Chapter 1

Small Girl, Akito's Toy

"What would you like to eat today, Sohma-kun?" Tohru asked Yuki cheerfully as they walked home from school. Yuki smiled back and thought for a moment.

"How about leeks?" He said teasingly. On the other side, beside Tohru, Kyo froze. He glared at the rat and yelled.


Tohru sweatdropped and laughed nervously.

"Get that pwease!" The trio heard a small child cry. A red ball bounced in front of them. Tohru picked up the ball and turned to the kid. The little girl looked up at Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo, and blinked.

"…Ah…" She said softly. She stared at Kyo the most, but didn't say anything else. Tohru held the ball to the small girl, who wore a kindergarten school uniform. The girl took the ball and smiled at Tohru quickly.

"Thank chu!" She said cheerfully.

"You're welcome, little one!" Tohru said back, smiling big. The girl bowed her head and headed back to her school. Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo turned around and started to head back home again, when the child turned around.

Her eyes narrowed into a glare towards Kyo. She let a small hiss escape from herself.

"If chu weren't here, then Aki wouldn't haf to deal wif that meanie man…" She mumbled.

"Akika-chan, did you get the ball?" A small boy asked as he jogged to the girl. The girl smiled and nodded, her glare quickly disappearing as if she never had it.

"Mhm!" She said. "Let's go back, teacher maybe be worried!"

With that, the two small children ran back to their school.

"You met who!?" Back at the Sohma house, about an hour later, Akito yelled and glared at a small child. It was the girl from the kindergarten Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo met on their way home that was kneeling in front of the angered God, trembling slightly with fear.

"….Um… T…The Honda girl chu talk about… an… Yuki… an… Kyo…" She mumbled quietly. Turning her head away from Akito's glare, she closed her eyes tightly to be prepared for a hit, but none came.

"Dear Akika, why did you see them in the first place?" Akito asked, her voice cold and dark. Akika looked up at the head of the family.

"…Aki was pwaying ball… An the ball go out school gate… So Aki go get it, an Aki meet them…"

"Did they know who you were?"

"No… Aki no think so…" Akika shook her head, letting her braided red-gold pigtails hit her cheeks every few seconds.

"Good then, but you are still in trouble. You are not allowed this place for another week, understood?" Akito smirked. Akika looked up at Akito, her dark yellow eyes watering up with tears.

"Ok…" She managed out finally. She stood up and bowed low to Akito, then walked out the room.

"If it was no for the kitty…" Akika said to herself as she walked towards home. "Then… Akito would no be mean to Aki… It no fair…"

Crying, the small child headed home. She opened the door and saw her mother, getting ready to go to work. Akika didn't say anything but headed to her room. The baby of the house crawled to Akika and giggled. Akika smiled at the baby, but walked into her room and closed her door, locking it immediately.

"It all kitty's fault…" She said again. She mumbled it over and over until she curled up in bed and fell asleep.

At Shigure's house, Kyo was acting somewhat weird as well. He stayed on the roof the whole time after he reached the house, and never attempted to come down, even if Tohru offered fresh milk.

"That girl…" Kyo mumbled, looking up to the sky. "…I know her, but from where?"