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Pumpkins and Coconut



This was complete madness, there was a million other things he would rather be doing right now. At the top of his list however was sitting down by the fire, reading the new Horticultural periodicals he'd got in the post that day. That however was not the case, instead he was here, sludging through the foot of snow covering the ground all for a tub of ice cream.

They had all told him that women became a whole different game when they were pregnant, while Luna wasn't the norm when she wasn't pregnant, they were right. He had adapted and could guess what mood was coming, she still managed to surprise him. Tonight being the prime example, with most of England in the middle of a snow storm she had this sudden, and dire need for some ice cream. The ice cream they had in the house just wasn't good enough. So off he had gone to Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour to get her this very important tub of ice cream.

As if by horrible chance Fortescue's was shut, and if he went home without this ice cream, well there was really no point going home without this ice cream. It was also more than likely that she wouldn't want to have this ice cream when he got home, but there was still a one in a hundred shot that she would, so he had to.

That had led him to here, he could see a light on in the kitchen, which was a positive sign. He'd hate to disturb them anymore than he was about to. If there was anyone who knew how to help him out of this horrible mess it would be Molly Weasley.

Knocking on the back door, he could hear the steady sounds of footsteps getting closer, "Who is it?" He heard Mrs Weasley say through the door.

"It's Neville Longbottom Mrs Weasley."

"Neville," she said opening the door, "what on earth are you doing here at this hour? Is Luna okay?"

"She's perfectly fine," he said stepping inside. "But I need your help. Do you know how to make Pumpkin and Coconut ice cream?"