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They walked to the little duplex bungalow she called home in companionable silence. Nick had decided to leave his overnight bag in the car, not wanting her to think he was already making assumptions after his big speech moments ago.

His CSI nature took notice as they entered her place: clean, with that unlived-in aura that many cops' apartments had. Although almost Spartan in its lack of furniture, it was certainly eclectic in its decoration, and Nick couldn't help but smile at the old raggedy teddy bear that sat next to an afghan on the sofa placed in front of the TV set.

Sofia guided them into the kitchen and he continued his inspection: L-shaped counter, clean to the point of sterile, but well equipped when it came to gadgets that made life so much easier.

"What do I do?" he asked, wanting to be helpful.

"Uh… why don't you start with the oranges to make juice whilst I change?" She nodded towards a basket filled with oranges and disappeared towards the end of the flat.

He chose 8 oranges and quickly washed them in the sink. The second drawer he opened revealed a cutting board and quickly selected a knife from the block, slicing them in halves. A quick guess at the gingham covered appliances led to the juicer and he was just plugging it in when Sofia came back from her bedroom.

She had changed into sweats and an old academy t-shirt, had pulled her hair into a high ponytail, as opposed to the low ones she favoured whilst working. Nick couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when he saw that she was wearing flip-flops. Not that flip-flops were an odd choice, it was rather the fact that her toenails were painted bright yellow, with smiley decals on the big toes, that made him smirk. Her pedicure was so different form her manicure, which she kept short and without any sort of polish, that he couldn't help but wonder what other differences were there between Det. Curtis and happy-face-toenails Sofia.

She looked at Nick as if daring him to say anything. He just shook his head and finished squeezing the rest of the oranges, pouring the resulting juice in the pitcher she had placed on the counter next to him. He placed the pitcher on the kitchen table and went to the sink to clean up what he'd used.

In the meantime, Sofia had gotten busy at the fridge and pantry and was now chopping and dicing with Japanese chef like speed. Nick watched in awe and decided he'd better not get in the way.

"Shall I set the table?" he asked, not wanting to feel useless.

"Lower second door next to the sink", she directed, engrossed as she was in stir frying on a pan and seemingly whisking eggs in a bowl at the same time. "Coffee machine is set on auto, but you can check it as well."

Nick made a quick job of setting the table for two, coffee mugs included, whilst she finished cooking a couple of fluffy looking omelettes filled with all sort of goodies, with a side dish of stir-fried veggies. She even managed to come up with some heated rolls and, after the first bite, Nick finally understood why common wisdom advised girls to get to their men through their stomach. Granted, if all of Sofia's cooking was like this, he'd probably gain 10 pounds in less than two months. By the time he was mid-meal he was already considering asking her to move in with him…

They had spent lunch talking about food, and recipes, and sensory memories triggered by certain food smells. Sofia learned he liked his mashed potatoes with heaping amounts of butter… the real thing, cholesterol be damned. Nick found out she retained a weakness for scones and tea with milk, a childhood favourite of her days living with her dad, in England.

After their meal, Sofia gathered the dirty dishes and headed for the sink. Nick picked up whatever was left on the table and placed it on the counter. Sofia was at the sink, washing the dishes, and Nick stepped up behind her, placing his hands on either side of her.

"Let me help you…" he whispered in her ear, sending goose bumps down her back.

"No…" she hissed, catching her breath.

He began kissing the back of her neck, mentally thanking God for whoever had invented high ponytails. He continued placing soft, lingering kisses all over her neck, and felt a tinge of pride when she stopped doing the dishes and leaned back into his kisses. His hands swiftly grabbed hers, keeping them on the sink's rim, as he stepped closer to her, eliminating what little room there had been between them. Nick continued to kiss her neck, more strongly this time, nipping at her pulse points, as he felt himself grow harder.

Sofia noticed it as well, and began moving her body against him, feeling herself grow wet in response. Damn Nick Stokes and the effect the had on her! She seriously doubted they'd manage to get to her bedroom the way things were going.

Not that she'd mind one bit.

Nick was loving the kissing and the squirming it brought out of her, but he was aching for more. Releasing Sofia's hands, he moved his own softly over her arms, reaching her shoulders. He was rewarded by a sharp intake of her breath, a sound that went directly into his cock. He skimmed his hands down her front, briefly cupping her breasts, and finally settled them on her waist. Not pleased with the feel of cloth between his palms and her skin, he quickly dived below her t-shirt, splaying his hands all over her abdomen, pulling her even closer to him. Sofia had moved her arms up and backwards, and was now caressing his head.

They remained like that for several moments, enjoying the feel of each other's heat and flesh. He was the first to break their stance, as his hands itched to continue their exploration, and, who was he to deny them what they wanted? So he allowed one to go north and the other one to go south. Both hands were delighted to find out that, for all practical matters, Ms. Curtis was naked underneath her clothes. Nick's cock performed a metaphorical summersault at the discovery. Soon afterwards, his left hand was curled around her breast, thumbing her nipple. His right hand was cupping her, his fingers playing with her curls, his thumb circling her clit. His thumbs were making both nubs of flesh harden, thus making Sofia moan and writhe under his hands.

She couldn't remain passive much longer. But his arms had her trapped between the sink and his body, and she was needing more. She yearned to touch him, to taste him, to feel him inside her… Sofia lowered her arms and placed them behind her, fumbling with his zipper, brushing against his cock. She could feel his moan against her neck and continued with her attempts to open up his jeans and slide them down his hips.

Somehow, they both managed to lower the intruding garments without loosing touch. Sofia had managed to keep stroking his cock and Nick's hands were still working her into a frenzy. Something had to give, and soon, and, in the end, it was Sofia who surrendered first into their need for each other.

Still holding unto her breasts, Nick removed his hand from between her legs and caught her wandering hands, forcing her to place them once more on the rim of the sink. Both naked from the waist down, he stepped in closer, close enough to rub his erection against her ass.

She mewled at the sensation and thrust her hips backwards, standing on tip toe, relaying on body language and instinct to convey her message. So what if sex-from-behind-whilst-pushed-against-the-sink wasn't the first choice to come to mind when thinking first-time couplings? She wanted him, as simple as that, and she wanted him five minutes ago.

Fortunately, Nick was good at reading body language, even great when it came to reading sexual signs, and he had no qualms whatsoever in giving her what she wanted… what they wanted. Leaving her breasts for the time being, he hooked an arm around her hips to lift her just high enough as he used his other hand to guide his cock inside her. They both moaned at the feel of him sliding inside her, and they stood motionless for a moment or two, relishing in the feeling of completion that quickly overcame them. This was more than mere sex; this, this was like coming home.

Nick gave a couple of tentative thrusts, and was disappointed to discover that the sink was too high to provide the right angle. So he stood still and, wrapping his arms around her lifted her until their upper bodies were almost touching. Sofia let out an almost guttural moan at the feeling of him sliding even deeper, but her pleasure was short-lived; as erotic as the whole scenario was, it didn't allow much room for thrusting or for body to body contact, and that was frustrating as hell. She allowed herself another moment or two of immobile coupling before trying to get loose from Nick's strong hold.

He noticed her attempts to be released and mentally berated himself, thinking he had hurt her somehow, and quickly let go off her, sliding out of her pussy with deep regret; him inside of her, her surrounding him… those were things he could have gotten used to very quickly. Nick closed his eyes in frustration: what the fuck had he done in a previous life to screw up the present one so badly? Whose idea of a cruel karmic joke was it to allow him to touch heaven for five minutes and then snatch it away? Here he was, thinking he could spend the rest of his life making love to Sofia Curtis, and now he'd consider himself lucky if she ever talked to him again. "She must think I'm some sort of pervert, like the ones we deal with…"

But Sofia surprised him by spinning around and virtually jumping on him, attacking his mouth with hers like there was no tomorrow, and Nick's reflexes barely had time to register and catch the half-naked body of this gorgeous woman who was all over him. Not that he was complaining, but it did take him a second or two to snap out of his previous funk and respond accordingly, all the while thanking whatever gods above had decided to give him a second chance.

Unfortunately, Sofia had managed to remove her sweatpants entirely, whereas Nick's jeans and boxers were still tangled at his ankles. When Sofia jumped into his arms, trying to circle his waist with her legs, he gave one step back and lost his balance, thus forcing him to take another step back. And another. By the time she had realized what was happening and had released him enough to stand on her own, Nick had careened back, landing hard on one of the chairs they had vacated half hour ago.

"Are you okay?" She asked, worriedly.

He nodded and winced at the same time, cursing his somewhat bonny ass and his lousy luck. Still, he acknowledged it could have been worse. He could very well be sitting on the floor… or damaged a certain part of his anatomy that was withering by the seconds.

Sofia surprised him by kneeling in front of him and removing his boots, socks, jeans and boxers with efficiency and putting them aside, next to her own sweatpants. She stood up in front of him, and, grabbing the edge of her t-shirt, removed it as well, throwing it in to the pile of discarded clothing laying next to her on the floor. She shook her head to finish undoing her loosened ponytail and remained still, a sweet, shy smile on her face.

He looked up at her an allowed his eyes to roam over her naked body: her strong legs, her blond curls surrounding her pussy, her womanly hips, her defined waist, her breasts… he remembered the feel of his hands on her breasts and longed to taste them, and the memory and the longing were enough to bring his erection back to life. He looked at her face and licked and bit his lips.

That was all Sofia needed. Taking two steps forward she straddled him on the chair, taking hold of his face with both hands and kissing him passionately. He kissed her back in likewise fashion, his hands roaming all over her body. They broke the kiss long enough for Sofia to grab his shirt and lift it off his frame, throwing it to the side. Her hands were running all over his chest and arms, her lips tracing patterns wherever she could place them on.

Nick's hand made a quick beeline for her pussy. God, he couldn't believe how wet and warm she was! When he withdrew his hand, it was covered in her juices, and her first instinct was to suck on them. But he had a better idea on second thought and he used her own wetness to moisturize her nipples, before proceeding to suck on them in earnest. If anything, Nick Stokes was a very oral man, and he wasn't keen on denying himself his lil' quirks once he felt he had a right to indulge in them.

Sofia threw her head back, moaning and whimpering, profoundly enjoying the attention Nick was paying to her nipples. But it wasn't enough. She needed more and went ahead to obtain it. She rubbed her pussy against Nick's almost fully-erect cock, and smiled when she felt him moan against her breasts. Taking him in her hands, she lifter her hips just enough to slide down his shaft once again, except this time around, the fit was perfect and they both moaned hard at the sensation of being joined again.

Soon, a rhythm was set. Sofia held unto his shoulders, slightly bouncing up and down, controlling the speed and depth of their lovemaking. Nick kept on lapping, kissing and sucking on her breasts, his hands splayed on her ass cheeks, fondling them in time with her movements. Soon, Sofia's movements and breathing became erratic and she began murmuring affirmations and deities and his name. His name. Nick felt himself grow harder upon hearing his name falling from her lips in an irreverent prayer of need. As Sofia began leaning more towards him, he began kissing her shoulders and neck, murmuring encouraging words; he was more than willing to withhold his pleasure until she had reached her orgasm.

His hands continued to fondle her ass as his right thumb began circling her rear entrance. "That's it, babe… let go… I want to feel you come around me… Sofia… come for me, baby… I want to make you feel good, sweetheart… I want you, baby… I need you… it's okay, love, come now… I love you Sofia… let me love you, honey…"

In the end, Sofia didn't know if it was the way his cock felt inside her pussy, his thumb gently penetrating her behind, or the fact that he had use the L-word. All she knew was that Nick Stokes had just brought her to a shattering orgasm, which she let him know by digging her nails on his shoulders and screaming his name breathlessly before slumping atop him.

Nick held her body in his arms, one hand gently running over her head, soothing her, all the while whispering sweet-nothings in her ear, allowing her to ride it out. The feel of her pussy contracting around his cock was maddening and he could feel his thigh muscles begin to tremble from the effort of keeping them immobile. He'd like nothing more than to start thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow, thrusting hard and fast until his own orgasm hit him full force, but he willed himself to sit still until she was done.

Sofia incorporated a bit, pressed an open mouthed kiss to his neck and whispered in his ear: "Table. Now."

He didn't have to be told twice. By sheer muscle power, and inflamed libido, he managed to get them both up from the chair; she still impaled on him, and take the 2 steps that separated them form the table. He placed her gently atop, pulling her hips towards him, trying his damned best not to slip out of her warm pussy. He slid his arm underneath her leg and lifted it up enough to place it over his shoulder. He looked up at her face, just to see her grayish-blue eyes looking straight at him.

"Is this okay?" he asked, worried he had, once again, misinterpreted the situation.

"Perfect," she purred, running her hands up and down his forearms, the only part of his anatomy she could reach given her position. "Please, Nick…"

"Please… what?" He was hoping he knew what she meant, but he needed to hear her say it.

"Please… fuck me now."

And so he did. How could he deny her anything? He held unto her hips and began thrusting into her, establishing a strong hard rhythm that soon had her whimpering again and him grasping for what little control he could muster.

It was her turn to murmur encouraging words, holding unto his forearms for dear life, having slid her right leg off the table and placing her foot on the chair to her right for support. "Don't hold back, Nick… don't hold back…" she repeated over and over again, feeling her own orgasm building strong and wanting him to find his release as well.

Despite her urgings, that's what he was doing. Holding back. Every single cell of his body claimed for release, but he was adamant on bringing her to another orgasm before giving in to his urges. It was proving to be more and more difficult and his thrusting became more forceful and erratic, and yet he stubbornly stood his ground. Her "God, Nick, I love you" moaned as her pussy began clenching around him became his undoing and three thrusts later his own orgasm hit him full force.

He wearily slid her leg down and took a step back from the table, slumping on the chair instead of doing so on top of her. His whole body protested the loss of contact and he leaned forward to rest his forehead on her thigh. He felt her go limp as she barely managed to raise her left foot onto his lap. He raised his face enough to place a kiss on her inner thigh. And then he thought he would rest using her thigh as his pillow, placing his head on it, face turned towards her body.

As he did so, he was greeted by a sight that made his knees grow weak and his mouth go dry. Even his cock twitched in anticipation. There, mere inches away form his face, lay her pussy, open and exposed, glistening from their lovemaking, both their juices flowing freely. Nick thought that if she had tasted great smeared over her nipples she would taste even better at her very source, and although he wasn't a great fan of his own taste, he rationalized the mix had great potential. He closed his eyes and sighed, wondering what she'd would think if he… if he….

Temptation overthrew rationale. Pulling the chair with him as he leaned forward, he gave a tentative lick to her pussy. Her breathy "Oh God!" was all the encouragement he needed, and using both hands to expose her fully open, he began to lap and lick in earnest and quickly found out that he just couldn't get enough of it. Placing his open mouth over her exposed labia, he began to gently suck her, dizzy with the assault on his senses, fully aware of his cock growing harder and harder with each passing second.

Sofia tried to control herself, but the physical sensation overpowered her, and there was little she could do to stop her hips from buckling and thrashing. She held unto the table's edge for balance, her knuckles white with the effort, her legs dangling to the sides. Nick Stokes was going to be the death of her and damn if she wasn't going to die an immensely happy woman!

Her third orgasm hit her harder than the previous two, lifting her entire body from the table, and her near-shriek of his name startled them both. Nick moved back, and Sofia curled into fetal position, sobbing hard, breathing even harder, her whole body trembling from exertion, pleasure and desire. She had had her share of lovers in the past, but this… this was completely new and it scared her to no end.

Nick was scared as well, and was, once more, mentally kicking himself. Him and his stupid ideas! He jumped from the chair he was sitting in and quickly gathered her body in his arms.

"Sofia, Sofia, baby…. I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…please baby, look at me, look at me…"

Sofia held unto his shoulders for a moment, and then held his face in her hands, kissing him all over. "Love you… love you… love you…" she chanted endlessly.

He raised his hands to still her face and rested his forehead in hers, brushing away the tears with his thumbs. "Don't cry… please love, don't cry…" he pleaded.

"I'm so… happy… and it was… so… so intense… and I … this never… not like this… and God I need you so much…. I'm so scared…"

"Shh, baby… it's okay… it's okay… I love you, Sofia…. I need you…. I'm not going anywhere as long as you're here…"

They spent a long time there, just kissing and reassuring each other. After a while, when darkness began to creep into the kitchen, Nick lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bedroom, placing her on the bed. Crawling behind her, he held her tight against him, allowing sleep to take them over.

Tomorrow. They'll worry about everything else tomorrow. Tonight was theirs and he intended to keep everything else away while it lasted.

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