Disclaimer: I own neither Oklahoma!, nor any of its characters.

A wife in a clean dress waiting for you when you come home; a good, soft woman to warm your hands in hers and kiss you; she's a lie. There ain't no such woman. They give you hope, touch your face when you're sick, smile at you, bring a little light to your dank old smokehouse, but it's just more lies.

Nothing in this world was ever free. Why didn't I know that soft arms have a price? Seems the only true woman is one you can buy. I'll pay for my women now and try to forget the lie.

A/N: Thought I'd try my hand at a drabble. Inspired by Shuler Hensley's wonderful performance. Jud isn't as bad as most think. After all, the Phantom of the Opera kidnapped Christine, killed a bunch of people, threatened the fop, and still has millions of adoring fans!

I'm over by one word, but I couldn't bare to part with that double negative.

My first drabble, so please r&r.