author's note, I do not own any of the WWF personalities I do however own Amber and Trinity. Thank you and happy reading

Amber rode the black mare Shadow down over the hill and through the gates of the ranch. She loved getting away from her hectic school life especially with final exams coming up in the next two weeks. Once school was over Amber was heading back home to Houston Texas to spend the summer with her family and friends and perhaps even to spend a few days with her father. ( her father btw is the american badass). It always seemed that whenever she was home her father was never there. He was always busy travelling on the road with the World Wrestling Federation, he had been for as long as she could remember. Amber was the Undertaker's Child and proud of it. Her room mate at university often teased her about being a walking advertisement for 'Dead Man Inc' the motorcycle company her father owned in Houston. After washing Shadow down Amber headed back to campus to try and get some studying done.

" What the fuck do you mean you don't know who it was?!" Mark bellowed into the phone. " I don't give a rat's ass what you have to do! Find the lousy son of a bitch that is stalking my wife!" Mark hung up the cordless phone and threw it against the wall where it shattered. " No luck Mark?" Sarah asked cautiously as she wrapped her arms around her husband.
" No, the fucken boys in blue say there is nothing that they can do," Mark growled in reply as he rested his chin on top of her head. " I love you Sarah," he said with a sigh. " And I love you Mark. We'll get through this together."

Amber looked at her clock and jumped out of bed. " Aww fuck!" she cried as she ran around her dorm room trying to find some clean clothes. " Godamnit I'm gonnna be late!" Amber muttered as she ran across the university campus. She slid into her seat next to Trinity just as her economics teacher was handing out the exam. " Cutting it close," Trinity hissed. " Glad to see you decided to join us Amber," her teacher said as he sat her exam down on her desk. " Blow me," Amber muttered under her breath. " Okay everyone, you have three hours to complete this exam, your time begins now. Good luck." Amber flipped through the exam before doing the questions she was sure of.

" Time is now up, set your pencils down." Amber stood up on her seat and yelled, " Let summer vacation begin!" Amber jumped down from the seat and high fived Trinity. Both girls laughed as they dashed back across campus. " I am so totally glad that exam is finally over!" Trinity said as she flopped down on Amber's bed. " So am I Trinity. I can hardly wait to go home. I miss my parents and I miss my cat Chupa. You gonna be packed in time for the flight tomorrow morning?" Amber asked as she put a stuffed animal in one of her bags. " I've been packed since Tuesday," Trinity replied.

Meanwhile back in Texas.......

" What time does your flight come in tonight Mark?" Sarah asked as she sat at the kitchen table. " Flight comes in at about ten thirty at gate fifty three." " Okay I'll be there Mark, I love you." " I love you too beautiful," Mark replied. Later that night as the two of them laid in bed together they talked about their daughter. " Our baby comes home tomorrow." " Yes she does, it will be nice to have her home," Sarah replied as she laid her head on Mark's chest and drifted off to sleep.

Amber moved her backpack to her other shoulder as she and Trinity made their way off the plane. " Amber!" Sarah called out as she saw her daughter step through the terminal gate. " Mom! Dad!" Amber dropped her pack and threw her arms around her mother lifting her off the ground. " Hey baby girl give daddy some sugar," Mark said as he leaned over and pointed to his cheek. Amber smiled as she hugged her dad and kissed him on the cheek. " My baby's looking more and more like her mother every day." " Good thing too," Sarah replied with a giggle.
" Watch it woman," Mark said with a smirk. " Mom, dad this is my friend Trinity that I've told you about." " A pleasure to meet both of you," Trinity replied as she shook hands with Amber's parents. Mark wasn't on the road more than ten minutes when he looked in the rearview mirror and saw that both girls were asleep. Mark nodded his head to his wife, " Sarah look, those two must be some tuckered out." Sarah smiled as she turned around in her seat to look.

" You girls take it easy while I make dinner. Mark would you take their stuff upstairs please?" " Yeah old man," Amber added with a giggle. " Watch your mouth Amber Lee," Mark replied with a grunt as he picked up one of Trinity's suitcases.
" Lord thunderin'.....what the hell do you have in here Trinity?
A bloody rock collection?" " Actually yes I do Mark," Trinity replied. Mark raised his eyebrows at her and Trinity began to laugh. " Smart ass kids. No respect I tell you," he muttered under his breath. Both girls were lounging in the hot tub when Sarah called them for dinner.

" I so totally missed your cooking mom. Trinity's listened to me rave about it all year." " And it is every bit as good as Amber said it was." Trinity added as she took a sip of her water and smiled. " Why thank you Trinity. Do you girls have plans for tomorrow?" " Not really mom, we were just gonna relax, why do you ask?" " Well I have to go into DMI with your father tomorrow morning for awhile but, I thought we could meet up and go shopping or something afterwards," Sarah replied with a smile. Amber's eyes lit up as she looked at Trinity and Mark sighed as he reached into his wallet and handed his credit cards over to Sarah. " Thank you dear," Sarah said with a giggle as she leaned over and kissed Mark on the cheek. Late on that evening both girls crashed and did not wake up until the following morning.

Chupa nosed her way into Amber's bedroom and jumped up on the bed and proceeded to lick Amber's cheek. Amber's eyes fluttered open and she smiled as she sat up. " Hey Chupa, how's my girl today?" Chupa nuzzled her hand and meowed softly. Getting out of bed and scooping Chupa up into her arms, Amber padded across the hall to knock on Trinity's door.
" Come in Amber," Trinity said as she closed her book. Amber came in and sat down on the side of the bed. " Been awake long?" Amber asked. " Not really, about half an hour." " I'm going to go and shower, it's going to be a warm day. Meet you downstairs?" " You got it," Trinity replied as she headed for the bathroom. Half an hour later both girls were sitting at the kitchen table, Rex and Rox the family's pure black german shepards were curled up underneath. It was nearly 85 degrees and it was not even noon yet.