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Part 6: Witch's Council

"Once again, I assure you, I have done nothing to any Jellicle in the last few weeks." Macavity told Tantomile. He pulled at a long strand of hair and eyed it angrily. "Has my hair changed color since the last time we met?"

"How about you ask Hellfire?" Tanto suggested.

"If my hair's changed color? That sounds a bit silly."

"Arrggh! Quit it. I know your trying to annoy me or something, but right now is not the time. Would you ask Hellfire about Victoria's disappearance?" Tanto flung her arms up in the air and wished that she could just strangle the supposed Napolean of Crime. "Don't you supposedly control all crime? Isn't this catnapping without your awareness a grave insult to your position?"

"I already asked Hellfire." Macavity glanced lazily at her. "Before I came. He said, and I quote, 'Death has taken her.' And then he laughed his silly face off." Closing his eyes, he sighed deeply. "I get no respect."

"Maybe if you deserved respect, you'd get it." Tanto snapped. "Exo, are you sure those cards don't tell you anything?"

"Nothing Maccy here didn't just tell us."

"Do not call me that!" Macavity snapped at the fortune teller, and rather suddenly all the candles in the room lit. "Or you'll wish you were in hell with that infernal Hellfire!" Never mess with a warlock whose main element is fire. People who wield fire tend to have a temperament to match it, and are easy to anger.

"Make a wish." Coricopat suggested to Tantomile. "Why have a genie around, if you can't make a wish? If we phrase it correctly, she might be able to grant it."

"Stupid genie limitations. I suppose without them, a genie would be all powerful and we'd probably have to worry about them conquering the world." Tanto pulled Sillabub's bottle after belt and commanded her to come forth.

"Yes master?"

"Why does the witch get all the respect and I get none?" Macavity muttered in the background.

"Enough with the master business. Sillabub, I have a wish."

"A wish? I suppose you need another fire bottle or something." Silly crossed her arms and pouted. "You never wish for anything interesting."

"This wish is much more interesting." Tanto assured her, "I wish for the ability to find Victoria!"

Obliging Silly crossed her fingers and muttered her wishing chant, before pointing at Tanto. Nothing happened. "I don't think I can do that."

"I wish for a map to Victoria?" Tanto ventured, but Silly still couldn't perform it.

"To meet someone who knows where she is?" Still, nothing happened. "Ahh! It's hopeless."

"How about, I wish for you to transport us to Victoria?" Macavity suggested.

Silly paused. "Master, that might work." She raised her arms as if to make the wish, and Tanto hurriedly cut her off.

"If we're going to wish that, we need to make sure that we have everyone and everything we need, so that we won't be left stranded if it works."

"Well, we have everyone already..." Exo started to say, then cut herself off. "Wait, shouldn't Alonzo be back from patrol duty by now?"

"Yeah, he should have been back hours ago..." Tanto thought aloud.

"Don't look at us." Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer chorused. "For once, it wasn't us."

"I didn't say anything!" Tanto snapped. "Someone needs to run over to the main Junkyard and see what the hold up is."

"I'll do it," Cassandra offered.

"Now, what will we need for when she gets back with Alonzo..." Tanto tapped her black gloved finger on her lip in thought.

"How about you focus on remembering your new spells, and I'll take care of gathering essentials." Corico suggested.

"Oh, that sounds fine. I guess." Secretly Tanto hated to relinquish control of anything to anyone, but in times of desperation she recognized the necessity of delegation. She still didn't like it, though. "Practice it is then."

"Don't assume I'm coming with you." Macavity told them before turning and stepping outside.

"Think we're s'posed ta go wit' him?" Jer asked Teaz. She shrugged, and the two plopped down on the floor to watch the proceedings.

"Fire spells, water spells..." Tanto ran through the list of spells in her mind, trying to tune out Corico talking to the genie. George came up and leaned his little dragon head on her knee with a mournful expression. "Something wrong?"

The little dragon simply shrugged, then became a boy. "I dunno. Just a bad feeling."

"Well, we'll take care of everything. You'll see." Tanto assured him.

He giggled a little bit. "You sound like Munkustrap when you talk like that. All responsible and heroic."

"I do not!" Tanto laughed. "I'm just determined. Not heroic. I..."

The door swung open and in stepped Cassandra, looking annoyed. "Alonzo already went with Munkustrap and a search party looking for Victoria. Old Deuteronomy said that Bustopher Jones brought a note from a Lord Gohkan, telling the Jellicles not to come after Victoria. Of course, they ignored it, just like I assume we intend to ignore it."

"Lord Gohkan? The necromancer? Oh no." Tanto glanced at Exotica. "Got any readings on how the rescue party fares?"

Exo consulted her cards. "There's a bad omen. Like, they're having success now, but later will pay. Maybe they're going to get captured."

"Well then, we should get going now!" Tanto exclaimed.

"Wait," Corico held up his hand, "If we go up against Lord Gohkan we must be at full strength. He won't kill the rescue party right away, it's not his style. He'll move slowly, assuming that there will be no more resistance, at least not any worthwhile resistance. His magic takes a certain amount of time. We should gather supplies, rest, and leave as soon as we're rested. Then we stand the greatest chance of surviving."

"Surviving? I thought I was supposed to defeat him." Tanto queried.

"I don't think you're strong enough yet to defeat him. I do think that together we can best him and escape with Victoria and the other rescue team."

"And you know everything?" Tanto said sarcastically. "Wait, it was a rhetorical question. Don't answer it."

She simply could not get to sleep. Even with Coricopat's words of advice resounding in her head, she simply could not lay her mind to rest. Tanto shifted restlessly, then nearly jumped out of her skin as she realized that a pair of eyes were watching her. "Mind if I stay over?" Macavity grinned at her.

"Why are you in my room?" She demanded, sitting up and pulling her blankets around her (a bit of a silly gesture, considering she hadn't even bothered putting on pajamas today and was still wearing her day clothes).

"Just looking for a place to stay. I'd go back to my lair, but I might miss all the fun." He flopped in the arm chair across from her bed and closed his eyes, as if not caring whether she said he could stay or not.

"I thought you said not to count on you coming."

The Napolean of Crime cracked one eye open to look at her. "Maybe all your rhetoric about the crime world getting out of my control convinced me. Reputation is very important, you know."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever."

He chuckled. "Or maybe I just like things to be interesting. Perhaps that's why I work so hard to be the Napolean of Crime. Lots of interesting things happen to me this way."

"You're also known as a monster of depravity, so maybe your just twisted." She retorted.

"Well, then, if I'm just twisted, then what reason do I need? Maybe I just want to watch you suffer."

Tanto sighed and flopped back on her bed again. "So are you going to help or not?"

"I think I'll bring those horrible cats, and maybe that power stealer friend of yours. In a pinch, he might even be able to temporarily disarm the Necromancer." He sounded a bit thoughtful.

"How'd you find out it was the Necromancer? We discussed that after you left."

"Tantomile, darling, I'm the Napolean of Crime. I have my ways."

"You probably just talked to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, didn't you." Tanto sighed again. "Whatever. I need to sleep. You better not watch me while I'm sleeping. I suppose if you're coming, you should sleep, too."

"I never really sleep." He commented, "Just sort of close my eyes, so that you'll think I'm asleep."

"Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever." She rolled over so she was facing away from the annoying warlock. "We leave at dawn."

"At dawn? How dramatic." He remarked snidely.

"I should kick you out." She flipped over and glared at him.

"But you won't." Macavity didn't even open his eyes.

"What, you like me or something?" Tanto demanded. "That you have to sleep in my room?"

"You're a beanpole. I don't look at girls like you." Macavity told her, eyes still shut. "Your chair just happens to be the comfiest place in this ridiculous house."

"Ahh!" She flipped over and ignored him. "Good, because if you had said you liked me, I might have had to kill you, since you're so damn annoying." She thought she heard him chuckle, but she told herself she was just imagining it. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

"Everyone ready?" Tanto questioned. Nods and affirmative responses from the gathered group were her answer. "Okay. Silly, I wish for all of us to be transported to Victoria." Crossing her fingers, Sillabub muttered her wishing chant. Tantomile, Coricopat, George, Cassandra, Exotica, Macavity, Bill Bailey, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer all stood about expectantly. George, even as a young dragon, had exceptional senses, otherwise Tanto would have forced him to stay behind because of his age. Age was the reason that Quaxo/Mistoffolees had not been informed of their departure. Tanto had gone to the trouble of sending Cassandra to tell Deuteronomy of their departure beforehand, and the cleric had assured her that they had his blessings.

As she thought about all their plans, she also hoped that her wish would work. The room darkened, and suddenly was gone.

Her wish had come true.