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Here's my story.


I had sworn revenge and now I was going to get it. I stood over Edward a look of hatred in my eyes. He looked up at me with those damn topaz eyes. How I hated those topaz eyes. He was going to pay for what he had done to me. I was going to prove I was just as good as him. I was Isabella Marie Swan, and I was going to kill Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.


"Hello Edward." I said sweetly.

"Hi." He said coldly.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Isabella…I need…we need to talk after school." He walked away. I stood there shocked. What did he need to talk about? He could have at least walked me to class. Something wasn't right. I thought as I walked to class alone.

I entered the science class room. Edward wasn't in his usual seat. Where was he? I scanned the class room. I couldn't see him, strange… Science without Edward was boring

After Science I had English with Alice perfect I could ask Alice what was wrong with Edward. I walked into the English class room Alice wasn't there… English without Alice was boring.

Followed by English there was Gym…That explains it's self… Gym was just plain traumatizing. This however was the one class I was glad not to have to share with a Cullen.

I walked into the lunch room; there was not a Cullen in sight…

He wouldn't…would he?

"No" I said to myself. "He wouldn't." I knew he would though. I new he was going to and I now knew what Edward wanted to talk was about.

I threw out my lunch in the nearest trash bin and ran towards my truck. I hopped in and turned on the engine. Carefully pulling out of the parking lot, I headed towards the Cullen's house going as fast as my little truck could. I pulled into their empty drive way. I opened the front door not bothering to knock I already knew exactly what was inside. I was right, on every wall, in every room, on every floor was… nothing. It was empty. They had left…again.

I sat down and cried. I cried for what seemed like an eternity.

When I finally got up I was furious. I headed back to my truck. Edward was going to get a piece of my mind when I got home. I sped towards my house. Charlie was still at work, good. I ran upstairs into my room. He was sitting on my bed.

"EDWARD!" I screamed. He lifted his head up from the magazine he was reading.

"Isabella." He calmly said.

"They're gone aren't they…?" I wasn't yelling anymore.

"Yes they-"He was cut off.

"YOU PROMMISED" I picked up a vase holding a white rose and threw it at his face. He let it hit him, but it did him no harm.

"Bella I was-" I cut him off again.

"You asked me to marry you!" I was getting desperate. I would say yes if I had to.

"You said no." He made a face as if I had brought up a bad memory.

"No. I…I said I needed more time." I stuttered.

Edward was in front of me in a second. His face so close I could feel it.

"It's for you own good." He said.

"Edwa-" I tried to tell him his efforts were futile that I wasn't going to move on that I couldn't live without him. He had known what I was about to do. He had kissed me to shut me up. I hated when he did that but, I couldn't refuse him. It might be the last time I ever saw him. I kissed him back. I opened my mouth and for the first and possibly last time, he opened his mouth. We kissed, actually properly kissed. It was a kiss filled of longing and pain. Then he pulled away. His eyes were black.

"Good bye Isabella." He gave me a quick kiss good bye then left.

He was gone… forever.

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