A Black Secret

They were still at war so it was a secretive affair. On short notice, too – they just decided to get married a couple of days before attending Bill's wedding, and they only got to send the invitations a week before the celebration!

They weren't the only ones, though; the fear of dying came hand in hand with the fear of dying alone.

Thus, the union of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks was one of many.

Still, it was one people would remember for years to come. One that would be the anecdote old people told to their children and grandchildren on boring family reunions. One that would be immortalized in newspapers and magazines.

Needless to say, the Lupin-Tonks wedding was an eventful affair.

Remus J. Lupin and Nymphadora A. Tonks

Have the pleasure of inviting you

To witness their union in Holy Matrimony

Next Saturday at 17:00 PM.

P.S. This invitation will portkey you to the destination from that time onwards.

The wedding was held in the backyard of the lovely country house the couple had just bought and made their residence a few weeks before. It was a nice day; rather cloudy, but warm all the same. A soft breeze rocked the hanging fairy lights, which were now sleeping but would shine brightly when the sun fell. The white, silver and golden decorations – chosen by Remus, Andromeda Tonks and Mrs. Weasley (Tonks had been banished from the party planning after shattering the sample china) – were subject of much applause and congratulations.

All in all, the ceremony had been quite lovely; the procession had taken place at sunset, making the whole affair rather mystical. The bride, dressed in an ethereal-looking wedding dress, looked quite elegant with her long hair braided and entwined with jasmines. The silver trimming of the skirt and the shimmering of the trail complimented her sparkly makeup quite nicely, making her look like a beautiful elf, a captivating fairy, or a charming princess – the groom couldn't decide which.

This, of course, after Tonks had been bodily threatened into wearing the wedding dress her mother had chosen – one that most definitely did not call for military-style combat boots – and coaxed by Mrs. Weasley into changing, for once, into her true form – brown hair and grey eyes. She also behaved quite nicely and managed to walk to the aisle tripping only once.

She couldn't help herself but greet her future husband with a soft and rather nervous "Wotcher, Remus," though, but that wasn't too bad.

No, too bad was when – in anxiety, mischievousness or pure malice, a weary Andromeda Tonks, did not know– the young woman had begun changing her appearance to that of the different people she knew. This quite distracted both the minister from his sermon, the groom from his vows, and a reasonable amount of people from their mental health.

The Headmaster hadn't been amused in seeing himself in a wedding dress. White didn't suit his complexion at all…

Remus hadn't been happy to declare his undying love and swear his devotion and fidelity to Mundungus Fletcher…

Winky wasn't at all pleased that Remus would exchange rings with her Dobby…

And a whole lot of people had cried in outrage as Lucius Malfoy was declared the new Mrs. Lupin.

The groom had gone through all of this with an understandable irritation, but he had been quiet and resigned; a perfect candidate for martyrdom, really.

It was all too much when he had been asked to kiss a blushing Severus Snape, though.

Tonks just laughed and kneeled down to french his unconscious husband. In her own form now, that is. The spiky fluorescent blue hair couldn't be helped. When she saw her mother's pained face, though, she sighed, grew her hair so that it grazed her shoulders, and changed it into a more adequate color.

Silver matched the decorations, after all.

And that was Nymphadora Tonks's – now Lupin – reprisal for being forced into a traditional (code for boring) wedding.

It was safe to say that she got the most untraditional wedding her guests had ever attended too.

Except maybe for Firenze, but then centaurs didn't marry garden gnomes very often.



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