The weeks since Draco's temporary death had passed by in a haze. As far as the rest of Hogwarts was concerned, Draco Malfoy had come down with a flu and by the next morning was back in classes as fit as a fiddle. However, it did not take the student body long to notice the new geniality between Malfoy and one Harry Potter and the two boy's relationship spread like wildfire through the school. After the first two weeks, their friend's initial shocked reactions had given way to acceptance, although neither Harry nor Draco had yet to find enough courage to tell their friends about Draco's predetermined intentions.

Strangely enough, it was not Draco who was having trouble with their current lack of intimacy. The supposedly "hormone driven Veela" was by far the more collected of the two, though Harry attempted to hide this fact like a dirty secret from his boyfriend.

Truthfully, Draco's coy smiles and casual flirting were driving Harry mad with lust. He had lost all of the small amount of focus he had had in potions because of the beautiful blonde sitting in front of him. Today, Harry was wrapped up in watching Draco brew a difficult potion. The look of attentiveness on his face was gorgeous and Harry couldn't help but notice Draco's left had occasionally straying upward to play with a lock of platinum hair as he thought about a particularly hard formula.

Harry must have been ogling his would-be mate more so than usual because Draco, feeling eyes on him, looked up from his work and, noticing Harry, gave his boyfriend one of those coy smiles that Harry thought was so sexy. He had to work very hard to stifle a moan at the sight. This was going to be a very long potions class.

Draco packed his books up slowly, eyeing his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye and sending a look that said, 'Hold up a minute. I need to talk to you.' Harry nodded his head and turn to Ron and Hermione, feeding them an excuse about needing to ask Snape a question about the assignment. Both Gryffindors bought the lie and headed off to dinner without him.

"What's up?" Harry asked him, smiling at the other boy. Draco loved that smile; one part goofy, one part sheepish, one part curious, and one part affectionate.

"Let's go somewhere private."

"Sure," Harry said, easily, clearly not catching on to what Draco was implying. He had to fight to not roll his eyes at his mate's clueless behavior. Twining his fingers with Harry's in a rare show of public, physical affection, Draco led the was to the Slytherin dorms. As Harry entered Draco's room, the blonde discretely pulled off his tie and hung it on the doorknob, closed the door and applied a quick locking and silencing spell to it. He had plans for his Harry tonight.

Harry plopped down on the edge of his bed, smiling up at him. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Draco smirked.

"Who said anything about talking?" In a blink he was straddling Harry's hips, literally sitting in his lap, facing him. Harry's eyes widened in surprise but he made no sign of disagreement, instead placing a hand on the small of Draco's back for support. Completely aware that this was the first actually intimate thing that they had done other than kiss, Harry was at a loss at to what to do. Thankfully, Draco wasn't as clueless.

Latching his mouth onto Harry's collarbone, he licked an nipped at the exposed skin above the neck of Harry's shirt, simultaneously sliding his and Harry's robes off their shoulders. Detaching his lips from Harry's collar, he made quick work of his tie and began with the buttons of his boyfriend's shirt.

"Impatient, are we," Harry rasped through his panted breathes and the sound went straight his groin, eliciting a moan from his own mouth. Harry helped Draco to shuck off his shirt and the blonde's quickly followed. Harry readjusted Draco in his lap, causing their erections to grind together and Harry let out a aroused growl. Draco stared wide-eyed at his boyfriend, who had just made the sexiest noise he had ever heard and had gone from being the inexperienced virgin to roughly clawing away Draco's belt.

Harry pulled off his mate's pants and underwear and maneuvered them onto the bed so that Draco was under him, meanwhile pulling off the rest of his own clothes, and pressed his bare skin against his boyfriend's. Draco arched his hips up with a whimper and pulled Harry in for a breathless kiss, letting his mate ravage his mouth.

Draco pushed lightly against Harry's shoulder and, curious as to what his mate would do, rolled off and allowed Draco to climb on top of him. Draco slide down his body, creating friction that had both groaning in pleasure. Finally, Draco stopped at Harry's leaking erection, eyeing the large shaft with nervous excitement. He had never given a blowjob before.

Hesitantly, he wrapped is tongue around the head, causing his mate to let out a little gasp. Smiling, he let more of the hard flesh into his mouth until he felt the tip hit the back of his throat. Draco moved up and down on Harry's pulsing cock, reveling in the groans of pleasure coming from his boyfriend.

Harry was sitting up on his elbows, watching the incredibly hot scene of Draco's mouth moving up and down on his cock. His breath was coming in harsh gasped and he could feel himself growing harder each time Draco increased his pace.

"Oh, God. Draco, ah, stop." Draco complied by released Harry's dick with a hurt expression. "Did I do something wrong?" Harry let out a breathless laugh and captured Draco's lips in a passionate kiss, moaning lightly at the taste of himself in Draco's mouth.

"Of course not, love. I just didn't want to cum before we got to the best part." Draco blushed crimson and ducked his head to bury his face in Harry's shoulder and let out a muffled "oh".

"We won't go all the way if you don't want to." Harry said, bringing Draco back up to face him and smiling nervously at his mate.

"I want to." Harry nodded. Getting over his embarrassment, Draco smiled seductively at Harry, grabbed his mate's hand and taking two of the fingers into to his mouth. Harry moaned in appreciation and stared at the scene that Draco made as he moved the fingers in and out of his mouth to imitate things to come. Harry got unimaginably hard just watching it.

Retrieving his fingers from Draco's hot mouth, he moved his hand behind the blonde and swirled them around the tight hole he found their. Draco let out a sharp intake of breath as he began to push past the tight ring of muscles.

"Ah," Draco cried out, clutching Harry's shoulders tightly.

"Shhh, almost there." And true to his word, Harry quickly found his mate's prostate and began fingering it. Pretty soon, Draco's cries of pain were replaced by throaty moans. Withdrawing his fingers, Harry positioned his cock at Draco's entrance. Draco nodded his head and Harry entered him in one quick thrust. Draco tensed, grasping frantically at the sheets, and clenched his jaw painfully. Harry stayed as still as he could, whispering comforting words in the blonde's ear and making soothing circles on Draco's back. After a few minutes, Harry felt Draco shift and the blonde let out a pleasured gasp. Harry thrust his hips upward and was rewarded by a drawn out moan.

"You like that?" Harry asked his voice husky and breathless. Draco nodded and moaned again as Harry thrust up harder.

Harry, please, stop teasing me!" He didn't need to be told twice. He began to make long thrusts into his mate, establishing a rhythm that Draco eagerly matched. Harry shifted slightly which resulted in a high-pitched scream from Draco.

"What was that?!!!" The blonde half moaned, half yelled. Harry grinned sexily.

"I think it was your prostate."

Again," Draco moaned, grasping mindlessly at Harry's shoulders. The brunette let out another one of his feral growls and began to thrust more quickly into Draco, hitting his prostate every time. With each thrust, Draco let out a "Oh, Harry," or a "Harder!" or a "Yes. Yes. YESSSS!" Harry moaned just as loudly, occasionally let out little grunts as he thrust into the tight heat. He could feel himself getting closer to release and Draco's tightening muscles suggested that he, too, was close.

"Come on Draco. Cum for me, love." And right on cue, Draco screamed out Harry's name and came in hot spurts all over Harry's stomach. Harry moaned loudly as he felt Draco's muscles constrict around him. With a few quick thrusts, he came whispering his love for Draco in the blonde's ear.

"Merlin, Draco, I love you." The blonde smiled affectionately at his mate. "I love you, too, my Harry."