Becoming a Family

Epilogue: Wedding Day

Disclaimer: Premise and characters belong to Akira Toriyama, I'm just borrowing them for a bit of non-profit fun.

Mirai-Bulma and Vegeta stood before her Vegeta's grave in silence for a time. Bulma saw a flicker of concern in Vegeta's eyes. There was a hint of frustration in his stance. Another person might have asked 'Are you okay?' or 'Is there anything I can do?' even though they both knew he couldn't. Vegeta settled on a gruff "I shouldn't have come here."

"You're right," Bulma said. She patted him on the shoulder. "I'm not normally this weepy. But I'm glad you came. You stir up the good memories too. I don't want to forget him."

"We'll go back tomorrow," Vegeta stated. "The boy will be back in a few days."

"Then I suppose you'd best get some sleep," Bulma replied. She knew it was best that he not stay for too long. As Gohan had said they were vicarious about the time-line they'd saved. It wasn't good for them to spend too much time thinking about how things were better somewhere else. They had their own world to rebuild.

And Bulma wasn't sure how long she could simply be happy that things were working out between the other Bulma and the Vegeta who stood beside her. There was a part of her that was tempted to ask him to stay in this world. If she did ask Bulma wasn't sure what would be worse: the disappointment if he said no or the guilt if he said yes. So she bit her tongue and watched him walk away.

First thing the next morning Vegeta and Trunks got in their time ship and undertook the journey back to the other time-line.

Bulma was waiting with the toddler Trunks when they arrived.

Trunks' eyes widened when he saw his younger self. "It's really only been five months for you guys? Man, I grow fast."

Bulma giggled. "I should make you babysit. He's always up to something, I bet your mom would see that as karmic justice, huh Trunks?"

"I'm Trunks!" the baby protested.

"Yes you are," Bulma laughed. "But he's Trunks too."

Trunks-chan was just working himself up to a good pout when he saw Vegeta climb out of the time machine.

"Dada!" Trunks shouted. He leapt out of his mother's arms to throw himself at Vegeta.

Vegeta caught the boy by the back of his shirt and held him up at arm's length. "What do you want brat?" he asked.

Trunks giggled. After a moment's thought he dug in his pockets and produced a handful of feathers. "Trunks catch birdie," he informed Vegeta proudly.

Vegeta accepted the feathers solemnly but Mirai-Trunks thought he could see traces of amusement in the older Saiyan's eyes.

"So where is everyone?" Mirai-Trunks asked.

"We're having a bar-barque here tonight," Bulma said with a mischievous grin. "No one knows you're coming yet. Oh and don't freak out when you see Android 18, she's good now and she'll be here as Kuririn's date."

"Yeah, Dad told us they were seeing each other."

Bulma's eyes widened. "Sharing gossip? Vegeta? Maybe you can be civilized after all," she teased.

"Don't insult me, woman," Vegeta ordered.

"Or you'll what?" Bulma challenged.

Various things he would like to do with Bulma crossed Vegeta's mind. A dusky flush colored his cheeks. "Later," he muttered.

Bulma grinned. "Looking forward to it." Her hand rested lingeringly on Vegeta's chest for a moment before she reclaimed Trunks-chan.

The older version of Bulma and Vegeta's son realized what his parents were talking about and flushed bright red. "So when's this bar-barque?" he asked in an overly cheery voice.

"I told everyone to show up around six," Bulma said. She stretched up on tip-toes to ruffle Trunk's hair affectionately. "Now I've got to put someone down for a nap or he'll be cranky tonight. So if you two are going to spar it has to be in the GR or away from the house okay?"

"GR?" Vegeta suggested and Trunks nodded.

"You are going to be such a handsome boy when you get a little older," Bulma sighed to Trunks-chan as she watched her future-son and soon-to-be-husband walk away.

When Kuririn and 18 arrived at Capsule Corp that night the party was already in full swing.

"Trunks-kun, I though that was you!" Kuririn exclaimed happily as he pounded the lavender-haired teen on the back. "I didn't know you could come back to visit!"

"Mother arranged it," Trunks said.

"That's great! You know 18 right?"

Trunks smiled. "I'm going to pretend I don't," he replied. "18-san was it? A pleasure to meet you. I'm Trunks Briefs."

18 rolled her eyes but shook Trunks' offered hand. "Hello Trunks," she said.

A rabbit dashed by with Trunks-chan in hot pursuit. The rabbit darted under a line of chairs. Trunks jumped on top of them and continued the chase. Both rabbit and boy went under the table. The rabbit zigzagged through the crowd. Trunks did his best to follow but he couldn't quite match the rabbit's agility. He bounced off various people's legs like a hyper-charged pinball until he crashed into Lunch. The slight, dark-haired woman fell over backwards with a surprised exclamation. She knocked a table over on her way down. A pepper shaker flew into the air.

"Hit the deck!" Oolong shouted.

"A-a-choo!" The dark-haired woman disappeared. A blonde with a tommy-gun took her place. "Where the hell am I!" she exclaimed. She fired a short burst in the air to punctuate her statement.

Trunks-chan started wailing. And the blonde realized that there was an irrate Saiyan holding the barrel of her gun. Launch laughed nervously and put her hands behind her back as if she'd never even seen a gun before, much less fired one. "How'd that thing get there?" she asked innocently.

Vegeta didn't say anything.

"Hey kid, sorry I scared ya," Launch said to Trunks-chan.

The little boy sniffled. He grabbed the back of Vegeta's pant leg tightly and peered out at the strange woman from behind his father's leg. "Not kid. Not scared." he declared sulkily.

Vegeta tossed the gun skyward. In a few seconds it had vanished into the stratosphere. He turned around and walked back toward the tree where he and Piccolo had been companionably ignoring each other.

Trunks followed Vegeta for a short ways then noticed Gohan and Dende. "G'han!" Trunks shouted happily. He grabbed the older boy's hand then pulled himself up to perch on Gohan's shoulders. He wrapped his arms and legs tightly around Gohan's head. "I caughted you!"

"You did," Gohan agreed as he patiently rearranged Trunks so that he wasn't being strangled by the younger boy.

Trunks peered curiously at Dende.

"Trunks, this is Dende. Dende, Trunks," Gohan said.

"Hi!" Trunks exclaimed. He leaned over to talk to Gohan. "Denden green!" he informed Gohan.

"Be polite," Gohan admonished gently.

Trunks blew a raspberry at Gohan. Then he jumped back to the ground. "Denden green. Grass green. Dinosa green. Froggy green. Sky blue. Kiki black. Doggy brown..." Trunks wandered off happily naming the colors of everything he saw.

"So where's your little brother?" Dende asked Gohan.

Gohan shrugged. "Mom said it'd be too much excitement for him, what with the wedding tomorrow. So they stayed home tonight."

After dinner was eaten the party started winding down.

"Mom, could you keep an eye on Trunks-chan?" Bulma asked. She glanced around evasively. "There's something I need to take care of."

Bunny noticed Vegeta watching Bulma intently and smiled mischievously. "Shame, shame daughter. Neglecting your guests."

Bulma smiled sappily. "I think he missed me while he was gone."

As the sun began setting Gohan gulped. "How'd it get so late? I better get home before Mom starts worrying."

"Oh come on, stay for the bachelor party," Oolong invited.

Gohan looked doubtful. "I guess I could call my mom and ask if it's okay," he said reluctantly.

While Gohan went inside to call Roshi and Oolong gathered up the other guys.

Trunks paled. "Someone please tell me that Roshi and Oolong didn't plan the bachelor party," he begged.

"What'd you expect?" Kuririn asked.

Trunks groaned. "I remember what they did when Gohan got married. Gohan and I both had to take senzu beans before we were in any shape to participate in the wedding."

"What? Saiyans can't hold their liquor?" Yajirobi asked.

Trunks flushed.

Yajirobi laughed. "That's it ain't it? Well it's good to know there's something you guys can't do."

"Hey, where's Vegeta?" Oolong asked. "Oh well, I guess we can go without him."

"No we can't," Kuririn argued. "He's the groom, we can't have a bachelor party without the groom."

Piccolo and Mr. Popo eyed Roshi and Oolong doubtfully. "Vegeta seems to have picked an opportune time to vanish," Mr. Popo said softly. Piccolo nodded in agreement.

Gohan came back outside with a look of polite regret on his face. "Mom says I can't come," he relayed. He turned to Dende. "She says you shouldn't go either, but we can have a sleep over instead."

Dende started to grin and nod his agreement.

"That sounds like a very good idea," Mr. Popo said. He made to hustle the young kami off and Dende's expression turned slightly suspicious.

Piccolo rested his hand on Gohan's shoulder. "Mr. Popo and I will escort the boys back to Mt. Paouz," he stated.

"Like rats off a sinking ship," Trunks muttered under his breath as the foursome took off.

18 cocked her head to the side. "I think I'll stay. Train wrecks are always amusing to watch."

"No chicks, sweetcheeks," Oolong stated. "Not unless they're scantily clad and jumping out of a cake."

18 picked him up by the throat. "What did you call me?" she asked dangerously.

"Trunks! Save me!" Oolong squeaked. "The Android's attacking me!"

Trunks faked an apologetic look. "Sorry, the women I know back home taught me never to get between a justifiably ticked off lady and the target of her ire," he said.

"Honey, maybe you should let me have him," Kuririn suggested as Oolong started turning blue.

"Ah. You wish to do the guy thing and defend my honor." 18 dropped Oolong and stepped back expectantly.

Oolong coughed. "Thank you Kuririn. Thank - eek!!" Oolong squawked as Kuririn picked him up by the scruff of the neck then drop kicked him. "Kuririn, you traitor!" Oolong shouted as he sailed over the garden wall.

Kuririn turned back to 18. "I hate to say it, but he's right about this being a guys only thing. Why don't you and Launch take Bulma out? Do a girls only thing."

18 turned to Launch. "What sort of thing would we do?" she asked.

Lauched eyed 18 speculatively. "I saw Bulma sneaking off earlier." She snickered. "Wanna knock over a bank?"

"Sounds like old times," 18 said. She kissed Kuririn on the cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow," she said.

Kuririn groaned as he watched the two blondes stroll off. "Me and my big mouth.

Several minutes later Oolong walked back through the gate. "You guys haven't found Vegeta yet?" he asked. He eyed Trunks speculatively. "As the best man, it's your job to get the groom to the bachelor party," he declared.

"I don't think this is such a good idea, especially not after the last time," Trunks said. "Maybe we should all just call it a night."

"Come on Trunks! All you gotta do is persuade Vegeta to come," Oolong cajoled. "You wouldn't hold our counterpart's actions against us would ya? I mean I'm not blaming you for the squirt-version ralphing on me."

"It's tradition Trunks," Kuririn added. "I swear I won't let them do anything too bad."

"Ever since 18 kissed him he's been all for makin' friends with ex-psychos," Oolong said resentfully remembering his earlier involuntary flight.

"You're just jealous because I've got a girlfriend," Kuririn said.

"I liked Marron better," Roshi commented.

"Only because she didn't hurt you when you tried to peep on her." Kuririn said.

Trunks smiled at Kuririn, he was glad that Vegeta's relationship with at least a few of the other Z-fighters was becoming friendlier. "I'll go see if Vegeta will come," he said.

Absently Trunks let his father's ki lead him to Vegeta. "Hey Dad-" he began as he opened the door. Then he clapped his hands over his eyes.

"Trunks! Whatever it is, now is not a good time!" Bulma exclaimed as she grabbed for a sheet to cover herself with.

"I am so sorry!" Trunks squeaked. "You can't believe how sorry I am."

"Scram brat," Vegeta ordered.

Trunks rushed to shut the door then hurried back to the group in the backyard. "Sorry," he said. "Dad can't come. He and Mom are busy." As he spoke Trunks' blush renewed itself.

"What could be more important than a party?" Oolong asked.

While most of the Z-Fighters rolled their eyes at Oolong applying his priorities to Vegeta Yajirobi watched Trunks' expression and laughed. "Your parents are having sex huh?"

Trunks cringed.

"So did you get a good look at Bulma?" Roshi remarked.

Trunks flushed scarlet. "She's my mother!"

"Oops, my bad," Roshi said. "But she is hot. And not nearly as violent as 18. Once she let me puff-puff." Roshi smiled blissfully.

Trunks groaned. "I don't want to hear this."

"Eh, sorry to burst your bubble old man," Oolong said. "But Bulma blackmailed me into standing in for her during that little exchange."

"Ugh! I didn't wash my face for a week after that!" Roshi complained.

"Thank you Kami," Trunks muttered.

//Oh don't thank me,// A voice said inside his head. //I wasn't Kami back then. And I don't think my predecessor got too involved in that sort of thing.//

//Dende, what are you doing?// Trunks asked.

//Well since everyone was so determined to not let me come, I figured it had to be something neat. So I'm eves-dropping,// Dende explained. //Honestly I think Gohan and I are going to have a better time than you guys.//

//I wouldn't argue.// Trunks thought.

//Yeah, Chichi-san is even going to let us play video games. So I'll just leave you to your party while we have fun.//

//Thanks a lot Dende. And tell Piccolo and Mr. Popo I said that they're both a couple of spineless cowards to abandon me like this.//

A breathless little moan escaped Bulma's lips as Vegeta touched her. He grinned. He could feel her heart beating wildly, like a bird beating it's wings against the bars of a cage. Her breath came in desperate little gasps and moans. Where ever he touched her Bulma's ki surged erratically. He loved this, she was completely open to him, completely lost in her need for him.

He thrust within her and she keened. Her eyes rolled back, her body shook. His head dropped against her shoulder as a guttural growl escaped him.

For a moment he allowed his weight to rest on her. But even with his ki repressed to minimize the strength differential between them Saiyan muscles and bones were much more dense than a human's. He rolled them over before Bulma's brain could register that she couldn't breath with him on top of her. She fitted herself against his side, not willing to give up the closeness between them yet.

Carefully Vegeta brushed a lock of Bulma's hair back behind her ear. Her skin was moist with sweat and flushed with exertion. She nuzzled his shoulder tiredly. There was a touch of self-mockery in Vegeta's expression as he strove to ignore the part of his mind that was triumphantly chanting "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

It was always such a delicate dance between them. Sometimes it surprised him how much he enjoyed it. How much he enjoyed having her give herself to him, her complete trust in both his ability and desire to avoid harming her. And sometimes it was horrifying to realize anew how fragile she was, because she was the lifeline he clung to when he felt like his mind was coming apart.

Vegeta sighed as he slipped into sleep. It was a pleasurable trap he'd fallen into but the knowledge that he needed her was still disconcerting.

Vegeta sat on a catwalk. Far beneath his dangling feet the Earth spun peacefully in it's orbit.

He heard someone walk up behind him.

"Hey squirt. Long time no see."

"Radditz, when I was twelve I told you if you ever called me that again I'd fashion a noose from your entrails and use it to hang you," Vegeta stated as the other Saiyan sat down beside him. "I haven't had a changed of heart."

"I'm dead and in hell. You'll have to try harder if you want to scare me," Radditz said with a laugh. "So you finally found a girl. I told you you'd figure out the appeal someday."

Vegeta stared at the other Saiyan oddly, it was as if he were talking to the old Radditz, the sane, unbroken one who'd died at eighteen. It was as if the last twenty-five years hadn't happened for Radditz. And Vegeta realized that he had to be dreaming.

Vegeta snorted. "If I'd known that she'd get under my defense I don't know that I would have slept with her that first time."

"Then you're a fool," Radditz said.

"It worked out so well for you," Vegeta said sarcastically. "Dead and in hell, remember?"

"Hard to forget." Radditz shrugged. "At least I was alive before I died. But you're the talented one. You only gave living a shot after you died."

"Have I mentioned that you're a moron, lately?"

"I saw Appura," Radditz commented. "Clever little gutter snipe that she is, she manages to get where she isn't supposed to be and comes to see me. Aside from being dead she's doing pretty well." He smiled to himself. "She missed me. I know you haven't given fortune a hostage in over thirty years, but trust me Vegeta-ouji, it's worth it."

"And I thought it was Kakarrot who was the sentimental moron," Vegeta growled. "It's worth it? I snapped her neck and you were destroyed. You say it's worth it? To leave yourself that vulnerable?"

"Yeah. Better that than making yourself frozen inside. Locking everything away so that you don't even remember how to feel. So that you get knocked flat when that dam in your brain finally can't hold anymore and you can't pretend you're untouchable anymore," Radditz snapped back. "There's more to feeling than feeling bad. You'd know that if you weren't so damn scared to take a chance."

Vegeta glared angrily at him.

Radditz watched the Earth spinning beneath them for a time. "We were in a bad place Vegeta-ouji. Trying to build a life worth living in that hell... There wasn't much of a chance of it working out. This world's nice enough. You've got a pretty determined group to help keep it that way. You've got this Bulma to keep finding ways to help you get stronger. You've got a shot here Vegeta. Take care of her and the boy. It doesn't have to end badly."

Vegeta woke up on the morning of his wedding with Radditz's advice echoing in his ears.

'Hn, just like that third class moron,' Vegeta thought to himself. 'Wasting effort to give advice on a matter that's already been decided.'

The morning quickly descended into chaos. Breakfast with a toddler was always an adventure, adding in two adult Saiyan appetites only made life more interesting.

It seemed like there are a hundred last minute details that still needed to be taken care of and there was a photographer getting underfoot the whole time. A photographer whom Bulma had specifically requested that Vegeta be nice to. Vegeta mostly ignored the man. Trunks gave in after a few minutes and did the begging and pleading required to get minium co-operation from his father for a few wedding pictures.

The photographer looked unnaturally happy when he left to take pictures of Bulma and the other members of the wedding party.

"Would you please pace or something?" Mirai-Trunks asked as he and Vegeta waited for the wedding to begin. "I'm the best man, you're the groom. I'm not supposed to be the nervous one."

Vegeta regarded the strip of cloth he was trying to tie around his neck with moderate distaste. He'd actually had to argue that he preferred to wear human clothes for this thing, he wondered if it were a further sign of insanity.

In his mind formal clothes meant armor embossed with the Saiyan royal crest and the cape. The armor was too closely associated with his time under Frieza. And as for the royal crest... He was in the process of swearing that his only off-spring would be the children of an alien woman of no particular acclaim as a warrior. His son was Trunks, not Vegeta XVI, the boy's tail had been removed at birth and Vegeta had every intention of sheltering his son to a degree that would have outraged his people if they had lived to see it. He was choosing this woman and a peaceful life on a backwater planet over doing anything further for his people. Wearing the Saiyan royal crest while he swore to turn his back on his culture lacked appeal.

Or at least it had until he realized how annoying Earther formal clothes could be. It hadn't been so bad when Bulma had taken care of this neck tying thing. How was the damn thing supposed to go?

"Aren't you nervous at all?" Trunks demanded fretfully. "What if someone attacks us during the ceremony?"

Vegeta smirked at the thought. "If someone is so foolish then I will defeat them. The woman will wait until I'm done." He thought of the other Bulma still waiting by his grave even after twenty years and the smirk slipped off his face. That stirred up a conflicting tangle of emotions Vegeta couldn't name much less deal with.

Trunks saw the uncertain expression on Vegeta's face and panicked completely. "You're not having second thoughts now!" he exclaimed. He grabbed Vegeta by the shoulders and shook him.

Vegeta broke Trunks' grip and glared at him until Trunks remembered himself. "I do not change my mind." Vegeta stated coldly. "This ceremony is simply human nonsense to which I have agreed because it clarifies that the woman is mine."

Vegeta picked the bow tie apart and held it up irritably. "Now tell me how I work this thing," he ordered.

Trunks shrugged helplessly. "I've never actually tied one for myself. I had Grandma fix mine for me earlier."

"Then go get the woman."

"Right! Good idea." Trunks started out then froze. "No. You can't see Mother before the wedding. It's bad luck!"

He dithered in the door way until Vegeta demanded. "Brat, what the hell is wrong with you today?"

"If you'd get nervous I wouldn't have to!" Trunks exclaimed. "I'll go find one of the other girls. Just wait here."

At the age of three weeks Goten was sitting up and working on his crawling skills. Now that he was mobile he had become much more interesting in Trunks' eyes.

Trunks gave up on trying to convince his grandmother that he really didn't have to wear the funny clothes she'd up on him and turned his attention to getting acquainted with the younger boy.

Chichi was holding Goten. Trunks scowled, 'Why did big people always put the things he wanted out of his reach?' Mentally Trunks shrugged, his Dada had shown him how to deal with that. Trunks glanced around looking for a way to get to Goten. He decided that he was too old to beg to be upped anymore. After all he was quite capable of upping himself. He started by climbing on the hard, rounded person.

"Careful up there!" Turtle cried. "My shell's slippery.

Trunks leapt from the top of Turtle's shell to Gohan. Gohan obligingly held still while Trunks scrambled up onto his shoulders.

The lavender haired boy peered curiously at Goten. "Hi!" he declared.

"Yahh!" Goten shouted and waved his arms.

Trunks nodded. "I'm Trunks."

Goten laughed.

Trunks noticed that there were a lot of people who he hadn't told about him being Trunks yet so he jumped down from Gohan's shoulders and went to introduce himself.

He walked up to Roshi and tugged on his pant leg. "I'm Trunks!" he declared.

"Hello there Trunks. I'm Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit," Roshi replied.

"Hi!" Trunks said. Then he climbed on a chair and turned to 18. "I'm Trunks!" He made a grab for her hair. "Pretty!"

"He's cute," 18 decided. She glanced at Kuririn. "I might want one someday."

Kuririn fainted.

"He fall down," Trunks announced. He giggled and jumped on Kuririn. The breath exploded out of Kuririn as the small demi-Saiyan landed on his stomach. "You fall down!"

"Rub it in why doncha kid," Kuririn said as he turned red.

Trunks scowled. "Not 'kid'! I'm Trunks!"

Everyone laughed.

Mirai-Trunks ran in. "Who knows how to do a bow tie?" he exclaimed.

"Easy Trunks," Kuririn said.

"I've got it," Bunny said. "Just relax Trunks."

"I'm Trunks!" the toddler shouted. "Me, not him!"

Mirai-Trunks picked up his younger counterpart and grinned. "Nope, I'm Trunks, you're Brat," he said. He carefully mimicked Vegeta's particular inflection.

Trunks thought about it for a moment then nodded. "Okay."

Kuririn shook his head. " 'Kid' he complains about but 'Brat' is just fine?"

"It will be interesting for Vegeta once Trunks gets old enough to understand what brat means," Gohan commented.

Dr. Briefs caught Bulma's hand before she could start playing with her hair. "Your mother would kill me if I let you mess that up before the wedding even began," he said with gentle amusement.

"Daddy, are you really okay with this?" Bulma asked quietly.

"Are you sure?" Dr. Briefs replied.

"Yes," Bulma said firmly. "It's just Vegeta's not exactly..."

"If you're sure, I'm sure," Dr. Briefs said. "Vegeta isn't exactly the sort of young man I expected you bring home... But you love him and his own way I think he loves you too. Being with him seems to satisfy your desire for adventure. And I remember how you were during the months when he was gone. I'm glad he came back. He's allowed himself to depend on you so I trust him to look out for your well-being. I've watched him with Trunks, he's terribly awkward with the boy but he seems to want what's best for his son. The two of you bring out the best in each other."

"Thanks Daddy," Bulma said softly. "It means the world to me that you approve."

Dr. Briefs smiled and kissed Bulma on the forehead then lowered her veil into place. "I think that's our cue," he said and he offered her his arm.

As Bulma started the walk down the aisle her eyes locked with Vegeta's and there was nothing else in the world except for him. She smiled and blinked back tears when her father placed her hand in Vegeta's. For the most part she completely missed what Dende was saying.

"If any can show just cause why these two should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Vegeta glared venomously at Dende, then he turned his challenging gaze on the guests.

"It's traditional to ask," Kuririn said. "No one's actually going to say anything."

"Yeah, we're all too scared," Oolong said under his breath.

Turtle sighed and very deliberately stepped on Oolong's foot. "Quite you."

When Bulma recited her vows she realized she'd never been more serious in her life... even if it was just putting into words what they'd proven in the last few months. She slid a plain gold band on Vegeta's hand. "Vegeta, with this ring, I thee wed."

Trunks handed Vegeta a ring. Vegeta took Bulma's hand. His voice was steady and sure as he offered Bulma his vows. "Bulma, with this ring, I thee wed."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," Dende concluded. "Vegeta, you may kiss your bride."

Vegeta lifted Bulma's veil and chastely kissed her cheek.

"You can do better than that!" Roshi hooted.

"Hn." Bulma laughed as Vegeta pulled her flush against him and kissed her deeply.

"It is my privilege to present the new couple to you: Bulma and Vegeta."

"Trunks too!" the toddler exclaimed as he wriggled out of his grandmother's lap and ran to his parents. He scrambled up to situate himself between his parents. Grinning broadly Trunks hugged both his parents.

The photographer quickly snapped a shot of the family.