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Volleyball Love

Chapter 39: Epilogue

Inuyasha trudged through the front door of the mansion him and Kagome has been living in for the past two years. He set his black Adidas bag next to the door so he could find it easily in the morning. He walked up the stairs to his room but on the way there he spotted the shelf with his and Kagome's volleyball trophies they have won over the past few years.

He smiled as he spotted the Japan Tournament trophy him and Kagome won in high school. He yawned then wandered back down the hall and to his bed room where he spotted Kagome and her Bulbous belly under the covers sleeping. He smiled then walked to the bathroom and brushed his teeth.

Kagome had gotten him into the habit of doing that before bed so he didn't have really bad morning breath when he woke up.

After slipping on his pajamas he crawled into bed with his pregnant mate. He rested a hand on her belly then rubbed it with his thumb. Inuyasha kissed Kagome briefly on the lips then her belly. He turned on his side then closed his eyes. He sighed then started drifting off to dreamland. Just as he was about to fall asleep he felt Kagome move around then get up.

He ignored her assuming she needed to pee again for the thousandth time in a day or going down to the kitchens so she could cease her late night cravings she had been having the past few months.

Trying to drift off again he shifted his head on his pillow then let the wonderful dreams consume him before Kagome came back in. but of course that didn't happen. Inuyasha felt a hand lightly shake him trying to get his attention. He moaned an "hmmm?" letting her know he was listening.

"Inuyasha," she said in a small voice, "I think my water broke."

There it was again, for the past week Kagome has been having false alarms. Any other guy would have been panicking right now at those words, running around the room crazily.

The first time she said this he moaned an "ok, ill get you another one" then rolled over. After she told him she thought it was time for the baby to come he jumped up and fell on the floor nearly breaking his nose, ran into the door, got into the car then forgot her. Soon he went back and picked her up after he realized she wasn't with him then went to the hospital; finding out it was a false alarm.

"Mmmmh, S' probably another false alarm, go back to sleep honey and wait to see if you have any contractions."

Inuyasha rolled over his back facing he then tried to go back to sleep.

Once again he was on the brink of slipping into blissful sleep but then he heard a small gasp of pain come from his wife. His eyes snapped open then turned over and faced Kagome who was sitting up against the head-bored clutching her very pregnant belly while wincing.

"You ok?" Inuyasha asked her.

She looked at him with a little bit of fear in her eyes, "Yash….I-I think its time, for real"

The look of pain and the quiver in her voice Inuyasha new she was right. He pulled the covers back then went around the bed to Kagome's side.

He laid a hand on her belly then rubbed soothing circles with his thumb, "ok let's wait until the next one just to be sure."

She nodded then they both waited. Inuyasha had his arm around her shoulders and was rubbing her belly with the other hand. After about fifteen minutes he heard Kagome whimper in pain again.

Releasing her shoulders, he stood up and got the bag they had packed multiple times the last few days. He grabbed the keys then grabbed his wallet and a pair of comfy jeans and put them on. Leaving on the T-shirt he was sleeping in, Inuyasha took Kagome's hand in his and helped her into the black jaguar.

Once Inuyasha buckled his seatbelt and hers he heard Kagome whimper in pain again. He kissed her temple then started the car.

He drove out of the driveway and onto the street. Since it was about 3:37 in the morning there was no one out so he drove quite quickly. Once he hit the highway he saw that it too was deserted. As he sped down it towards the Tokyo's Medical Hospital he heard Kagome moan for him to slow down because the bumps were hurting her.

Inuyasha slowed down until he was at the speed limit. He drove on but kept hearing Kagome cry in pain as he hit bumps so he slowed down yet some more, until he was twenty miles under the speed limit. Good thing there was no one out on the road but them.

Kagome's contractions were getting closer together. They were now seven minutes apart. After about ten minutes they reached the Hospital and got Kagome in a wheel chair and they rolled her to the room she was going to give birth in. After she was in the hospital gown and was in her bed they hooked up the machine where they could here the baby's heart.

Soon Kagome's contractions were only five minutes apart. After she begged the nurses to kill her there and now, Inuyasha made her take a dose of epidural.

Soon she couldn't feel a thing from her stomach down. After fifteen more minutes Kagome was fully dilated and was ready to push.

"Ok Kagome, I need you to push when I on the count of three," said the doctor, who happened to be Bella, Akitoki's Fiancé.

Kagome nodded then took a deep breath, "ok, one, two, three!"

Kagome pushed with all she had. She was glad Inuyasha made her take the epidermal because she didn't want to know what the pain was if she didn't have it, the pains that she felt know was almost more than she could take.

"…Seven, eight, nine, ten. Ok stop." Kagome let her head fall back then took big deep breaths. She was so tired, but she had to get their pup out.

After Bella instructed to push again she scrunched up her face and pushed again. Kagome felt the pup coming out and wasn't surprised when Bella said she could see the head, hell she could feel it!

Inuyasha whipped the trickles of sweat off her temple with a hand towel and whispered soothing words into her ear.

"Ok Kagome your doing great, just give me one last big push and this will be all over." Bella said.

Kagome groaned then screamed as she felt so much pain go through her body. She pushed as hard as she could, using the last bit of her strength she could muster.

She fell back exhausted as soon as she heard Bella tell her she could stop. A small scream made her look up. There she saw Inuyasha cutting the cord of a beautiful baby boy. Tears pricked her eyes as they handed her the little bundle wrapped up in a small blue blanket.

She sniffed then turned to her mate, "what are we going to name him?" she asked.

Inuyasha smiled, "how about Koji after the assignment we had in high school?"

He saw Kagome smile brighter than the sun then kiss the pup's forehead.

"Koji is perfect."

Kagome pushed back the blue blanket on his head to reveal two little silver puppy ears with black tips, along with a small tuft of silver hair. Koji opened his eyes, two glowing amber orbs like his father's stared up at them.

Kagome let Koji wrap his little fingers around her big one. She smiled as the little pup's eyes drooped and fell asleep.

Kagome kissed his head, "welcome to the world little one."

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