Just to be With You
The End

"Serena…" Darien could barely stay standing. 'I have to help her… I have to… I have to…' his world was turning black and fuzzy as he stared at his beloved resting happily on their enemy's lap. The other scouts looked at him worriedly.

Prince Cronus looked lovingly at his darling. His mind control spell had worked perfectly. Now the princess of the Moon was all his, and the silver crystal too. He leaned down to take it from her breast. Just as his fingers inched closer an electrical beam shot at him.

"Ahh!" He cried in pain. 'I forgot. The silver crystal cannot be stolen, only given.' Cronus thought, sticking his fingers in his mouth.

"My Darling Princess,"

"Yes my Prince?" Serena looked lovingly up at her master.

"My dear, there is one thing in all the world I desire more than life. And you have the power to give it to me. Will you my darling?"

"Yes of course!" Serena was ecstatic that she could do something to help her love.

"Good! Now give me the Silver Crystal."

Serena twitched. "The… Silver… Crystal… but… Darien…"

Behind the glass Darien's heart leapt.

"That's right Serena! Remember our love! SERENA!"

Serena's head turned slowly to the mirror… "My…love…" She had this feeling… a feeling like she didn't belong on the lap of this man… that her real love was somewhere else… somewhere near…

"My love… give me the crystal. Now." Cronus was getting frustrated. 'Why isn't she giving me the crystal? We're in love, why doesn't she give me the crystal! Together we could rule the universe!' he thought confusedly.

Serena looked back at Cronus. Suddenly she shot out her hands at the mirror. With a crash a wave of energy was shot at it. It shattered into a million tiny pieces. All of a sudden the scouts and Darien were running towards her.

"Darien…" Serena whispered, looking as though she was about to faint.

"My Serena!" Darien gasped. She remembered him!

"No, my Seriniala you idiot! None of you can take her away from me again!" Cronus stood, still holding a shaking Serena in his arms. She looked at though her mind was splitting in half. Her face was pale and her Sailor Moon clothing disappeared. She was naked, with only a few ribbons around her.

"Give her to me!" Darien cried out "She's going to die! Take the spell off of her!"

"No!" Cronus cried. His hair was changing, turning a light grey and his face was beginning to wrinkle "You don't understand! I love her! I've loved her for 250 years! No one can take away my Seriniala!" Cronus was steadily aging and his limbs were getting bony and weak.

Serena suddenly snapped awake. She turned her head slowly towards Cronus. "I am not yours." Cronus was so surprised that he dropped her on the hard stone floor.

"My… love…" Cronus was withering away to nothing. He was a crumpled old man on the floor. His gaunt face looked up at his love. Serena knelt down to meet him. "My love… I'm… sorry… I shouldn't…" Cronus was becoming more and more crumpled.

"I forgive you." Serena knelt down and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She stood up in front of him, smiling.

"That's… not… enough… my love… If I can't… love you…. No one… can!" With that Cronus shot a black beam of energy at the princess. Serena braced herself for death, but she didn't die. She looked up and saw her love sheltering her from the blast.

"NO!" Serena cried in anguish. Darien lay on the floor, barely moving. Cronus disintegrated and only a voice was left.

"My last gift to you, my princess." With a cackle of laughter Prince Cronus was gone forever.

Serena ran over to Darien's body. "Darien! No! You're not dieing! You're not! I won't let you! Please Darien, you can't leave me!"

"My… princess." Darien coughed hard and looked up at his love. Blood trickled from his mouth. "My… love… I'm so sorry... but I have to… leave you now…" the room was beginning to shake hard.

"Serena! Without Cronus' energy this place is going to collapse! We have to leave!" Raye shouted at her princess.

Serena said nothing, she just bent over the dieing form of Darien. Her only love. With that thought the Silver crystal at her still naked breast began to shine. Suddenly Serena was clad in a white flowing dress with shell sleeves and gold trimming. Rocks were falling from the sky but of them were hitting her or her love. The crystal radiated white energy. "My love. You will not die." Serena bent down and kissed Darien lightly on the lips. Serena fainted on top of him. 'He must live…' the young princess thought before her world turned black.

Serena awoke in her bed in the palace. She was wearing a clean white gown and the light from outside showed that it must have been about mid-day. Serena looked around her. She was alone in her room. She felt as though there was some reason why she felt sad. Suddenly the memories of her battle filled her mind. She jumped up from the bed with a scream. "Darien!" she cried. With that she fell back onto the bed, her room was spinning. The door opened quickly and Amy came in. "Serena! You're awake, that's wonderful. You've been sleeping for almost a week now. Get back into bed, you're certainly not strong enough to walk yet, but it seems as though you figured that out for yourself."

Serena looked up into her friend's patient face and slowly got back into bed. "But Amy…" Tears filled Serena's eyes. "Is… he…"

Amy smiled gently down at her friend and princess. "Yes Serena. He's alive. You saved him. Actually he's been sitting by your side all week, barely leaving to go to the washroom. I only just convinced him a few hours ago to sleep in his own room."

More tears filled Serena's eyes. Only these were tears of joy. They left gleaming trails down her cheek as Serena truly realized that her love was awake and in the castle at this very moment.

"Amy, I got four hours of sleep, can I stay with Serena now?" Darien's voice came from the hallway as he strolled into Serena's room.

"Ask her yourself." Amy said with a smile. Darien froze in the doorway.

"Serena…" He whispered. He ran over and put his head on her lap. Tears fell from his eyes. "You're… back…"

Serena was crying harder now. "You're… alive…"

Amy quietly slipped out the door, 'I'll leave them alone for a while…' she thought, embarrassed.

The couple stayed together for hours, talking about everything.

"Tell me what happened when I fainted." Serena asked in a whisper.

"Well, you passed out just as I woke up. The whole castle was shaking and falling apart. The silver crystal was floating in the air above you. I picked you up and suddenly all 10 of us were flying though space to the moon. Then we rushed you to your room and Amy worked wonders on you. She is really a wonderful doctor. But then I went away for a little while. But I'm not sure if I should tell you why yet. Maybe I should let you get better…"

"Darien! You have to tell me now!" Serena pouted. He laughed at her cute little face and said, "Alright, but I'd prefer to show you. Let me go for a second. You'll understand. Give me 5 minutes."

A few minutes later Darien returned.

"Well?" Serena asked. Just then a tall, blond man came into her room. He had a few wrinkles on his 43 year old face and a streak of white in his blond hair. He had a broad smile on his face and light blue eyes.

"Dad…" Serena looked at her father who she hadn't seen in years.

"My little Rini…"

"Push Serena! Push! You can do this!" Darien was coaching his wife from beside her bed. She was holding his hand so tightly that he thought it would fall off.

"I see a head!" came Amy's voice from the end of the bed. "Oh and shoulders, a tummy, feet, and… it's a girl!"

"A girl?" Serena said, a smile splashed across her tired face.

"Oh baby! You did it babe! We have a daughter! And on our one-year anniversary too!" Darien was getting into cheerleader mode. He couldn't believe his wife had just given birth to a beautiful little baby girl. She was crying a high pitched little cry. She had white skin, light pink hair and red eyes, like her grandmother.

"What should we call her darling?" Serena asked as Amy handed her her little girl.

"I don't know… what do you think?"

"How about… Rini?"

"Rini? I like it." Darien looked down at his new daughter, "Little Rini, you're life is going to be perfect. I've waited all my life Just to be With You."

The End