Jack of all Trades

Chapter 1

Three Weeks

The girl turned to the other, her mirror standing on the wharf side, grumbling about unreliable contacts, but there is laughter in their voices, and their breath steams the cold night air.

They hear a sound behind them, and turn expecting to see the old man they've been waiting for since early evening, but instead they see nothing, one young woman drops into a fighting stance, the other mutters a protection spell, then from the silence all hell breaks loose.

There is maniacal laughter and heavy metal clawed hands rent the air, neither sister is fast enough and silence reigns again, all too quickly.

Two dreamers jerk awake, one, all too pleased it was just a dream, the other all too aware that it was not.

- - -

"Hey Luc, you're fine, it's OK, we're all here."

The girl, Lucia De' Silva, sits up, quickly in a hospital bed, but is quickly overwhelmed by the dizziness the suddenness of the movement brings and the pain in her head and back. Also she notices the lie, they are not all there.

"Where's Karmen?"

Her mother turned away unable to look her daughter in the eye.

"Pa?" She demanded

"You're sister is in the blessed beyond now!"

Lucia attempted to drag herself upright and suddenly the reason for the pain in her back became clear, as she felt the skin tear.

Her mother pressed the call button hanging by the bed, and a nurse appeared, putting a bright, sympathetic and at least partially false smile on her face.

"Well young lady, at least you're awake, but these cuts...we cannot get them to heal, even when you weren't moving your stitches tore!"

"How long have I been here?" Lucia asked.

"Three weeks..." Her mother replied wanly

"Three weeks...oh my god, we're twenty-five."

She caught the pain on her mothers' face "I'm twenty-five" She corrected. She turned to the nurse "How long until I can leave?"

"Oh not for a while yet dear!"

Four hours later, she was in her car, patched up and with a file on the Legend of Spring Heeled Jack on the passenger seat.