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Witch Cat


"You can't have her!" The thin woman screamed, clutching her tiny daughter to her cloaked body. "She's a witch just like me, and you won't take her! She's my little witch cat! My Tantomile! She'll strike you down someday, mark my words!"

He snarled and lunged at her, and both she and her daughter disappeared with a burst of flame. He followed her in the nether, but when he found her there was no child. Tantomile was gone, forever. Good.

Part 1: The Summoning

Tantomile stalked through the junkyard on the wake of her anger. Her long brown hair with it's few streaks of black and white hung out from under a tilted back pointy black witch's hat. Her thin amber eyes glowered at the world, and she stomped heavily with her six inch heeled black boots. When the black dressed witch cat was angry, the whole world knew.

And I mean black dressed. As well as her black hat and boots, she wore a black v-neck t-shirt and long black stretchy finger gloves, these were mostly covered by a long leather jacket which hung down to her knees. To complete her outfit, she wore either stretchy black flare pants or a skirt that was shorter then her jacket. When she wore the skirt, you could see that her leather boots came all the way up to her knees. But today, that was not the case. Today she wore pants.

She stalked into the dimly lit room that was her domain. Sitting at the table playing cards with Exotica and his little brother George was Alonzo. Just because Alonzo and George normally looked like regular black and white marked cats with kitty ears and twitching tails, didn't mean anything. Tanto was in the business of the supernatural. Alonzo and George were her pet dragons. George was just a baby one though, and could barely fly. They too wore black. Black vests over long-sleeved black shirts, and black cargo pants with black clonky laced boots.

"My, my, upset are we?" Alonzo asked casually tossing a card on the table.

Tanto glowered at him. "With good reason. Shut up."

George looked at her with his big purple dragon eyes. Unlike his brother, he preferred to stay a dragon most of the time. His size was no different, and it was easier on him. His small wings were almost as big as he was, and he sat up on his haunches, one paw resting on his cards. "We shouldn't play cards with a fortune teller. She always wins."

Exotica laughed. "I promised not to cheat didn't I?" She asked, tugging on one long black glove. Unlike Tanto, she wore full gloves, not finger gloves. Black jeans were her choice of wear, along with a black spaghetti string tank top and a black hooded sweatshirt jacket, unzipped and hanging just off her shoulders. Black high-heeled sandals was her choice of footwear.

Most magic-users wore black. It was just one of those things.

Tanto reached down and pulled a black and gray bottle off of her silver plated belt. The belt was basically several black strings tied together with round silver plates attached every few inches that had mysterious engravings on them. A very witchy belt. "Sillabub, get out here!" She commanded crossly. With a cloud of blue smoke and a strange noise, Silly drifted out of the bottle. "Yes Master?"

"Don't call me that." Tanto growled. "I need something to do. I'm bored."

Silly clapped her hands together, "I know Master! You need a boyfriend!"

"Get back in your bottle!" Yelled Tanto hotly, that wasn't the answer she was looking for. As Silly's black clothed form (she was wearing a black halter top and black pants but no shoes) blurred and flew into the bottle, Exotica started to laugh.

"Maybe she's right. Here, I'll see." Exotica pulled a card out of her deck, not out of the playing cards. "A boy sure enough." She turned the card over and it lit on fire. "A boy summoning."

"I already have summonings, pet dragons, a genie," she waved the bottle, "a faerie friend from another world, why do I need another? And a boy at that!"

Exotica was examining the flaming card. "He's a Warlock. A dead Warlock. But not dead? How strange." She looked up at Tanto and tossed her dark chocolate brown ponytail over one shoulder. "Well?"

Tanto glared at her, and the room seemed to shrink. Alonzo looked around nervously. At this point, Cassandra the faerie who normally hid her wings floated down from her seat on the book case. "Tantomile! Please, I don't want to have to shield everyone. And let Silly out! She was only trying to be helpful. You know she's a bit of a ditz!" Cassandra wore a cute black short-sleeved dress, it's hem line at the bottom of the skirt and the sleeves was cut in zigzags, and the neck was a v-neck. She landed on one toe of her black ballet-type shoes. "Well?" She put her hands on her hips holding her star-tipped wand in one hand.

Tanto blinked and shook her head, and the room slowly returned to it's normal dank self. "All right, I'll try it. But only because Exo's a fortune teller!"

"And Silly?" George asked quietly.

"Ohh! All right." Tanto rolled her eyes. "Silly, get out here, but stay out of my sight, got it? I'm going to the library." Silly hurriedly poofed out of the bottle, and Tanto stalked into the tunnel to the library, brushing past the mildewed curtain hanging in the door.

The library was, if it was even possible, even more dank then the main room. It smelled distinctly of old mildewy manuscripts, and the books were slowly rotting in their cases, but Tanto didn't care. She could read them, and that was what mattered. It wasn't like she couldn't just summon up new copies anyway. Just because that was a lot of work, she considered it more work to maintain their upkeep.

She scanned her list of titles and found a book on summonings that looked promising, then a book on Warlocks. She selected them off the shelves and sat down at a table. Tanto glowered at the lumpy candle sitting on the table and it burst into flame. The whole thing, not just the wick.

"I need to practice control." She muttered, but ignored the flame which had now made a face and appeared to be laughing at her. "They say witches and warlocks attract magic, and I guess that's true. I suppose that's the difference between us and magicians. Magicians practically are magic!" She laughed, and the face frowned.

"You aren't supposed to find this amusing." A deep voice spoke from the flame.

"Shut up!" She snapped, then did a double take. "You shouldn't talk! Who are you?"

"Hellfire." He spoke again.

She narrowed her eyes. "A demon."

"Yes, I'm checking you out girl. You could be dangerous."

"Dangerous to who? Your master, or YOU?" Tanto mocked.

She flipped open her book. "Page 102." The flame said.

"How'd you know?"

"I'm a demon. I know." The flame chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't tell my master unless he asks very specifically that you're trying to summon Coricopat."


"Oh, you didn't know? He's the warlock you're trying to summon. Good luck, Witch Cat!!" The flame folded into itself with a maniacal laugh leaving behind only a normal candle flame flickering merrily on the wick of the candle.

"Jeez, couldn't ya have waited?" She muttered crossly. "Now it's dark." She read through the moldy text and sighed. "This is going to be hard! I've got my work cut out for me. But, apparently everyone thinks I should summon this 'Coricopat'. I'd better check, see who he is..." She trailed off and began flipping through the book on Warlocks.

"Here it is, 'One of the most famous Warlocks of our history, Coricopat lived to the distinct age of three hundred and twelve, but never aged. One day he disappeared, and a fortune teller was called to confirm his death. This was during the age of Metropolis the Magician, ruler of Mezzoka. His major contributions to history were...' wow that's a lot!" She laughed. "Maybe someday I'll be that good. But I doubt it. I'll never even make it into the Witches book, probably. Only official Witches make it there." She got up and headed for the cellar, her alchemy shop, carrying both the Book of Warlocks and Summonings.

"Let's see, do I have any harpy feathers down here?" She muttered digging through the jars. Everything was in jars, except, apparently, harpy feathers. "No harpy feathers, List, right that down." The last was directed at a sheet of paper and quill and ink known formally as 'List' which magically wrote down what it was told. She kept it in the cellar for when she was taking inventory. List quickly began scratching down what it was being told.

Tanto began to dig through the shelves for other various items, including liquid fire and gaseous ice. Dragon fire was required for part of the fire, but that was easy enough to find, just head upstairs! However, she would need a fire bottle, and she wasn't sure if she had one. She dug about hurriedly, and finally decided to just have Silly wish one up for her. That was the good thing about having a genie, even if she was a ditz. "List, fire bottle! Get writing." List continued it's scratching after dipping it's quill into it's ink.

Then, interrupting her scanning of the list in Summonings, Exo's voice floated down the stairs. "Remember the meeting? We're gonna be late! Old Deuteronomy isn't going to be happy about that!" Tanto flinched, while she wasn't scared of Old Deuteronomy, it was wise to keep on the good side of Clerics, it gave you more chance of getting in with the Everlasting Cat himself. And Old Deuteronomy was a Cleric.

"I'm coming!" She yelled up the stairs, then said to List, "Finish what you've got but keep the paper. I'll be back to finish this."

She climbed up the ladder out of the cellar into the basement and ran up the stairs to ground level, then through the tunnels to the main room. Tanto pulled her hat on her head tighter, and noting the time yelled, "Silly! Get us to the main part of the junkyard! Now! And mind it's all of us!"

They appeared just outside of the meeting area, and George quickly turned into a little cat boy. "You coulda warned me..." he whined, flattening his ears. Tanto ignored him and ran into the junkyard, coat flying out behind her.

"Woh!" She ran smack into a little black and white marked cat boy, who fell to the ground and instantly doubled, so that there was two of him.

"Sorry!" She ignored the strangeness of the situation, that was just Quaxo/Mistoffelees, so far doubling appeared to be his only talent. The others stampeded through nearly trampling Quaxo/Mistoffelees. Maybe he was a Magician though, Magicians had to learn tricks they didn't just know them. But they didn't learn them from books like Witches and Warlocks, they learned them from somewhere in their head. So basically, Magicians made their magic up, and that took a certain amount of dedication, which comes with age.

"Greetings all, I am pleased to see you all here on such short notice." Old Deuteronomy greeted, while his assistant Grizabella the once beautiful took a quick attendance. "Today I have called you here to introduce some new companions, as well as remind you, as I do every time I have the chance, to please behave yourselves."

All the teen Jellicles shifted uneasily muttering amongst themselves. "But we are behaving ourselves!" That was Trap, Munkustrap, with a grin on his face, obviously putting on a jokers face.

Tantomile rolled her eyes. No one ever complained about her behavior, that is, no one outside the tribe. But she didn't hardly associate with the other Jellicles, let alone outsiders. She noticed that two boys stood next to Old Deuteronomy, both white with brown stripes and brown patches. "Please, Munkustrap!" Old Deuteronomy laughed, "Let our new arrivals introduce themselves before you begin playing games!" Trap rolled his eyes at the other Jellicles, many of whom giggled.

Old Deuteronomy looked expectantly at the two boys. "Me name's Tumblebrutus," the older one said.

"Right, Tumblebrutas," said one of the Jellicles, because that was the way he said it.

"And I'm Bill Bailey." The other said, he wore blue jeans with holes in the knees, a brown long sleeve shirt that said 'Bill Bailey' on it, so Tanto assumed that was how he spelled his name, not like he said it 'Bill Baylay'. He wore full black gloves with the collar turned over. Unusual.

"Righto, Bill Baylay." That was Rum Tum Tugger, mocking him. Tanto rolled her eyes, Tugger was sooo immature. As Old Deuteronomy began talking she slipped away, grabbing Silly by the shirt strap and dragging her off with her.

"But Master! What if Old Deuteronomy notices!" Silly cried, distraught.

"I need you to wish up some components for my summoning spell." Tanto growled, "I don't care what the cleric thinks, that we showed up at all is something."

After finishing her check for ingredients, checking List and having Silly wish up the missing things, and mixing up her cream, she remembered that she needed dragons fire. "George!" She yelled, "Get down here!" She chose George because he could become a dragon indoors and not wreck the house, plus his jets of flame were much smaller and less dangerous.

George trundled down the stairs awkwardly on his hind legs, Tanto really didn't know why he walked like that, it didn't look very natural. But maybe it was. Maybe baby dragons were just funny looking. She climbed up the ladder to meet him, because George couldn't climb ladders as a dragon, and she didn't want to tire him out.

"I need some fire in my bottle. Blow." She told him, handing him the fire bottle. George took it, and gleefully blew into it, the last time he'd had this must fun was Exo's birthday, when he got to light the candles. "What is with baby dragons and fire? Wait, forget I asked. It's a dragon thing, isn't it." George nodded, handed her the bottle, and stumbled back up the stairs. She took the corked bottle, and climbed down the ladder.

In her cellar, she took her mixture and spread it over the floor in the shape of a star. She looked at the time and sighed, it was the next day, she should change her clothes quick... Tanto disappeared up the ladder but several minutes later returned, this time in a black skirt. "Okay, stand in the center of the star, release the dragons fire and say..." she read out loud, and followed her instructions opening the fire bottle after stepping into the center of the star. "Qwuelarae!" As the fire blew forward it began to form a shape, and when it dissipated a semi-translucent Warlock stood in front of her. "Weird." Tanto said, to no one in particular.

Then the sending spoke. "You're tellyng me."

"Move it, Coricopat." She told him, pointing at the ladder.

"Aren't you goyng to go fyrst?" he asked.

"NO!" She yelled, "NOW GO!!!"

The sending, Coricopat, walked over to the ladder, and began to climb it, long loose black pocketed coat flapping about as he climbed. He too wore black boots, but the heels were much shorter, and as with most magic users, he wore gray pants, black finger-gloves, and a black shirt. She followed him up the stairs, and he gazed down at her, she tried not to shy away from that look, he looked an awful lot like her, only a little more streaks of black and white in his shoulder-length hair. "Nyce skyrt." Copat said impassively.

"Thanks. I'm glad you like it." She told him with a fake smile and headed up the stairs, through the tunnel and into the main room. As soon as she entered everyone looked up, they were all back here now.

"Well, I was right." Commented Exo. "Honestly, you'd think you people would learn that I am always right."

Alonzo rolled his eyes, but before he could speak, Silly burst out, "Oh Master, what's his name?!"

Coricopat looked at her strangely. "A genye, huh?" He sighed and spread his arms wide. "Y, am Coricopat."

"Nice to meet you Coricapat!" Giggled Silly, grinning care-freely. "I'm Sillabub, Tantomile is my master! Isn't that great? And this is Exotica and Alonzo and George and Cassandra..." She cut off at the look Coricopat was giving her, kind of a sardonic 'okay...?' look. "What?"

"A dytzy genye. Great, jist what the doctor ordered."