my full party of companions.

"What did you want to see today, Mr. Weasley?" I said with a smile. He was such a kind person, much more personable than my own parents. Him and Molly both, to tell the truth. My parents disapproved of anything magical, as a rule, but they couldn't not let me go away to school to learn my abilities, not after Dumbledore told them I would be the brightest, strongest witch of my age, and how dangerous I would be without a wand to focus all that power.

"Well, I'd like to know what it feels like to watch a smoovie," he replied, turning from Lavender and Padma's explanation of 'people-watching'.

"Do you mean watch a movie or drink a smoothie?" I asked, trying not to laugh in his face. He was so earnest about learning about muggles, it never failed to amuse me.

"Let's say both and get out of the sun, okay?" Charlie said, looking cautiously around, his eyes straining to discern everything he could about the area. I nodded and ushered them all ahead of me. I turned back to Charlie.

"And why am I just listening to you?"

"Are you really as bossy and nosy as the boys say you are?"

"Are you going to answer my question, Wild Chuck Weasley?"

"Don't call me that. And are you going to answer mine?"

He had me there; I wouldn't say one thing or another to him about what everyone had said about me. I'll take it up with them when we get back to the Burrow. We reached the movie theater quickly, with the girls babbling about how they wanted to get me to bring Viktor back for a chunk of time; never mind he was a pro quidditch player with things to do and the fact that I turned him down cold last time he'd pressed for a romance. They said I could get him to come as my birthday present, and I gagged at how he'd present himself.

"Ee-yuk," I said under my breath.

"Not a fan of Bulgarians, myself," Charlie's voice came to me from the lobby of the theater. I paid for the tickets and let Lavender lead everyone to the movie, something with talking dogs and aliens; people would expect a few crazies, so Arthur would be safe from over-exposure. I headed for the refreshment stands, and Charlie followed.

"Shouldn't you be in the theater?" I asked as I waited for the drinks and Arthur's smoothie. "You'll miss the beginning."

Charlie just looked at me.

"What?" I asked, thanking the girl behind the counter and smiling saucily at him. "Not a fan of dogs and aliens?"

"I prefer cute girls in halter tops who like being crushed," he said, eye twinkling.

I know where he picked up that particular twinkle. And what was that about oh, my. What am I doing? He is Ron's brother and not even here for very long, rumor has it. Suck it up. He's teasing you, just like Fred and George, I thought as I smiled sweetly and handed him some of the drinks.

"Very well. I'm sure Harry can direct you to a few theaters that play things like that," I said, trotting off to the theater and leaving him in my dust.

I risked one quick look back.

I'm already of age, and I know what I want for my birthday this year. One dragon-tamer, unwrapped, please, so I can run my hands through that hair and down his body, tracing those scars on his arms till they stop, and take him in my

"Hermione! Finally; Arthur is freaking out because they've portrayed the witches as monsters!" Lavender's panicked voice carried to me, and I held on to the drinks as I ran to help control the situation.

Like he'd ever consider a tubby-chub with frizz and too many brains.


I never would have recognized her today, if it hadn't been for Da and her friends. Thank gods Ron had been busy at home; he'd have killed me for my reaction. And when she started staring into my eyes I couldn't stop myself. I rolled her mind, so gently; she let me in without even knowing it. In my defense, she'd been broadcasting her thoughts so clearly I was surprised that the muggles in the square hadn't heard them.

But someone was still out there, chasing me, or her, or all of us. I tried to shut the connection down, to brush her mind away from my own, but it was not easy. Every time she turned her eyes back to mine, her mind tried to strengthen the line. I was ready to use my wand to break the connection when we were alone in the theater lobby, but she'd trotted off, thinking naughty things that I should have been able to ignore; Fred and George had warned me off, telling me to brace myself because she'd grown up and Ron was finally noticing. Apparently, they'd already had the misfortune to try something stupid, as a joke on Ron. It had taken two bottles of Skelegrow each to repair the damage he'd done to them.

And those thoughts. . .

I'm already of age, and I know what I want for my birthday this year. One dragon-tamer, unwrapped, please, so I can run my hands through that hair and down his body, tracing those scars on his arms till they stop, and take him in my

Like he'd ever consider a tubby-chub with frizz and too many brains.

I froze mid-step in my pursuit. Apparently, Ron had not taken the time to tell her otherwise. He should have helped her feel better about that by now; he was definitely the suitable Weasley.

Age-wise, a naughty little voice in my head said.

I shook my head and followed Hermione to the correct theater. Da can be one for theatrics; thank gods she chose the right movie.


Oohh. . . I know this is a bit OoC. For Hermione, that is. We don't know Charlie very well yet, and I plan on changing that. Next chapter will be up very soon, and we'll learn a bit more about Charlie's talents.