I see him, standing in the rain and my heart just about stops. I know I'm only a kid, but I can't stop the way I feel when I look at him. He's dark and dangerous and too hot for words. His eyes, so beautiful, I wish I could just stare at them all night. I wish I was older, like Fry, maybe then he would notice me. Instead, I look like a boy, pass myself off as a boy, but he knew; the first one to see beyond my guise in a year.

He just shived a creature unlike anything I have ever seen, for me, too save me. It isn't the first time he has saved my life in the last hour; see he isn't all that bad.

I can't believe I want him to notice me. If he did, he would be no better than that sick fuck of a step father that raped me. Wonder if he knows I killed him? Can you sense that in someone? That scar on your soul? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the bastard is dead, but it changes you.

His voice not only calms me, but excited me. I love the sound of it; its deep timber, the deadly malice that it contains, I could listen to it forever. Too bad he doesn't say much.

He makes me feel safe, something I haven't felt in a long time. I know its crazy, but I swear to all that is holy; if we get off this rock, we will meet again. And this time, when we cross paths, he will meet a woman that is his equal.


I wish she would stop looking at me like that, like I'm some kind of fuckin hero. If she knew what was good for her, she'd stay away from me. Don't need no kid hangin on my leg. Too stupid too realize what kinda monster I am.

She thinks I saved her from Johns cause I like her, truth is; I just wanted a way to kill the fuck. The sick bastard likes to hurt kids, I may be a piece of shit, but I'd never hurt a kid.

Should have left her ass at the crash, knew she wasn't a boy, knew the reason way too. Now we are all fucked cause of her. We'll all die cause she wants to play pretend. Cut the hair, change the clothes, but you can't change the body. May look like a boy now, but I can tell, not for long, if we live.

She'll be a fine piece of ass too with those green eyes, she'll let her hair grow back in. She's small, so it'll be a tight little package and with that fire…hummm beautiful. Can almost imagine what it would feel like… gotta stop thinking that way, just a kid. But maybe I'll look her up when she's older. Show her what a real animal would be like, I'd eat her alive, she'd let me too, probably even let me now…