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Quiet moments had always been a bit of a rarity in their lives. There was usually something happening, and goodness knew the love of his life was not always the most serene person.

Certainly she was capable of it - and growing more into the calming presence he knew she would one day be with every passing day - but for now she remained a bundle of almost contagious energy. A joy in its own right, just not the most relaxing thing in the world.

Maybe that was why he had developed this habit of simply watching her while she slept.

She was beautiful.

She was always beautiful, in all of the million little oddities that came together to form the whole. The warrior, the princess, the friend, the woman, the school girl, all the parts of her that he was blessed enough to know, were beautiful.

Yet he had to admit, he took some particular joy in watching her at night while she slept.

It was not a pleasure he allowed himself often. She was still young and the age gap between them was enough to be a concern for the time being. So more often than not he sent her on her way home. Every so often, however, she would look at him, her eyes shining with the love they shared, and he knew that if she asked to stay he would not turn her away.

Theirs was an innocent relationship for all that he fought temptation. He could and would content himself with kisses until the day he could have more.

But on those nights when she lay in his bed asleep, wearing his pyjamas with her golden hair tumbling down around her, he couldn't help but take in the glory of his own small miracle.

She was a dream of gold and silver spun from the moonlight.

He almost laughed at the thought. There had been a time when she really had been a dream, a dream that called out to him in the night. No longer. She was real, she was here, and she was his as he was hers.

A smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, he gave into the desire to caress her cheek. Blue eyes drifted open and looked at him with a sleepy warmth. "Mamu-chan?" she inquired softly.

"It's nothing Usako, go back to sleep."

"Mmm..." the incoherent response told him that she was already drifting back towards slumber.

She really was beautiful, always shining with the light she so freely gave to others.

No wonder he loved her, his very own moonlit miracle.