Chapter 14 – With You

Spoilers: Threads – Season 8 - MU (my universe!!) from thereon

Pairings: Jack & Sam of course

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As Jack struggled to break free from the suffocating weight of unconsciousness he became aware of several things around him

A hushed conversation

A child's laughter

The hum of distant engines

Drawing all his strength he tried to open his eyes, but failed on his first attempt, exhaustion overwhelming him as he once again slipped away.

Suddenly aware of something tickling his nose, he tried to raise his hand to swat it away, but before he could it was gone, and an unfamiliar voice sounded and then it was gone, replaced by nothingness as he fell back into the un-yielding blackness.

Third time lucky he thought as he considered opening his eyes again. His surroundings were different though; he could no longer feel the hum of engines, all he could hear was a regular beeping noise. Infirmary - yuck he thought. As he opened his eyes, he found himself gazing into a pair of crystal blue ones that were surrounded by golden curls, his focus not quite clear, he tried to raise his hand to touch the cherub before him, but before he could it had opened it's mouth "Mummy, Daddy's eyes are open"

Many things happened at once, a chair feel over, followed by the sound of footfalls across the room, the child was replaced by a adult version, one that looked worried and relieved at the same time, one that looked like it hadn't slept in a long time, one that now had tears streaming down its face

"Jack, do you know who I am?" The adult asked

He didn't have the strength to speak, he just took her hand, he remembered who she was, she was his Carter, his wife, his lover. Then he looked to the child with a questioning look on his face and Sam answered, "Yes Jack, that's Janet"

The confused look did not leave his face. She was just a baby of four months when he saw her the other day, what had happened? But before he could try and continue the conversation, he felt his eyes closing and the blackness engulfed him once again. Sam was relieved to be told by the doctor that he was no longer comatose, but just sleeping. It would take him a long time to regain his strength.

"Oh my god Jack, it's so good to have you back" Sam sobbed as he opened his eyes again.

"Sam" came his whispered reply "how long?"

"That's not important, what's important is that you've come back to us"

He would not be diverted from the question he wanted answered "How long Sam? Tell me"

"Almost 2 years"

He couldn't hide his emotions, he had been in a coma for almost 2 years and she would never know how close he came to leaving his family forever. As the tears streamed down his face, a small hand placed itself in his.

"Hi daddy"

"Hey baby, you're a big girl now"

"You were sleeping all the time"

"I know, I'm sorry"

"Mummy was sad... I love you daddy"

"I love you too baby"

"I not a baby!"

"But you're my baby" Jack replied, unashamed of the tears on his face

"Why you cry daddy?"

"I've missed you both so much and I'm really happy to see you again"

As they sat together as a family for the first time in too long, Sam recounted everything that had happened during his unconsciousness, the trip home, the time at the SGC infirmary and then finally, moving him to their home. She told him that practically every waking moment of Janet's life had been caught on tape, so that he could see her grow up and even though he wasn't "with them" consciously he was always included. At Christmas he received presents and they celebrated all the birthdays with him. Janet would kiss him good morning and good night, she would play with her dolls on the end on his bed, she would sing to him and talk to him.

Listening to all of this Jack had never felt so loved, hearing all of this, he really felt like he was home and that he had never been gone.

He was happy.

He finally had his life back.

The End.