Thank Merlin He Can't Read My Mind Can He?

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Chapter 9: Be Very, Very Quiet. . .

Charlie's pov

I didn't even have to search for Hermione and Ryou. He was in that hazy state between sleep and wakefulness, but he had a feeler out for me to follow. It was a trick that Ryou had already known when I met him, and he'd taught me it early on. So long as I had the slightest consciousness, I could be found by Ryou, and vice versa. I took my time getting to where Ryou was curled up, Hermione safely tucked in the nest his body made.

Ryou, I'm here. How'd it go with Hermione? I sent my thought quietly. Ryou opened one eye to look at me, and I reached out a scratched an eyebrow ridge.

She is very confused, Charlie-san. Her heart is strong, but so are her ideas about what she is supposed to do, and what her heart wants her to do, Ryou's voice was tired and a bit sad. I like this one Charlie-san. There is no bad in her, only good. And a bit of mischief.

I laughed. He shifted, and Hermione rolled onto her back , stretching in her sleep. Her breasts strained the thin fabric of her top. I groaned and Ryou's slithering laugh filled my head. I hardened as she sighed. After kissing her, I knew I wouldn't be able to get her out of my head. I slinked down, low to the ground, taking her in my arms as Ryou slowly, carefully removed his support of her body. I silently thanked him as I drew Hermione onto my lap, dragging her top up so I could touch her bare stomach.

Her breath hitched but she arched her back so I could reach more of her. I splayed my fingers on her stomach before I leaned my head down, kissing where my hand had been. Her skin was sweet and slightly warmed by her sleep. I inhaled her scent as I laid her down gently in the soft, short grass and moss of the forest.

Looking down at her, I wondered where I should have drawn the line. I shouldn't have touched her mind back in London, I shouldn't have meddled between Ron and her, and I shouldn't have kissed her. But she was there, and while I gave her the idea of the dragon plains, she filled in the scene where she was healing a dragon and the exchange between the two of us. She was a gift, to say the least, and I was enjoying unwrapping her.

I leaned down and kissed her navel. On impulse, I tongued it. She groaned, and I slid my tongue around the little dip again. She sighed, and I started to work my tongue in and out as if it were her and my tongue, me. She jerked, and suddenly, two hands were holding my face just above her. I looked up, and her honey-colored eyes were boring into mine.

"This isn't a dream, is it?" she asked, and I shook my head. "Because if it is, please don't wake me."

In response, I dragged my body up hers until I was above her in a kind of push-up, my face hovering above hers. I leaned down and kissed her just a bit, a bare brushing of lips. She responded so eagerly I almost lost balance and I had to grab her shoulder a bit roughly to get her to back down.

"The Hellcat of Gryffindor," I murmured, gathering her into my arms, kissing her deeply. "Lucky puss gets to meet the Gryffindor dragon."


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