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A Hard Job



The wind was harsh as she dashed across Diagon Alley, towards her destination, the twins shop. She kept a steady hand on the files in her hand, wishing she had used the good sense to Apparate straight from her office. The still calm of the shop was a very welcome relief from the horrible weather outside, scanning the shop she spotted George in the corner chatting with a customer, he looked up and waved her to the back of the store. Assuming that would be where she would find Fred, the more business minded of the two she headed to the door dividing the areas.

"Fred?" She called, squinting into the darkness.

"Hermione?" Came Fred's slightly strained voice.

"Why is it so dark in here?"

"What are you doing here?"

"It's Wednesday, time to go over the books," she explained, "why isn't there any light back here?"

"It's easier this way," he said moving closer, "can we leave it for another day? I'm not really feeling up to it today."

"What's wrong?" She asked, trying to find where he was coming from, "are you ill?"

"In a way."

Hermione jumped when she felt him next to her, "Alright then, I'll come back tomorrow and we can go over them."

"That'll be good," he said softly, "You smell nice today."

It was a good thing it was pitch dark in the office, otherwise he would have seen her blushing as red as his hair. "Thanks, Fred."

"I'm sorry Hermione," he muttered in front of her.

"Sorry for what ---" She began, as he pulled her against her.

"For this," he said as he crashed his lips against hers, capturing her in a passionate kiss she was powerless to resist. Plundering her mouth, his hands were not still, moving rapidly all over her.

Pulling back, breathing harshly, Hermione gasped as she felt his hardness pressing against her hip.

"And for that."

"What's going on?" She asked breathlessly, her mind going a million miles an hour trying to figure all this out.

"That would be the side-effect of a new product, it's not going away, no matter what I do."

"You've tried to take care of it yourself I imagine," she said, trying to resist pressing herself against him.

"Many times," he groaned.

"Ah, and me coming to do the books today?"

"A very lucky coincidence."

"Well if there is one thing I'm good at, it's solving problems."

"So you'll help me?"

"It just wouldn't be right of me to leave you in this state."

"Time to open those books then I suppose."

"I don't think books will help us, it's more of a practical hands on kind of task."

"My kind of task," he chuckled, before kissing her again. "Let's get to work then."