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The Seal of Trust

Summary: Playboy Uchiha Sasuke and Playgirl Haruno Sakura are finally a couple. Everything's great with them, but, after being a playboy and playgirl for so long, can they give it up so easily? SasuSaku (Sequel to: The Dating Game)

Chapter 1 – Finally Together

Sakura woke up, dazed and exhausted. She took a tired glance at her digital clock. 5:53 AM, it read. Sakura mentally smacked herself.

I woke up earlier… for nothing… she thought to herself, sighing as she bent her arm over her forehead.

Hmm… do you think Sasuke-kun's up? Maybe we can do something with him to pass the time till school starts! her inner self suggested. She wriggled her eyebrows in a mischievous manner to go along with her comment.

Sakura groaned, hearing shuffling from the downstairs. "Looks like Mom and Dad are up," the pink-haired girl mumbled to herself. Feeling her body drowse into exhaustion, she fell asleep once again.

About an hour later, deep sea green eyes fluttered open.

Great, now what time is it? the playgirl thought, rolling over the pink sheets of her bed to glance the clock. 6:55 AM, she thought. Time to get up. She pushed the sheets off of her, her body shivering from the immediate change in temperature.

She got out of bed, a pair of short-shorts and a white tank top on her body, and took a loud, long yawn. She walked over to her window, slipping off her tank top, throwing it to the side carelessly as she rubbed her eyes in a tired manner. She did a couple of stretches, awakening her tired body.




Sasuke woke up, rolling over on his midnight blue bed sheets and looking at the clock. 6:52 AM, it read. He narrowed his onyx eyes, pushing the sheets off him to reveal his shirtless body clad in only simple pair of navy blue boxers with the Uchiha symbol imprinted on the fabric.

His vision blurred, taking note that he was half awake and half dazed. He stretched out his muscles, making a silent yawn as he walked over to the window. As his blurry vision slightly cleared, he squinted his dark eyes and made out the figure of a thin body, soon noticing it was a woman's.

Nice body… his sleepy mind concluded.

Then he saw a blur of pink, and a perverted smirk graced its way on his handsome features.

Well, well, if it isn't my Sakura-chan…




Sakura, feeling a pair of eyes on her, turned around and looked at her window, only to see a pair of blinds in front of her but not completely covering her view of the house next to her—at least not covering a certain smirking Uchiha, that is.

She felt her cheeks grow hot, remembering that she had forgotten to close the blinds of her window and looked down at her half-naked form.

That little—!


Pervert! Sakura finished, getting cut off by her alter ego before finishing her thought. She scowled at him, thinking that he would realize that she caught him peeping on her and would look away.

But, not knowing that he was really only half awake and couldn't see fully, he didn't look away.

She shrieked, part in embarrassment and in frustration, closing the blinds and turning around, flushed as she absent-mindedly covered herself.

Wow, I can't believe him. Just because we're dating now doesn't mean he can just… ogle me like that! She shivered at the remembrance from the thought.

Why not? Any other guy would've done that too in his position…

Sakura frowned at her inner self's comment, knowing that it was true.




Sasuke raised a curious eyebrow at her action.

Why'd she close the blinds? It's not like she has anything to hide… he thought to himself, deciding not to think about it for now.

His eyes scanned the room, looking for a piece of clothing to put on, other than his boxers that were already on him.

His eyelids lowered over his eyes, hooding his endlessly dark onyx orbs.




Sakura quickly changed, not caring at the moment what it was she threw on. When she finished, she quickly walked out of her house, locking it behind her and walked towards the Uchiha's Estate. After all, he did live right next to her.

She rang the doorbell once, and after not hearing an answer for a while, began to knock.

Mikoto Uchiha—Sasuke's and Itachi's mother—came out, a warm loving smile on her face. "Ah, Sakura-san. What can I do for you?"

Sakura flashed her a wide smile. "Good morning Mikoto-san, sorry to bother you like this," she spoke respectfully, twirling a strand of distinct pink hair on her finger. "May I see Sasuke-kun?"

Mikoto gave her a knowing smile, nodding her head and stepping aside to let Sakura in. Sakura, being the courteous person she was, gave her a quick bow. "Thank you," she added before heading towards the stairs.

She walked up the stairs and reached the top, looking at the dozens of rooms around her. She mentally smacked herself.

Even though I've been coming here for the past few weeks, she thought, I still can't figure out where Sasuke-kun's room is. She laughed to herself aloud.

Why don't you just go open up any door you see? Inner Sakura advised.

Sakura followed the advice; walking towards any room she guessed was Sasuke's and opened it. She walked towards a seemingly dark room, opening it and peering inside.

"Sasuke-kun?" she murmured quietly, squinting her eyes to find the raven-haired boy.

"Looking for Sasuke, are you?" Itachi's low, gravelly voice came from behind her.

Sakura jumped, startled, whipping around to see Sasuke's older brother. "Oh, Itachi-san," the blossom-haired girl breathed, taking a sigh of relief. "You scared me."

Itachi raised an eyebrow at her. "What are you doing outside my room?"

Sakura flushed with embarrassment, realizing she chose the wrong room. "Oh, I—nothing, really. I was just looking for—"

"Sasuke?" the elder Uchiha finished for her.

Sakura gave him a sincere smile and nodded. "Can you show me where it is?"

Itachi looked at the former playgirl, shrugging. "Hn," he answered her, walking off with Sakura following.

Why is it him and Sasuke-kun always say 'hn' and 'aa'? Is that a secret language between them or something?

Who knows? Maybe they're secretly psychics who talk telepathically—

Sakura snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed Itachi stop, emerald eyes glancing up his back before peering around him, viewing the open door that now revealed her boyfriend's room.

Sasuke, now fully awake, glanced at the entrance upon hearing the door's hinges creak while being opened. He scowled upon seeing his elder brother.

"What the hell do you want?" he spoke darkly to his older sibling.

Poking her face over Itachi's broad shoulder, her teenage, female mind couldn't help the blood that pooled to her cheeks, flushing upon seeing Sasuke clad in merely a pair of short jet black boxers.

The Uchiha, upon seeing Sakura's being, softened his glare faintly.

"Your girlfriend wants to see you," murmured Itachi in response, moving aside as Sakura stepped in the room with a face rivaling that of a tomato.

So much for giving him a piece of your mind, her inner self stated sarcastically, commenting her outer self's appearance.

Upon hearing the remark, Sakura quickly snapped out of her lusting gaze, remembering what she came here for. Her face drained the red from her cheeks as her expression now formed into a scowl, sauntering over to the Uchiha.

Pulling her hand back, she moved it swiftly, giving him a hard slap across his cheek.

Onyx orbs widened vaguely in confusion, whipping his head straight as he took in the sight downwards of his fuming girlfriend. Itachi held an amused smirk on his handsome face upon witnessing his younger sibling get hit, deciding to leave his little brother to suffer under a woman's wrath.

"What the hell was that for?" Sasuke questioned gruffly, rubbing his bruising cheek.

"That's for peeping on me, you peeping tom!" shouted the blossom-haired girl angrily at him, cheeks now flushed with anger.

Sasuke looked at her, "'Peeping'? What are you talking about?" He paused for a moment, going over what he had been doing earlier in the morning to understand what his girlfriend was speaking of. When he comprehended what she was referring to, he clarified, "My vision was blurred when I looked out the window, all I saw was your hair."

Sakura scoffed at his excuse. "Yeah, right! You were smirking!"

"What, a guy can't smirk at his girlfriend?" the Uchiha countered back, still chafing his aching cheek.

Sakura furrowed her eyebrows as she felt a small blush on her cheeks, "You liar, Sasuke-kun! You saw more than that since I forgot to close the blinds last night!"

Sasuke took off his hand from his cheek and lifted his other one beside it, holding them defensively in front of him in a surrendering motion.

"I didn't see anything, I swear. Besides, I could have seen something since you 'forgot' to close your blinds." Upon his statement, a wide, arrogant smirk flashed across his face. "Unless you wanted me to see you, so you 'forgot' to close them and used this as an excuse to see me."

Sakura glowered at him, "You and your cockiness, Sasuke-kun. I swear, one day that's going to backfire on you!"

The raven-haired teen chuckled, putting an arm around Sakura's waist and bringing her to him, pressing her taut against him.

"Yeah, but you admit that you like my cockiness," he spoke in a low, husky voice.

Sakura blushed, opening her mouth to retort before Sasuke grinned at her reaction, giving her a light kiss on the forehead.

"Besides," the young Uchiha added. "What are you complaining about when you're standing in front of me and all I have on are boxers?" Feeling her face grow hotter, Sasuke's grin began to broaden at her feedback. "You wanted to watch me change, huh, Sa-ku-ra-chan?" he teased her, breaking her name apart in syllables as the sounds rolled smooth as velvet off his tongue.

Thick lashes lowered as Sakura's lips were parted slightly, running her hand down the toned muscles of his chest smoothly, using the light, sensual touches of her fingertips. She licked her lips, feeling her lust grow upon Sasuke's light growl against her ear at her movement, nipping her earlobe playfully.

"You wish, Sasuke-kun," she giggled, breaking out of her desiring gaze. She lifted her face, dark jade eyes lowering from his piercing onyx eyes to his mouth, pressing her lips against the said part.

Sasuke smirked in the kiss, slanting his mouth over hers as he pulled her closer. His tongue traced over her lips, prodding them to open. Just as he thought he was going to receive what he desired, Sakura pulled herself back, causing the Uchiha to frown. Upon seeing his face, the blossom-haired girl smiled.

"I'll see you at school, Sasuke-kun," she answered his expression, giving him a light peck on his cheek before slithering out of his firm grasp, giving him another alluring smile before leaving his room.

"Oi, Sakura," he called out after her, causing the spoken girl to glance back at him curiously. "Didn't you want to see me change?"

He smirked upon hearing her turn her face, her laughter echoing down his hallway as she continued her pace. "Some things never change…" he heard her mumble beneath her breath.

Like you and I, Sa-ku-ra? he added mentally in his head, letting a chuckle escape his throat as bent over, scooping up a plain black v-neck shirt from his floor and slipping it on his body, continuing to get dressed for school.