Edward,phone. It's Bella.

Alice's voice rang through my head as I slid out of the piano chair. Funny,I didn't hear the phone ring. Sure enough,a few seconds later,the familar ring floated up from downstairs.

Once I was downstairs,Emmet handed me the phone before sitting back down on the couch next to Rosalie. Placing the phone to me ear,I spoke.

"Hello Bella."

She sounded suprised when she spoke. "How did you know it was me?"

"Sometimes,it's useful to have a sister who can see the future."

"True enough,I suppouse. Anyway,could you come pick me up at the party I'm at? My truck has a flat,so I can't drive home own my own."

"Of course. Where is it?"

"At Mike's house." She said quitely.

"Mike?" I replied, my voice tense. She obviously knew how much I disliked him.

She paused before speaking again. When she did,the words came out so quickly,it was hard to catch them all.

"Jessica invited me and I wanted to get back on good terms with her again. I'm sorry Edward."

I smiled at how worked up she was getting upset about this simple matter.

"Relax. It's fine Bella. I'll be there soon. I love you."

"I love you too." She said before she hung up.

I placed the phone on the hook before patting my pocket to make sure the keys were there. Hearing the familar jingle of them mixed with the change,I turned on my family.

"I'll be back later,I'm picking up Bella."

"What do you want,a medal?" Rosalie said without turning from the television. I'd ignore that for now.

I turned and walked out the door,heading towards my volvo. Putting the keys in the ignition,I started the car. I pulled out and sped down the road.

I slowed on the road where Mike lived,trying to pick out which house was his. I hadn't ever been there,so I was mainly relying on people's thoughts to guide me.

This is a great party,isn't it Jessica?

I wonder if Edward picked up Bella yet? Where is Mike at too? It's his party.

Hold her down!

I froze. That last voice sounded like Mike.

I'm trying man! She's strong!

That was Eric.

He's right. We should just tie her up.

And that was Tyler. What the hell wa going on here?!

Maybe we should forget about it...

Yeah,she said Edward was on his way.

I slammed open the door and was vaguagly aware the window shattered. But that didn't matter now. I took off through the yard,trying to pinpoint the voices. Dammnit! Where were they?!

Wait... I ran over to the side of the house where I though I had heard a faint whisper. When I turned the corner I saw Eric and Tyler holding Bella to the ground. The way they were positioned,I couldn't see her face but a whimper she let out immediatly told me it was her. Mike was crouched next to her,his hand on the zipper of her pants.

"Oh shit..."Eric whispered,letting go of Bella's beautiful pale arm he was holding to the ground. A second later Tyler did the same. Mike looked up and his eyes went wide with absolute terror.

"What do you think you are doing?" Each word was a struggle and they could tell. My fists clenched and unclenched as I tried to hold back the urge of slaughtering all three of them. I was also aware of a twitch in my right eye.

Mike jumped to his feet and fumbled around in his pocket. Removing his hand,he pulled out his wallet and held it toward me,his hand shaking violently.

"Please,just take it. Just forget everything you saw here." He made a motion to Tyler and Eric before they held out there wallets too.

I looked at them, disgust showing plainly on my face.

"Leave. Now. And if any of you ever so much as look at Bella again,it will be that last thing you do." I hissed at them. Something in my eyes must have told them I wan't joking because all three of them took off in a dead sprint.

I looked down at Bella to see she had curled into a ball while I scared off those three. Crouching down next to her,I could see her shirt had been ripped open exposing her bra and some of her chest. A small stream of blood was streaming down her lip a well,but I resisted any small amount temptation I had.

I touched a fnger lightly to her face,but even that was enough to make her jump. I pulled my hand back as I studied her face. She had a developing bruise on one cheek,but besides that she appeared fine.

"Bella?" I whipered to her,half dreading her reaction. She turns her head and her eyes meet mine.

"Edward?" She says weakly before bursting into tears and pulling herself to my chest. I wrap my arms around her as sobs rack her small, fragile frame.

"There,there. It's all going to be okay." I lied. Sure,Mike and them were gone,but what about physcologial damage? She might never be the same.

"Let's you get home to Charlie." I said as I gently picked her up.

She instantly wrapped her arms around my chest. "Don't want to go home to Charlie yet. Can I stay at your houe tonight?"

How could I say no at a time like this?

"Of course. you can baby." I lowered her into the car and waked around to my side.

"Your window is broken." She said quitely. I smiled over at her.

"I know. I opened the door a little too hard when I heard Mike's thoughts. How are you feeling?" I asked softly.

She grimaced. "I've been better." I chuckled at that. She grined slightly before turning to look out the window as I sped towards home.