Author's Notes: I know a lot of you will probably wonder why the capital of Galbadia isn't named Deling City. Well, we'll settle that right now. You'll find out at the end of the chapter, but it's because Vinzer Deling hasn't become president yet. This first chapter is set 20 years ago, a year or two before he came into power. Oh, and as you know, I don't own anything associated with Final Fantasy VIII. So on with the story.

Chapter 1 – New Teams

 It was nearing the end of training camp for new Galbadian soldiers. The military base just south of Galbadia's capital, Delta City, was filled with young cadets in the dark blue uniforms, primarily. There were also soldiers in forest green uniforms who were training to be paratroopers. Finally, there were elite soldiers in crimson red uniforms and heavy armor overseeing the training camp.

 Each elite soldier was assigned a set number of soldiers to train for his regiment. Probably the most frustrated commanding officer was General Lucas Wolfman. Not because of the whole squadron in general, but because of three soldiers. "Loire, Laguna! Seagill, Kiros! Zabac, Ward! Over here now!" he ordered with an irritated tone.

 The three of them rushed over to him and stood at attention. None of them were wearing the helmets that went with their uniforms. The one on the far left had long, jet-black hair, sparkling green eyes, and was under six feet tall. The soldier in the middle was a black man with braided black hair. Three long strands of braided-together hair went halfway down his back. His eyes were a light shade of brown, around six and a half feet tall, and the thinnest of the three. The one of the far right towered above the other two. He was easily seven feet tall, wearing a blue bandana that matched his uniform. He was bulky, easily noticeable through his uniform, with icy blue eyes.

 "Yes sir!" the three shouted simultaneously.

 "What did I tell you three about wearing the full uniform?!" Wolfman demanded.

 "I lost my helmet, sir!" the man on the left protested.

 "Enough of your excuses, Loire! You said that last time!" Wolfman snapped. "What about you, Seagill?"

 "I don't like wearing the helmet, sir. It's hard to keep my hair in there," the man in the middle said nonchalantly.

 General Wolfman sighed quietly. "And what is your problem, Zabac?"

 "That helmet is way too tight. The uniform is bad enough, but I can't stand the helmet. It's asking for too much," the man on the right responded.

 Wolfman frowned and said, "One hundred push-ups, now!"

 Laguna, Kiros, and Ward got down and did their one hundred push-ups. "What now, sir?" Laguna asked when they were done. "Report to your barracks. Training camp is nearly over. I'll announce the new team assignments at 16:00!" General Wolfman replied.

 The three of them headed back toward the barracks. The general mumbled aloud after they were out of earshot. "Why am I always stuck with the problem soldiers? They don't even use conventional Galbadian weapons! Loire has a machine gun; Zabac carries a harpoon; and what did Seagill call those blades attached to his wrists? Katals, I think.

 "If I had my way, I'd make sure those three were sent of to war thousands of miles away and get them killed! Wait… I can make that happen! I'll put those three together as one team! They'd never survive in a war together!" Then he chuckled at his devious plan.

 On the way back, the three new Galbadian soldiers got acquainted with one another. "What was up with Wolfie?" Laguna asked.

 "Isn't it obvious? We get on every one of that guy's nerves. He hates us," Ward said.

 "No doubt about it. Well, we've never officially met. My name's Kiros Seagill," he introduced. "Who are you two?"

 "I'm Laguna Loire."

 "Ward Zabac."

 "Cool, nice to meet you guys," Kiros said.

 "Yeah, same here. So what are those blades on your wrists?" Laguna asked. "They're called Katal blades," Kiros said, displaying them as he spoke.

 "And what are you doing with a harpoon, Ward?" Laguna then asked. Ward shrugged and said, "Big weapon for a big guy."

 The three of them came upon the barracks. "Well, maybe we'll end up workin' together someday. Later guys," Laguna said.

 They entered and went their separate ways for the time being. Then they were called back when General Wolfman brought his troops together. "I will announce the new team assignments now. When your name is called, get together with your other teammates and I will personally give your first mission to you," he explained.

 After announcing just about all of them, he came across the names of the last group. "Finally, the last team is… Laguna Loire, Kiros Seagill, and Ward Zabac."

 All the rookie soldiers got into their respective groups and awaited orders. "Whoa! We're workin' together! What a coincidence, huh?" Laguna said excitedly. "One wouldn't normally call it a coincidence. They'd normally call it a setup," Kiros said.

 "What are you talking about?" Laguna asked puzzledly. "Think about it. Wolfman despises us. What better way to punish us than put us together and send us far, far away? Watch him give us an assignment that'll send us overseas or something," Kiros wisely stated.

 Then they noticed General Wolfman coming in their direction. "Here we go, guys," Ward said.

 Then the general began to give out orders. "You three have a very important assignment. You will be heading to Esthar's new colony, Fisherman's Horizon. President Delta is there to make a peace proposal and a trade agreement to the people there that will benefit us. However, a battle has ensued because Sorceress Adel has learned of his presence there. You will be sent there, along with many other Galbadian soldiers, to assist the president. You will board the train to Dollet, where vessels have been prepared to take you all to Fisherman's Horizon. That is all," General Wolfman informed and left them.

 "What'd I tell you?" Kiros said simply.

 Author's Notes: I don't know if this holds true to the game or not. I'm not sure if Fisherman's Horizon even existed yet, but since I already have it all plotted out, it'll have to do. Let me know what you thought. Please give me some honest constructive criticism. It'll only help me improve as a writer.