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(Bella's P.O.V)

I closed my eyes and let the pilots nasally voice fill my ears.

"Hello, I am sorry to inform you that this flight will be delayed. There is a mad man lying in front of the tires of the plane-"


"We at American Airlines would like to assure you that this in not a regular occurrence, and that security will be dealing with the problem immediately."

I looked out my window in an attempt to see the man. No such luck, from this angle it would be impossible.

"And we're off, the man has been subdued."

"American Airlines, keeping life interesting." A voice said behind me.

"So your stalking me now." I said refusing to turn around.

"Bella, you know I love you-"

"Edward, once upon a time you left me to protect me. At least let me do the same for you." I said, trying not to let my voice waver.

"I don't care, I now understand what you meant all those times, every time I tried to leave, you told me you didn't care, you said that you loved me, and that you didn't care if I was dangerous."

"It's too late now, I can hear her…she's never going to leave." I said still staring strait ahead.

"We'll help you…we'll all help you control it. If it means taking a few punches here and there, I can deal."

"Edward, you don't understand-"

"No Bella you don't understand I love you."

"You may love me, but your family-"

"Told me that I should get my ass over here because you needed my help, offered to help you with the voices, lay in front of a plane, hell even Rosalie was glad to see you."

"Wait…lay in front…that was-"

"Emmet. He offered."

"That's…" I laughed, and had I still been able to cry I would have, I was so confused emotionally, but everything felt right.

"Don't you see Bella, everyone loves you everyone wants you back, when you were dying, before I turned you…If you could have seen everyone…if you could just see how much they cared, Rosalie was helping Carlisle, Emmet was panicking…Jasper was the only one who was reasonably calm, and you could see how hard that was for him. Bella, we all love you."

"That was before-"

"When I went back to the house after you left me in the forest, Alice had seen what you would do, I thought she was going to kill me. She was livid."

"What's going to happen to Emmet?" I asked eyes still set directly in front of me.

"Oh him, he'll be fine. He can fight his way out, and if needed…he has a large sum of money on him." Edward laughed.

"Edward…I don't know if I can do this again, I don't want to get hurt again."

"Bella…I am so sorry and I know that there is nothing that I can do right now to fix what I have done. But I do promise you that I will always love you. And…I was wondering if," I headed the rustling of fabric. "Will you marry me?"

I turned around, Edward was sitting directly behind me, holding an open ring box with a reasonably large diamond ring safely settled in the cushion.

"You're not serious are you?" I asked shocked.

"I don't see why you're so amazed, it's not like this is the first time that I've asked you to marry me."

"Yes but, I tried to kill your family and you want to marry me?"

"Yes, I like you when your feisty." Edward smiled my favourite crooked smile. "Your not in high school anymore, so you can't use that as an excuse."

I laughed.

"I love you Edward Cullen." I smiled.

"So marry me, and make me the happiest vampire on this plane." Edward offered.

"Hmmm, only on the plane?" I pouted.

"Well, throw in a kiss and we'll say happiest creature on the planet, how does that sound?

"I think that sounds perfect." I leant over the back of the chair, and pressed my lips gently to his.

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