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Many feelings were racing through her at the moment. Fear for what they were flying into, the exhilaration of the flight, and the curiousity. Luna knew why she could see the Thestrals, she had figured out that Harry saw them as a result of Cedric dying. Neville however she couldn't figure out.

He kept so many things close to his chest, in the short time she had been on conversationally terms with him she'd learned little about him. She had been surprised when he had seen the Thestrals, it wasn't fair that anyone should see them. No good could come from the ability to see them, the only thing they brought with them was darkness and despair, and loss.

She could see in the distance the lights on London looming, they were nearly there. It was time to focus now, Harry needed her. She could always figure Neville Longbottom out another day.