Chapter 1:

Spoilers : Threads – season 8

Authors note: Rated M. Sam / Jack pairing as usual - how could it be otherwise!!.

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Sam couldn't believe it; she had managed to sum up the courage to confront her feelings about Jack with Jack, to tell him she couldn't marry Pete, because basically she didn't love him. She loved Jack, always had, always would, but now it appears that Jack had moved on, just as she had appeared to have done. Just when she had the courage, her whole world collapses and Kerry Johnson is there at Jack's house, walking around like she owned the place, like she knew the place – "OH God" thought Sam, "how could I have been so stupid"? "We didn't want everyone at the SGC to know" Kerry had said, "I didn't want you to know" Jack said to himself.

She was racing back to the SGC is her ancient Volvo, to her sick and dying father. Well Jacob's symbiont, Selmac was dying, which in turn caused Jacob to die as well. Sam was having trouble seeing the road, her vision clouded by the tears of a broken heart. At least this way, when people see her tear stained face, they'll think the tears are for her dad and not because she is devastated. She didn't think she could ever get passed this tragedy, today was the day that she had lost and was going to loose the two most important men in her life.

Sam was sitting with her head in her hands, eyes closed against the tears that threatened to fall again. She had been watching her father's struggle to breathe through the observation window in the infirmary. He was in a bad way and was not expected to see the night out. Sam didn't hear the door open, but she felt the warm body slide into the chair beside her. Startled she looked up, into fathomless dark eyes. No words were needed, he opened his arms and she found herself drawn to him, her head on his chest, painful sobs wracking her exhausted body. He held her tight, revelling in her feel and scent. He loved this woman by god and he had lost her, lost her to some pathetic little man who couldn't love her more than he does. He couldn't know her like he did. He didn't know anything important about her. He didn't know that her favourite colour was orange or that she loved blue jelly.

They sat like that until they were interrupted.

"General O'Neill? Sorry to interrupt, but General Carter is asking for you" a nurse said, almost apologetically.

"He wants to talk to me?"

"Yes Sir"

Jack looked at Jacob, who was watching him through the glass, watching him hold his sobbing daughter. Jack stood and moved to Jacob's beside.


"Jack, sit"

Jack sat as Jacob commanded. Jacob had come to a startling realisation. Jack and Sam were meant for each other and no one could see it clearer now than he could. Jack was ALWAYS there for Sam when she needed him; he was there ALWAYS there for her regardless, even now, when that cop should've been with her, it was Jack.

"Jack, take care of her for me"

"Sure thing Jacob"

"No Jack, I mean take care of her. Make her happy. She can be happy with you. She loves you, ya know?"


"You heard me and don't bother denying how you feel. Selmac knew it years ago and it just dawned on me".

"Make her happy Jack, make her happy. For me"


"Jack don't bother, talk to George, he'll help you sort it out"

Jacob already pale paled even further and took on an ashen look. Jack realising what was happening, turned and signalled to Sam "Get in here now" he mouthed.

Sam was there in an instant and Jacob Carter died in his daughter's arms. Sam was inconsolable. As far as she was concerned, this was the worst day of her life. She was going to end it with Pete, had all but found Jack with another woman and now she had lost her dad. Was she destined to be alone forever?

Eventually Jack insisted that Sam leave the infirmary. In her daze she heard him say something about taking care of everything, told her not to worry about anything, he would arrange it all.

And arrange it all he did. She didn't see Jack for the next few days. Daniel and Teal'c stayed with her at Jack's request. He was very busy, organising Jacob's funeral, allowing interstellar guests to arrive, finding them quarters on the base, organising a funeral with full miliary honours. It was a lot for one man to do, but he did it. Did it for Jacob, but mostly did it for her.