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It had been a couple weeks since they had brought Ray in and life was going back to normal. They had booked Will and were trying to have the judge go light on Ray. So far it was looking very good for him.

Danny had come back to work, but was only allowed to work in the lab. Everyone could feel the sexual tension between Danny and Lindsay. Everyone couldn't wait till Danny got a clean bill of health. Danny still lived with Lindsay and they were talking about making it permit.

"Hey Montana" Danny yelled at her when he saw her down the hall.

"Yeah" Lindsay said as she turned to look at him.

"I'm off to the doctor's. You want me to pick up something for dinner?" Danny asked.

"No that's okay, I figured I'll cook you a home cooked meal tonight." Lindsay said with a smirk. "Because you may need all the energy you can get." With that said Lindsay turned on her heels and walked down the hall.

"She is going to be the death of me" Danny said to himself.

"I have to agree with you there" Don said from behind Danny.

"You have no idea" Danny said with a roll of his eyes.

"Come on lover boy, let's get you to the doctor" Don said as he grabbed Danny by the shoulder and pulled him towards the exit.

Mac and Stella had seen the whole thing from Mac's office.

"You know, things are going to get very fun around here." Stella said with a knowing smile.

"Oh yeah, how's that" Mac asked like he didn't know.

"We'll just have to wait and see now won't we." Stella said as she grabbed the file on Mac's desk and left.

"Yeah we will" Mac said to an empty room and went and sat at his desk.

"Hey Sheldon, what's ya got" Lindsay asked as she entered the lab.

"Not much, just some fibers and this bit of black plastic. I can't figure out where it came from" Sheldon said as he looked up at Lindsay.

Lindsay didn't seem to be paying attention. She was staring out the window.

"Hey, you okay" Sheldon asked as he walked up behind Lindsay.

"Yeah" Lindsay said with a sigh.

Sheldon took a good look at Lindsay. She looked down right tired.

"Danny's still having nightmares?"

"Yeah, they are slowing stopping, but" Lindsay stopped.

"They still keep you up even after he has gone back to sleep?" Sheldon asked knowingly.

"Yeah. I am trying so hard to be strong for Danny"

"You forgot about yourself." Sheldon said. He walked up to Lindsay and pulled her into a brotherly hug. Feeling the support from Sheldon Lindsay finally let all the frustration and anger that had pilled up on her out.

After a few minutes, Lindsay pulled away. "Thanks, Sheldon, I needed that."

"Anytime, Lindsay" and with that they got back to work.

Danny was about to go crazy. He had been sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like hours.

"Dude, would you please sit down" Don asked from his place in one of the lovely plastic chairs.

"No, I'm ready to get my clean bill of health; I'm ready to go back into the field."

"Yeah, I'm sure that is the only thing you want that clean bill of heath for." Don said with a knowing smirk on this face.

"Man that was just wrong." Danny said with a small laugh as he took a seat next to Don.

"Yeah, but right"

"Danny Messer" called a nurse.

"That's me" Danny said standing up.

"Follow me please"

After getting his weight and blood pressure the nurse said the doctor would be with him in a few minutes.

"Which means we have to wait another thirty minutes" Don said as he pulled a two month old magazine from the rack in the room.

Sheldon had somehow talked Mac into letting her go home. Lindsay was sure it was more Stella than Sheldon, but she was just glad to be going home.

She started by cleaning the house, and getting everything out to cook for dinner. She wanted tonight to be special. Looking at the clock she realized she still had a couple hours before Danny got home. I like the sound of that. Danny's home Lindsay thought as she went back to their room and lay down on the bed. She set the alarm to wake her in enough time to cook. A small nap wouldn't hurt. And with that Lindsay closed her eyes.

Don was about ready to shot Danny himself. Luckily he was saved when Danny's phone rang.


"Hey Danny, its Sheldon"

"Hey Hawkes, What's up?"

"It's Lindsay" before Sheldon could continue Danny started with the questions.

"What about Montana? Is she okay? What happen? Is she hurt? What hospital do I need to go to?"

"DANNY STOP!!!!" Sheldon yelled at him. When he was sure Danny was quiet he continued. "Lindsay is fine. We sent her home and before you ask she was like the walking dead."

"What's going on Sheldon?" Danny asked.

Sheldon then filled him in on the conversation he had had with Lindsay and how he talked to Stella and they sent her home.

"Okay Sheldon, thanks for letting me know."

"Not a problem Danny. Have you seen the doctor yet?" At that moment the doctor walked into the room.

"He just walked in I'll talk to ya later."

"Alright talk to ya later" and with that Sheldon hung up the phone.

"Well Detective Messer let's see how you are doing?" said the doctor as he started his examination.

After having been poked and prodded for what seemed like hours Danny walked into the apartment. Looking around Lindsay was no where to be seen so he went to the bedroom.

Sure enough, there was Lindsay, lying on the bed curled in a ball on his side of the bed.

"Montana" Danny said in a soft voice trying to wake her up.

"Hmm" was all he got in response.

"Come on Montana; let me see those beautiful brown eyes."

"Go away, Danny" Lindsay mumbled in her sleep then sat straight up. "DANNY, your home oh God, my alarm didn't go off. I wanted to have dinner ready for you when you got home." Lindsay fell back on the bed.

"It's okay" Danny said as he took off his shoes and crawled in bed with her. They lay there spooning for a few minutes when Danny broke the comfortable silence. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Lindsay took in a deep breath. "I see you talked to Sheldon."

"Yeah, but I should have heard it from you" Danny said with no anger but a little hurt in his voice.

"I know, but with everything going on I didn't want to worry you or add my problems onto what you were already going through" Lindsay said in a small voice.

"Hey look at me." Danny said pulling Lindsay's face to him. "I am always here for you. We are in this together okay?"

"I love you, Danny" Lindsay whispered

"I love you too, Montana."

"So, Do I get to show you how I ride a horse yet?" Lindsay said sitting up with an evil grin on her face.

"All you want Montana, all you want."


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